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Achieving success requires a lot of critical thinking. Success through mind power is something most of us can achieve but may find hard to tackle. Rochele Marie Lawson, a registered nurse, and Ayurvedic health practitioner dives into how we can enhance the power of the mind in terms of restoring health and achieving total success in life and business. Rochele shares how she got over an illness, how she juggled working in the emergency room and running cable during the day, as well as how it is working in a world dominated by men. She imparts how we can handle the stresses in our life and shares tips on how to get people to believe in their inner voice. She also highlights the seven basic fears, including the fear of criticism and love.

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Blissful Living 4 U with Rochele Marie Lawson

Enhancing the Power of the Mind

I am honored to have Rochele Marie Lawson. She’s an RN, an author, a radio show hostess, a Renaissance woman and does a little bit of everything. She’s a holistic health coach and does all kinds of great stuff. It doesn’t do me any good to talk about it. I’m going to let her take it away. Welcome to the show, Rochele.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Can you tell us your story and how you got started? What are the important things that have gone on in your life that makes Rochele Lawson?

That makes me the queen of feeling fabulous. I have two tracks. One is my health and well-being track. My other track is my success as an entrepreneur for many years. I’ll start with the health and well-being because that’s near and dear to me. I always say that your health and well-being, your wellness is the greatest asset. It’s the greatest wealth that anyone can have because without your wellness, your well-being, mind, body, spirit, emotionally you cannot live the life of your dreams and you cannot step into your true purpose. Health and well-being are dear to me. I’ve been a registered nurse for many years. I have my own journey with health and well-being. I was sick for seventeen years and began incorporating holistic wellness practices into how I live my life in what I did and received a nice little download that gave me steps of what I needed to do.

In nine months, I was completely cured after suffering for seventeen years. I’m cutting it short. By the time I figured it out when I knew what it was, I wasn’t getting help from probably at least 100 doctors I went to over that seventeen-year period. What I had was a bleeding ulcer. I was already a nurse. I knew I was having the symptoms of that. However, I wasn’t a type of person that wanted to do traditional medicine because I had been suffering so long, I didn’t want to take something that was going to cost something else to flare up, occur in me or manifest. I wanted to try natural things but I didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

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Lo and behold, I was doing things already. It was a specific sequence of steps that I got in the download while I was meditating that I follow precisely and those steps cured me in nine months. It was amazing. I have to thank God. I don’t know where the knowledge came from. It wasn’t in my head, particularly in the sequence that it came to me. That is very near and dear to me. As my background as a registered nurse, emergency room background, trauma, I did the hardcore stuff, I was able to share my wisdom and my information knowledge with patients that I was taking care of in the emergency room. It was amazing to watch things manifest positively for them while they were under my care. Also, I would have these patients come back to me, want to see me and thank me for whatever I shared with them that helped turn their life around.

I worked from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. They were coming back. It was some serious biz. That is my passion. I’m here to share with everyone that you can be healthy and well holistically and naturally as well as incorporate Western medicine modalities into your well-being so that you can begin to feel better, look better, be better, do everything you’re meant to do. That’s the one track. I have a whole business around health and well-being. When I was a youngster, I was gung-ho. I had originally got a degree as an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley in the ’80s. Unfortunately, I could not get a job in the late ’80s as an electrical engineer because I looked like I was twelve. I was a female. There were no sexual discrimination laws per se or any thought of that concept.

What I would hear is, “We would love to hire you. She did everything so well. You’re intelligent. We find that you know what you’re doing. You pass everything, but you’ve got to be working with men that are your father’s age. We have to figure out how to make them comfortable. We’ll give you a call.” I never got that call. I’ve interviewed with IBM, Hewlett Packard. I was in Silicon Valley in the ‘80s. Defense contracting was huge. I even interviewed with FMC. It was with a huge defense contractor. IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard, all the big boys and I could not get a job. My husband got an electrical engineering degree. He got a job in new evolutionary technology. It was telecommunications and back then, they were running voice cable.

Back then, we only had a pager. People that had a cell phone in their car, they had to be CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies. They had to be big time. We only had a pager. Voice communications were amping up and they were changing the modality that the communications where the voice was traveling on. He was installing coaxial cable and Cat 3 voice cable, something like that. He had a job. I was like, “We should start a business ourselves. We can do this ourselves.” Granted, I’m working in the emergency room at night. I said, “The customers are asking for you. They don’t want anybody to come out but you. We can do this.”

