“Anything is possible and anything means anything.”  -David Adelson

How far can your reality go? The possibilities you think of are possibilities that can happen with the power of your choices. In this episode, Art and David reveal the secret to an enjoyable and fulfilled life. We are agents of change and our mission is to empower ourselves to be able to make conscious choices and believe in the possibility of anything. Yes, anything! Tune in and get your mission accomplished!


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01:12 Conscious Choices
10:02 Do Good For Others
20:29 Believe In All Possibilities
28:02 World Expectations VS Self-Empowerment
39:10 We Can Change The World
46:43 Enjoy Life And Be Fulfilling


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12:27 “When we’re good, that’s what we do. We share the best of us.” -David Adelson

25:46 “Don’t buy into what the world expects of you. Stay believing in all possibilities.”  -David Adelson

30:25  “Just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”  -David Adelson

30:56 “Anything is possible and anything means anything.”  -David Adelson

40:59 “What we want is the best life that exemplifies who we are in the eyes of the Divine. Whether we express it that way or not, we all want to do something that doesn’t cause us harm.”  -David Adelson

47:55 “Everybody should rise up and at least respect themselves, love themselves, appreciate themselves, and see that they are worthy of having a comfortable life that they should enjoy, that should be fulfilling.”  -David Adelson

51:54 “All possibilities are real when you get into alignment with yourself, when you really know and allow yourself to be who you truly are.”  -David Adelson


Meet David:

David Adelson is a lifelong Healer, Author, Meditation Teacher, Artist, and Inventor. He has spent decades studying quantum physics, consciousness, and unified field theory, developing more than 500 easy-to-use Enhancers™ to reduce stress and increase success and joy in life. It’s been his lifelong goal to help others enjoy their life to the fullest. He spent more than 40 years searching for simple, effective and profound ways to help others achieve that goal—something anyone could do regardless of who they are and what experiences they’ve had. David believes that everyone can easily turn their life to whatever it is they wanted.



Art Costello: Welcome to the Shower Epiphanies Podcast, today, David Adelson is my guest. David Adelson, his Master’s degree advisor thought he should be a stand-up comic, instead he remained a lifelong healer, author, meditation teacher and developer, creating 500 plus products and programs founded in consciousness and wholeness. He spent 40 plus years studying Quantum, physics consciousness, unified field theory, and the best water balloon weapons available. His free peace and harmony program has been used to stop family squabbles, reduce customer complaints in business, and relieve stressful situations. Grab yours now to experience a peaceful and harmony in your life. Boy, could we use a whole lot of that in this world today, David? Could you fill us in how this journey all started for you?

David Adelson: Yeah, I’m one of those people that made a conscious choice for those who understand and believe in something happening before we’re born in this life, that I would come and the world was in a tenuous situation at best, and we just came to help. So I actually grew up knowing that I was here to do something, although I didn’t necessarily know what it was. And I had some very clear and profound spiritual experiences and connections when I was quite young, and that’s what led me here. So before I was born, my grandmother, so this is in the 50’s, maybe even 49th, 1950. My grandmother went to somebody who today we would call a psychic, but I don’t know what they called them back then. And apparently it was this lovely woman who would just sit and have tea with you, and during the course of the conversation they talked about the weather and that she dropped some interesting tidbit. And she told my grandmother, and my mother was pregnant with my older sister at the time, and she told my grandmother several things, that she would have a son and that the son was here to do great, wonderful things for the world, lovely things for the world. And then my older sister was born and then my mother went to see this woman, I think maybe a year later or something. It didn’t say she was related to, you know, the previous woman, but just said to the woman, that the woman had said it would be a son and it was a daughter. And the woman thought for a minute and she said, yeah, and you’re going to have another daughter too, but the son is like, just his presence is so huge. I didn’t see the other ones, but he’s here to do wonderful for the world. So my loving and sweet mother brought me up with, no, Jewish mother, Italian mother, like you’re going to do great things for the world. So now I have this on my shoulder since I like to.

Art Costello: Talk about setting expectations.

