Planting Seeds Of Expectation

When I was a very young boy about the age of nine, I learned about disappointment and abandonment. Pulled away from all that I cherished and found comfort in, my world shattered and turned upside down. What could a boy of nine possibly do to heal himself? How would he know what to do? The answer lay at the top of a very tall hill next to an abandoned farmhouse in upstate New York.

So the journey of expectation started not knowing where the journey would ever end. The only truth I could count on was to trust the voice I heard from within. I learned over time to trust the voice even more and I gained faith from it. Time marched on and I grew from a boy into a young man learning from every experience life had to teach always trusting the inner voice.

The Marines, marriage, divorce, and college put into perspective the true meaning of expectations and how in retrospect I had mastered them to move forward through the adversities life offered.

It was in college and while working in a mental health facility I realized how I had been able to move forward in a positive manner. I had mastered the many problems presented through learning to master my expectations and make the adjustments to these situations in my life. If I could do it so could others! So I moved through life always adjusting and using the survival tools I learned as a little boy, learning and expecting the best of myself, knowing in faith all would be right in the end.

Almost fifty years later Beverly and I were listening to a Life Class Oprah Winfrey was doing with Joel Osteen. I had the inspiration that now was the time to bring my Expectation Therapy idea to life by sharing and planting the seeds of expectation by writing a blog and book.

So the journey of writing a book came to life and as all events in my life, I learned and grew. The process is never ending and takes on a new meaning each morning. As Expectation Therapy evolves and gains acceptance I know more people will be able to see the power they have with the proper use of their expectations. They will see that they have the power to take control of their destinies and make decisions with confidence and surety. It works, I know, as I am living proof that if you apply the principals in my book, change that is lasting and powerful will occur in your life. Have faith and make the proper decisions with the expectation for greatness and the world will follow.

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