With the little pushing him, we started a telecommunications installation company installing voice. It became data, and now it’s blossomed into wireless and a bunch of stuff. I would work in the emergency room at night. I would run a cable with him during the day in the beginning. We were making good money. I still like my emergency room stuff and I only work part-time. We started hiring people and it took off. Our very first customers, believe it or not, was a very large financial institution that is still our customer now, Citibank. The accounting firm is Ernst & Young. I remember my first project with them was a $60,000 project. This was in the ‘80s. Also KPMG, another accounting firm.

SE 32 | Success Through Mind PowerWe fell into the financial arena and still on that business now. It’s still successful. We still have a lot of our customers that we’ve had customers for many years, longevity with our customers. We do great work on the business and has been a top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley for several consecutive years. I shared the aspects of both because it gives people a well-rounded vision of me. I was a little tomboy growing up because I was the only girl in my entire family. It seemed like every neighborhood we lived in, I was the only girl. I grew up playing baseball, football, tackle and whatever. You know how it was back in the day. Kids in the neighborhood would come before. Five kids come into your door asking you to come out and play. You and your siblings or whatever and we played outside. I was always the little girl around the boys. Even when I was growing up, high school and things, I always hung out with the guys. It was a natural fit. I was a girly girl so it was funny. For me to basically go beyond the odds, I think of me in the late ’80s, starting a business there was no sexual discrimination, no anything like that. Having this business in a male-dominated industry, I was the only female business owner in that arena because this is construction.

Having the guys telling me, I would go to meetings and they’d be like, “Who are you? Whose secretary are you? We’re not going to let you. Do you think you can come and play in our world? Little girl, you wait and see.” I was like, “Be secretly competitive, watch me. I am going to play in your world and not only am I going to play, but I’m also going to be successful.” I have good entrepreneurial wherewithal and intuitiveness. I have to still thank God for that. The other thing is because I’m a holistic girl in a context that I do everything natural as possibly I can. I’m not on any pharmaceuticals, but yet my health is phenomenal. I have this little running joke that I’m 29 and every birthday, I’m turning 29. It’s funny because people think like, “How old are you?” I’m like, “I’m not 29 but I feel like I’m 29.” Therefore, if you feel it, you believe it, you have conceived it in your mind, that’s the energy you exude out. The holistic part is always something, especially since my journey with it that I’ve wanted to share. I’m intuitive. That was probably what has made me a good nurse when I was in clinical practice because I was intuitive.

I can see things in people before they manifest it. I would feel them. I would have conversations many times with the doctors. They might be thinking of something and I’m like, “No, it’s this,” and I’d be right or, “I think we need to do this test.” I was intuitive. It’s a gift from God. The reason that he’s bestowed upon me the wisdom, knowledge, integrity, perseverance, drive, and determination, all of that with regards to being an entrepreneur and a healthcare expert is because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to share this information with people and let people know that you can do both. You can do it quite successfully and stress-free. There’s always going to be stress in our life. It’s what you do and how you handle it that makes the difference.

What I found interesting to me is you’re saying that your intuitiveness helped you in the medical field. Your intuitiveness probably is what makes you successful in the business and entrepreneurial world. As entrepreneurs, we have to have the foresight to see what’s coming, be able to adjust it, know and have a feeling. Do you trust your gut?

Yes, because I learned a huge lesson. I’ve always been that girl who saw things a little differently. I was vocal about it. Naturally, my intuitiveness is a reflection on me. It sees things that I can’t see. It’s pretty vocal about it. It’s very loud how I get the interpretations. That happened after I learned there was something that I got an intuitive feeling about and I didn’t follow through because I was rushed. I was trying to get out of the house to do something. I didn’t follow the intuitiveness of double checking so I came back home to a nightmare. I was like, “Only if I would have checked this, this wouldn’t have happened.” From that moment forward, that was loud. It was something that had a lasting effect for a while that I didn’t listen. There was this constant reminder of my intuitive self saying, “You need to pay attention. I’m not coming to you if it’s not something you need to pay attention to.” You get bombarded with those kinds of thoughts and visions all day long. “When I’m coming to you and I’m being vocal, saying loud about it, you need to pay attention.” Most of the time I will pay attention, don’t get me wrong. After that incident, I paid attention wholeheartedly and I’m never ever wrong.