David Adelson: It’s like, okay, thanks. And as I said, even when I was a kid, I never saw myself as, I’ve always been aware that there have been companions around who are there to support me, who weren’t necessarily visible to everybody. And when I was a teenager, I started having very clear experiences and it became very clear to me that none of my friends were having these things. So I didn’t talk about them, but I would have experiences. People would come up to me and they’d ask me questions that I had never heard anything about before, and I would give them the answer, and I would kind of watch it come from deep within, and there’s no reason that I should have known that and yet it would be the right answer. So I’m having these experiences, and life is going on, and around the time that I’m 20 I’m thinking, okay, supposed to do wonderful things in the world still no clue what that is. It’s like 20, college is going to be over soon. Should I start getting some blood? Nothing, no idea. And then I started meditating when I was 20, and I just thought this is absolutely amazing. Went to the university that’s now fully accredited, Kindergarten through PhD in Iowa. When I went, they were first putting it together in California, became a meditation teacher in 74, talk for awhile, went back to school on and off, got a couple of master’s degrees, didn’t quite finish the second one because there was this big paper that we had to write, and instead I bought a house and had kids. But studied all this stuff, joined the faculty for a while, and taught desktop publishing. And then in the mid to early 1990’s, my oldest son who was 13 came down with cancer, and we spent 10 months in and out of the hospital and he came out fine from that. But during that time, all of a sudden, all these divine beings started showing up in my awareness in the house when I was alone, after I finished my meditation, in the middle of the night, and they all just started presenting themselves.

So my guru teacher, whatever you want to say, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the one who brought TM, Transcendental Meditation to the West, taught the Beatles, everybody, okay, all that stuff. In his commentary on, he talks about how long creation is, and I won’t get into it, but it’s long, but he talks about how it’s measured in terms of the longest lifespan of creation, which is the divine mother. And then on and on and on from there. And I just thought, if all these beings are showing up, can I just connect to the highest, which is divine mother. So I said, can I do that? And basically since that time, I’ve had a pretty profound and significant connection around the FOC ever since then, which has guided my life and guided the creation of all of these programs that we created. And at the time that we wrote that, it was 500, it was closer to 600, I have 50 that have been created since November that I haven’t even released yet. What we did was we just, we wanted very simple ways to eliminate whatever potential, whatever problems or suffering that people had. And we used to literally spend time, we would sit down and say, okay, what are the problems? What’s causing suffering? What are the problems and how do we eliminate that? So people feel weak so we create programs to empower them. People feel that someone else is in charge of their life and they don’t have individual freedom or empowerment so we created programs for that physical discomfort, not feeling loved, not feeling like they know what they’re doing.

And we just created many, many of these programs in many, many simple, easy to administer ways such as, some of them are MP3’s or video programs you can play in the background, you don’t even have to watch them. Some of them are pieces of art or photography that you can just put on the wall and it has an effect both on the environment and people viewing it. Some are tinctures drops that you put under your tongue or something. The summer cards that are about the size of the credit cards that you can put in your wallet. So we just created, we just kept creating all of these things to help people in whatever way that we could. And the interesting thing is I was spending all my time creating things, I never had any time to market them. So now I’m at a point in my life where I’m finally putting together some people to help me get these things to the world. And the peace and harmony program that you mentioned is our offering, you’re exactly right, so many people need this. It can help prevent squabbles in the home. It can help prevent squabbles at work between different departments, or different people at work, or customer complaints have been decreased when we get enough people using them. Crime rate has gone down in a neighborhood. And when you’ve got enough or a more powerful unit, more even natural disasters can be affected, and the peace and harmony download, we want to give it away. We feel that as many people as possible should have that and you just play it on your phone, and you should get it. You just go to peaceandharmonydownload.com and stream or download it, and give it to all your friends.

Art Costello: Wow, that’s really amazing. One of my philosophies is I believe in the possibility of everything.

David Adelson: Yes.

Art Costello: And everything’s possible when you believe, and you and I have so much in common. Because when I was nine, I don’t know how much you know about my background, but at nine I was abandoned and had to figure out life on my own, and I went to the top of the hilltop, laid on my back and had a conversation with God and the universe, and I heard a voice. After many trips up that hill, I heard a voice and it just said: “Keep doing and just keep being good.” Just doing good at nine scared the whole outta me, and I didn’t tell anybody about it for quite awhile, but I believed it. I actually believed that in my subconscious and then my conscious life, and lived that way, and it’s gotten me so many places, and it’s just amazing when you opened up your mind to the possibilities of everything, what can happen? You’ve got any feelings about this?

