Expectation Therapy for Coaches and Counselors

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Are you ready to help yourself and your clients (even more!) to make significant and lasting life changes? We want the best for the people we are helping. Expectation Therapy allows people to optimize personal growth, happiness, and success by methodically setting, managing, and mastering expectations and goals.

Augment Your Expertise

Be the best at what you do. Take advantage of this proven program (that provides certification) and gain another valuable tool for developing yourself and supporting and best assisting your clients.

Broaden Your Skill Set

Expectation Therapy will benefit you personally and professionally. The course will help serve your existing clients and potentially gain new ones. With this course, you will gain tools to help your clients directly apply techniques to their lives to help them identify goals, make choices, and be successful.

Benefit from the following

  • One Hour of Upfront Case Application with Art Costello

Learn and discuss how to practically apply the Art of Expectation in your specific environments with your unique clients. Discover how the Art of Expectation can apply to different schools of thought and support.

  • Two Hours of Individual Mentoring with Art Costello

Tap into Art’s extensive teaching and experience to acquire knowledge and tools to benefit specific patients or hypothetical scenarios. Discover how to weave the Art of Expectation into your practice seamlessly.

  • Certification after completion of the course.

Individual Session with Art Costello

These are some of the activities and topics to be covered in the one-on-one session:

  • listening to you openly and actively
  • asking powerful questions
  • reflecting/mirroring back to you
  • offering different perspectives
  • providing structure
  • assisting in setting goals, planning, and strategizing
  • holding you accountable for what you want to achieve
  • trusting you to make your own decisions
  • showing up with your best interests at heart
  • telling the truth
  • believing in yourself and your highest good.

Message from Art Costello

This is an opportunity for you to create life-changing behaviors that will lead you on the path of happiness and success. I am here to assist you along the way, and guide you through every phase of the program. Make no mistake, the work will be hard and difficult at times but great are the rewards at the end. I look forward to working with you on this life-changing journey.


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