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We all learn that. I learned it at a young age to listen to myself because of the chatter and the negativeness that was around me at nine. It was the way that I protected myself, listening to my inner self and following that voice versus following all the distractions that were out there. If I had followed the distractions, my life would have been a totally different course. I believe in people listening to their inner self and their intuitiveness. I train people to do that, to identify and get into themselves. Most people are afraid of it. They’re afraid. They don’t trust it. It’s the one thing that you have that will never steer you wrong. It can be in relationships. It can be in business. It can be a medicine. It can be in a ton of things. I lost my wife in 2006 to ovarian cancer. In 2003, she was diagnosed. For about five years before that, she was complaining about stuff and I kept on saying, “You need to go see a doctor and do this and this.” All the doctors were like, “You’re a woman. The bloatedness around your stomach is your women things and all that.” I kept telling her, “No, we both know something is wrong.” It wasn’t until we got a doctor that listened that she got diagnosed. By then, it was too late.

Sorry to hear that about your wife because I totally get it. It’s better than listening to your mama because it will never lead you wrong. Your mom might become a little biased and dismayed by your character and your personality, but your intuition is always right. As a kid say, “Always on point.” I agree with you.

Do you have any tips to help people get to believing in themselves and that inner voice versus the chatter that’s around? Do you have any tricks and techniques that you could share?

You said one thing with regards to something that you share with people and you think that most people are afraid to tap into their intuition. There could be a few reasons behind that. Sometimes how we’re raised and the information that’s bestowed upon us. We don’t have a chance to seek out and say, “Research the information.” We take it because we’re kids and kids learn from their environment. Even simple thing of taking time to meditate.

It’s religious beliefs, all kinds of things come in and causing people to live in a fear space.

SE 32 | Success Through Mind PowerWhat I would share with people is the first thing you can do if you’re a religious type of person and tend to be more spiritual. If you’re a religious type of person, the first thing you can do is meditate. There are all kinds of ways to meditate. You don’t have to sit for an hour like the Tibetan monks or anything like that. There are all kinds of ways to meditate. Prayer is a form of meditation. If you want to begin to tap into your intuitive self, take a few minutes each day to get quiet and meditate. Whether you sit there and get quiet for a minute, start with being still, being quiet, controlling your thoughts. The only thing that we can ever control is our thoughts. That’s the only way we control. We can’t control our heartbeat. We can’t control our blood. We can’t control how fast we breathe. We can do it for a little while but naturally, it falls back into its natural pattern. The only thing we can control is our thoughts.

I’m going to disagree with you. There’s something else prior to your thoughts that you can control. It’s your expectations. We are in the process of thinking the first thing. That’s why I called my show Shower Epiphanies because we have these epiphanies that go off in our mind all the time. When we’re cognizant of them, believe in them and listen to them, they lead to expectations. Expectations are what focuses our life either in a positive or a negative way because we look at our expectations with faith and fear. Once you control that, then you’re on the right track.

If you have an expectation, it has to start with a thought because you’re expecting. They go hand in hand. You can control. By taking a minute and quieting your mind a bit, that can help. As you do that, you might extend it for two minutes and four and so on. When you are able to sit and be in peace in the present moment, you’re able to discover a whole new way of being within yourself and things are revealed.

I like to get people in a comfortable environment. For me, it’s outside, outdoors. For some people, it can be sitting on a couch. We all have a different place. Some people it’s in the car. I always tell people, “Find that place where you can let go.” It has a lot to do with around people feeling safe, find a place where you feel totally safe and you can unleash yourself, get into your head, into your body and let it roll.

I meant to say that too, find a place of comfort where you will not be disturbed. When my daughter was little and I was doing the emergency room stuff and had transitioned more to an operational part with the telecom business. When she was about two, I would go hide in my closet because every time I would start to meditate, she would find me. She was magnetic. I can be in the kitchen, she’d come downstairs. I could have probably been up in the attic, she would find a way to climb. I would go hide in my closet. That was one place. She got wise after a while. I would go hide in the closet. I had a nice walk in closet so I could go hide in there and close the door.

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My thing is I can turn off the lights. It was great. It was quiet. I wouldn’t be disturbed. I know that within “the darkness,” I was going to have lots of light. It was a beautiful experience. That’s what I would share with people. Also with regards to being fearful about it, don’t have any fear. If you have difficulties with overcoming fear, there are a lot of things you could do but don’t have any fear. If you are fearful, acknowledge it and practice something that we’re saying, “Take time to be quiet, meditate or get quiet.” I don’t even want to put the connotation of meditation. Keep quiet, be safe and comfortable in a spot where you won’t be disturbed for a little while.

What I tell people with fear, “If you’re fearful, you’re lacking in faithfulness. Faithfulness is not always about a religious connotation with faithful or being in faith. Faith can be in yourself. It’s probably a strong sense of faith. Parents, coach, teacher, anybody, you can have faith in people but it’s important to have faith in yourself. One of the things that have always gotten me through is that I know no matter what happens to me, both positive and negative, no matter what happens to me, it’s all going to be okay. It’s all going to work out because my faith is so strong.

It’s only for that moment in time. When it progresses on, things change. It’s the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes it’s the change we see, our peers would be very slow to act. It’s the ebb and flow of life. I totally agree with you with regards to faith. My thing is with faith, I’m not going to let myself down. If I have a thought or concept, I’m going to give it my all. My belief is that I’m going to succeed. My faith is going to drive me to succeed. Even if I succeeded and somewhat have what I would say, not the most positive manner because it’s considered a failure. To me, it’s not ever a failure because I’m always learning.

A woman that understands my concept. In my book, I talk about that a lot because you cannot have a failure if you are learning something. That is what every event in our life, everything that is every person we’ve run into, every event that we have. When I lost my wife, I could have taken that and for three years it did destroy me. Once I got my head back on straight after grieving and I got it together, I didn’t wallow in it. After that, I got busy and started living the life that I was meant to live. It is freeing. It is invigorating. It makes life. That’s why you’ve been so successful because you look at everything as a learning experience. You have that positive attitude about everything. Your faith is so strong. Those are three of the biggest things that people have to have to be successful.

I thank you. Those are kind words. I never thought of that. I just do it. The funny thing is I don’t want to say I’m hard on myself per se. Sometimes everybody can be a little hard on themselves. I always try to look at, “What am I supposed to learn?” I spend a lot about I’m too humble. People say, “You shouldn’t be this humble.” I don’t always think of myself as a success. I think I’m going through life and I have things I want to do. If I have something I want to do, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it as best as I can. That’s me.

SE 32 | Success Through Mind PowerI was having a conversation with my son. We were talking. I had mentioned something about, “I don’t see myself as successful.” He started saying, “Mom, you did this and you’ve done this. All my life I’ve watched you. That’s where I get my never-give-up attitude because I’ve watched you. No matter what came your way, whether it was a nice pitch home plate and you can triple or whether it was a pitch that was high and tight and you got caught for a straight, you move forward and you still did it with tenacity as if one, it was your destiny and two, totally believed in yourself.” I had to take a moment to pause and reflect on what he said. It was like the first time that I started thinking from a little girl, all the stuff I’ve accomplished. I took it as part of life and doing what I supposed to do and having fun or learning. There have been some magnificent things. I have to give thanks to God. He has me here to do. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing to message with others, this message.

We’ll talk about mindset somewhat, but when you have the mindset of being a doer, so many people through the course of history have been big talkers and little doers. It’s the people like you and Bill Gates, you can go to Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and all of them. They didn’t let anything ever hold them back. They went out and did it and became doers. When you have the mindset of a doer, I’ve done everything in my life. I’m older. I’ve never ever let anything stop me from doing what I felt I should be doing. I never let anybody discourage me. I went out and did it.

I’ve worked in the entertainment industry. I’ve worked in the construction industry. I’ve written books. I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do. Everybody always said, “Everything you touch turns to gold and you’re always so happy. How do you do that?” It’s because I do. I don’t let anything discourage me. I see that in you. I know the audience can’t see your eyes, your smile and all those things. I feel it even the distance we have between this, I can feel it about you that you’re one of those people that will not let things get in their distractions, get in their way from doing what you want to do.

I’ve walked into a place and an employer that I had because I’ve only worked for a few employers my entire life. I walked into one of them when I was in the entertainment business. I had the perfect job. I sat down my keys to my apartment, the keys to my car that they had given me and an American Express card that I could go anywhere in the United States, in the world. I walked in and put that all down and said, “I’m walking away from it,” with no idea what I was going to do. I did it on faith and everything worked out. There are so many things in love, in business and all that. When you have faith, it is so huge.

That’s the energy that you exude out. When I look back as you were talking, I was reflecting and I’m like, “That’s true.” When I wanted to become a registered nurse, I was going to do it. It was quite challenging because I lived in Northern California, the Bay Area. I lived about 65 miles away from where I worked and where I was going to go to school. I had to make that commute. I was determined. I had kids as I kept getting more and more advanced degrees with nursing. Sometimes I’m like, “God, it can’t be easy for me. If it were easy, I wouldn’t appreciate the struggle and I wouldn’t know how deep down I can dive to accomplish something that I want to accomplish.”

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I became laser-focused and I figured the other stuff out. It was challenging. You wish it didn’t happen, but you figure it out because I’m so lazy. I become laser-focused on that target. I harness that energy. I am an energetic person when it comes to trying to exude that and trying to keep it positive because I always look at it. Remember I’ve seen some of the worst cases of medical things that I’ve had the privilege of being able to take care of these people. The little stuff that I’m going through each day is nothing compared to what other people go through on a daily basis. I’m thankful and I’m grateful in the fact that I have all these things. I wanted to do real estate so I got a real estate license.

I had to get the broker’s license. I’m like, “When I retire from doing all this other stuff, maybe I’ll go back into selling real estate.” I wanted to start a business. I started one, “I’m good with that. Maybe I should do another one and a different reason. Let’s do that.” Here’s a funny little story. To give your audience a little insight about me, when I was a little girl, I played around all the boys. I was ten and my friends were going to try for Little League. I’ve been playing baseball in the neighborhood with them. They were like, “You should come too.” I was like, “Okay.” We rode our bikes two and a half miles to try out. I got there and I noticed I was the only girl. I got there and I went to fill out the little paper. They were like, “Softball tryouts are next week.” I was like, “I’m not here to try out for softball. I’m here to try out for baseball.” They were like, “Well.”

A couple of them got together and were like, “You can’t try out.” I was like, “Okay.” I told my friends when we left the house, “My biggest fear is that I make it and you guys don’t.” We got there and I couldn’t try out. I was like, “I didn’t even think of anything like this.” My friends helped me. I had long braids. I put my braids up in my baseball cap. I went in and got in line to try out. Nobody questioned me because they were all busy and focused on which kids. It came up to me, I was going to hit and the coach threw the ball and he realized, “This is a girl.” He moved up a little closer and was like, “What are you doing? It’s that little girl.” Long story short, he throws a ball, I tag it and he starts stepping back on the pitcher’s mound. He was throwing and I was tagging the ball. It was like, “Let’s see what else this little girl can do.”

I ended up playing second base and started getting selected, playing second base and outfield made the all-stars two years in a row. I was this little phenom, a little girl in the early ’70s that people from all over the county would come and watch and play baseball because I was the only girl playing Major League Baseball with all the boys for two years in a row and starting and hitting it. I was this little skinny, scrawny type of little girl. My thing was I always wanted to make it. I got laser-focused on accomplishing at least being able to try out. I did that and I took that bold little step. I was able to play, have fun and enjoy life. I’ve always been like that. If it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do or something that I want to do, nothing is going to stop me. I become this unstoppable girl, go out and get it.

That’s an excellent quality for any person to have, whether you’re a boy or a girl, a woman or a man. It’s what determines your outcomes, how things unfold in your life because great determination is essential for entrepreneurs. How much do you think working in an emergency room prepared you for all the things? When you work in an emergency room, my wife was an emergency room nurse before she became a nurse anesthetist. The other thing about it is because I know. When I was in working in a mental health unit in San Diego, I used to have to go up to the trauma room because of family members that were breaking down. Sometimes they got crazy patients in there that we had to work with.

SE 32 | Success Through Mind PowerI know for a fact that nurses have to deal with things quickly and make snap decisions that are life and death situations. That prepares your mind to think about things a little bit different than people out there. I learned it in Vietnam. I’m a former Marine in Vietnam. You never know what’s going to happen next from moment to moment. You have to be prepared for the unexpected. As in an emergency room, you have to be prepared and it trains the mind to think and look at things differently. That’s my belief. It’s a great asset to have when you become that entrepreneur because as a business owner, you never know what’s going to happen. You’ve got to be able to adjust to it rapidly and make good sound decisions on that. Nurses and soldiers have a lot in common.

I like how you said that when you put that analogy together because as a Marine, you are the first ones to go in and you have to look at not necessarily what’s right in front of you that you can see the obvious. You have to look for the not so obvious stuff. You have to survey beyond what’s right in front of you to be able to perceive any change or anything on a hostile environment. The same thing with an emergency room nurse or trauma nurse is you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. It would be lovely if you had one patient to focus on. Unfortunately, there were times I had five people having a heart attack at the same time and someone in the sixth bed coding as we would say, then having to manage that.

You had to perceive what was going to happen and what person was the most critical, which one you needed to keep an eye on as well as keeping tabs on everybody else. There’s always one that’s a little bit more critical than the others. It’s being able to survey something and sum it up rapid fire. Everybody can’t do it. Everybody doesn’t have the gift but it’s okay. Being able to look at things and survey what’s possible, what is the perceived threat, being able to have a game plan and make adjustments as necessary. It’s key to one, managing your health and well-being successfully and two, being a successful entrepreneur and being able to be sustainable throughout whatever difficult or not so difficult time you may be having with the economy.

One of the things that I always point out to people is it isn’t always about the negative side of being an entrepreneur. Some entrepreneurs have an extremely difficult time dealing with the great moments, the affluence, seeing that comes with it. The good things, you hear sometimes business people get involved in things that they shouldn’t be involved. They become so fluent that they get bored and things run themselves. I work with people in both ways. One of the things that I wanted to get to in our show is I read about your seven basic fears. Can you explain to the audience?

These are like the umbrella. If you have an umbrella, an umbrella has seven little prongs underneath that holds the material. These would be the seven basic fears. Underneath each prong is a myriad of other fears. These are the seven basics. The first one is the fear of criticism of being judged. Everyone has experienced that, has that or secretly has it, whatever the case might be. The next one is this fear of a loss of love. You lose a relationship, a spouse or friend, whatever. The next one is a fear of liberty. This one pertains to being able to do what you want when you want, to say what you want or have the liberty. That’s what the statue was built on liberty. The loss of dad, the major prong is a fear.

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The next one is the fear of poverty. Everybody is fearful about becoming poor, especially if you were rolling in millions and millions and now you’re down in dollars and that can be quite fearful. The fear of old age, fear of aging, believe it or not. That’s why we have many things coming out right now with anti-aging and things of that nature. I said fear of poverty, loss of liberty, fear of aging, the fear of illness or disease and the fear of death. When I say illness and disease, that could be physical pain that goes along with that but anything that falls under that, those are the seven pillars or basic fears that are pillars of fear.

Under criticism to be anxiety, depression, anger management issues, things of that nature. Aging, it could be our skin wrinkling or our processes within our bodies does not operate like you used to go run that five miles and not have any muscle aches. Now you run a quarter mile and you get muscle aches for days. It’s all of those things. There are myriads of that. I like to share with people how to overcome those fears, how to conquer those fears with regards to your wellness, wisdom and wealth so that you have sustainability and step into living life through your dreams or enjoying the life of your dreams even more.

I write a lot about fear in my book. It’s my belief that fear originates in your expectations. It’s where it all comes from. Some people fear the unknown. They build things into the fear that is not grounded in fact or all that. Mostly fear becomes a mindset because when you look at fear, it comes around in so many different shapes, forms, and everything. I stopped using the word, “I’m fearless.” I used to say I’m fearless because I wasn’t afraid of things. I just didn’t let it until somebody said to me, “I want you to walk a tight rope across the Grand Canyon.” I said, “You’re right. I do have fear.” We all have something that we fear. Some people can overcome the fear of heights and walk across the Grand Canyon. I’m not afraid of heights but “I couldn’t or I can’t” are usually not my vocabulary. When I’m thinking about that, it does inhibit me and stop me.

When we have the mindset, there are some people that everything that you bring up to them they’re just, “I can’t, I won’t, I wouldn’t,” and all that. That’s what stifles their lives from growing and learning from their experiences because they let even the simplest things. My oldest son who’s a therapist in Boulder, Colorado, he’s going to hate me when I tell him when he was after high school and early college and all that stuff, he had fear of escalators and elevators. His anxiety around that was so great that it inhibited him from doing a lot of things. He finally got over it. When he introduced them in small little steps and you get people to start knowing, they realized they make a choice. Their mindset becomes different. What are your feelings about mindset in doing things?

It’s hugely important because if you do not have the right mindset, your life can be quite chaotic. If you don’t know how to even go about developing the right mindset or even knowing that your mindset is flawed, it’s hugely important. It’s the beginning manifester of all things that we experience in our lives. How you perceive things based on how your mind is “set.” If you perceive you are a failure, you will be a failure. If you perceive like me, you want to be tenacious and successful, you’re going to do everything in your power to be successful. You could tell me what your thoughts are about this, but it ties into the whole faith thing. They’re like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. You can’t have faith if your mindset is not right for that. Your mindset can’t be right if you don’t have faith.

SE 32 | Success Through Mind Power

Success Through Mind Power: Having a game plan and being able to make adjustments as necessary are key to managing your health and wellbeing successfully and being an entrepreneur.


I talk a lot about perspective and perception. Let me give you the definition of the audience. Perception is how you see what it is. Perspective is when you see the big picture. If you have a mindset, it affects your perspective and your perception, how you perceive things and how you look at the big picture of it. It is essential to have faith in order to see it in a positive light. When you look at it through the lens of fear, everything goes to the dark side. If you take a negative and a positive and try to put them together, it doesn’t work. That’s basically what faith is the opposite of fear. You’ve got to have that proper perspective and the proper mindset with the proper expectations for success.

If you have a proper mindset and a proper faith, but your expectations are you’re going to fail, it doesn’t fit. It’s like no way.

Henry Ford said, “You’re right if you think you’re right.”

“You think you can if you can.” All those guys were quite amazing, but even if you think you can’t, you can. Most people that think they can’t, they can’t.

Tell the audience where they can get ahold of you, what offerings you have for things coming up, any events you have coming up, your book. Tell us all about that.

Thank you so much, Art. It has been fun. It’s gone by so fast. I enjoyed the conversation immensely. With regards to me, I’m everywhere. I’m on Facebook. You can find me at Rochele Lawson or you can look for Blissful Living. My company is called Blissful Living 4 U. You can go to BlissfulLiving4U.com to find out more about what I offer with regards to wellness, wisdom and wealth. My podcast, everything is around blissful living because that’s my passion is to help you have that life. Have those pillars of wellness, wisdom and wealth strong and being able to sustain it so you can own it to living your dream life.

My podcast is called Blissful Living. It’s on everywhere, iHeart, Spotify, iTunes, WebTalk and a bunch of others. On that particular podcast, we talk about things that fall under the pillars of wellness, wisdom and wealth. A lot of great information, a lot of great guests. I’ve had that going on since 2011. There are lots of good stuff. If you would like to reach out and connect with me, I’m on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rochele Lawson. You can also connect with me by sending me an email or better yet, you can go to my website, BlissfulLiving4U.com and get a free gift. You can connect with me there and send me an email through the website. It’s probably more efficient that way than me giving you the email address. There are lots of ways to get in contact with me and find me. I would love to hear from you. You could say you heard me on Art’s show or whatever. Thanks, Art. I appreciate it.

We appreciated having you on. I’d like to do it again. We didn’t cover enough of the wellness and that end of it because I am big into living wholesome wellness, all of those things. I wanted to ask some questions about how that all interrelate because I believe in not only your body, your mind and your spirit being connected for wellness. It’s so big into our mental health and all that. We’ll have to do that another time when we meet up. Audience, it’s a pleasure having Rochele on here and it’s a pleasure having you reading. I’m thankful that you’re here. You know where you can get ahold of me, ExpectationTherapy.com. I also am everywhere. That’s how we roll when we’re doers. We’re everywhere. Thank you, Rochele. I appreciate it.

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SE 32 | Success Through Mind PowerRochel Marie Lawson is a Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant, International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Radio Show Hostess. She is the President of Blissful Living 4 U founded to bring holistic wellness, wisdom and wealth into the lives of individuals seeking a natural path to success, prosperity, abundance, peace, and joy. Rochel Marie’s energy, guidance, and enthusiasm have helped thousands of people improve their health and wellness, holistically and naturally. She is a successful entrepreneur and is the author of the book “Intro to Holistic Health, Ayurveda Style.” She has her own blog, Blissful Living 4 U on www.ayurvedahealing.org, She has been a guest writer for several blog publications, and she has her own weekly radio show “Blissful Living.” Rochele has spent over 25 years assisting people to achieve optimal health and wellness, to enhance the power of their mind and to build and sustain wealth so that they can live the life of their dreams with more energy, joy, peace of mind, vitality, mental clarity, creativity, wisdom, prosperity, and success.


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