David Adelson: Oh, yeah, absolutely. But I kinda tell you my first, did you ever see the movie Millions, Danny Boyle directed it? He also did the new ‘Yesterday’ movie about the Beatles thing, but some other very big movies that are blanking on right now. But ‘Millions’ is about this young kid and I’m guessing he’s around the same age that you’re talking about, and he sees saints, and he’s having conversations with saints all the time, and basically a whole lot of money shows up in his life, and he’s not sure whether it’s real or whether it’s in this world where he’s seeing Saints. But there’s one scene where he’s talking, I’m not going to remember who it is, he’s talking with some Saint, and he’s brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed while he’s talking to this Saint, very casually, comfortably, like the most natural thing in the world. And he just says in the sweetest voice, and it’s this most adorable kid ever, he just says: “I just want to do good.”

Art Costello: Wow, I just got goosebumps.

David Adelson: Yeah. And you just get that simple innocence of spirituality, of wishing well of everyone, just wishing well, we just want to do something that, and I’m sure the nine year old kid, and I’m sure when you were young, you didn’t think of it in terms of blessing the world. But when we’re good, that’s what we do. We share the best of us.

“When we're good, that's what we do. We share the best of us.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: You know, David, I actually was very similar to you. I started feeling like I was here to do something on earth, it was great. And I went to Vietnam as a Marine, and I’ve lived a great life, and it wasn’t until my wife passed away in 2006 from ovarian cancer that I actually was able to look back on my life and reflect. I fell apart, and I went back out on the lawn here in Austin, Texas on our ranch and spoke to God again and asked what was going to become of me again. And I heard a voice that just said, listen: “I’ve given you all the tools, you just need to use them.” And it reinvigorated me so much. And I started writing and really coming out of, what I call this material world that I had lived in, because I was chasing the dollar, and had businesses and all that kind of thing. And I started to become more spiritual. And when I did that, I found the most happiness I’ve ever been in my life. And I know now, this is what I was meant to do all my life.

David Adelson: Yeah, well, it’s a world that we do a clearing. I was at a conference in the spring, and it was all these heavy leaders in self-improvement, in whatever term you want to use, the growth field, all of these people, I want to say there were 30 or 40 people there. They all had hundreds of thousands or millions of people that they influenced. They were all here doing good. And when I got there, it became apparent that they were all about two, three, four degrees off, their compass was just a little off. And they were doing good, because if you’re three degrees off, you’re still doing 97% good. So that’s pretty cool, but what I was shown at the time was, if you leave earth with the intent of reaching the moon and you’re one degree off, you will miss the moon by twice the diameter of the moon. So I saw these people, and I just saw what would happen when they have that vision, and I’m a big believer because of my own memories, and because of other work that I’ve done and things that I’ve seen. I’m a big believer that this life is only one chapter in a longer chapter, and there are things that happen before and after.

And there’s a book that I read that was one of the first books that talked about somebody dying and then being revived, and they call them near death experiences, but technically if this guy was dead for eight and a half minutes and then they revived him, and during that time he had an experience. He had a lot of experience, it’s a very thin book and afternoon read. It’s called Return from Tomorrow by George somebody, I can’t remember his last name. I want to say Mitchell or Wilson or some, but I’m going to, I can’t remember. It’s on Amazon, and it’s a short read, and the whole book for the most part, all of that happened to him during the eight and a half minutes, and then what happened afterwards a little bit before, and what happened afterwards. But while he’s going through what turned out to be eight and a half minutes on earth, it sounds like about three or four hours. I mean, it’s like this whole big thing. He’s trying to get home. Oh, he’s in Texas. He was a soldier in 1944. He dies in Texas from allergies, from the dust or something. It didn’t even make it overseas during World War II. And they revive him by a shot to the heart, which was unheard of at the time. But he’s kind of semi delirious, he’s vegging out trying to get home for the holidays or for whatever reason. And his first experience as he said he’s just running across the fields. And then he realizes that the fields were moving by way too fast. And finally, he realized this and he’s fine. He doesn’t take this into account that this is strange. But after a while, he’s looking down and he goes: “Wait a minute, I’m trying to get home, but wait a minute, where I am?” He realized that nobody can see him and hear him. He has some experiences to say he has an experience where he goes into a bar and he’s watching people. And he says all of the people have this thin light all around them, but when somebody passes out from being drunk, the light goes out and then all of these dark beings jump into that person’s body, that light shielded them the rest of the time.

Anyway, so that was interesting. Then he realized that he’s got to get back to his body. So he races back to the hospital, but as he’s in the hospital, which is a big military hospital with however many rooms, he suddenly realizes that he has no idea what he looks like from the outside looking in and realize that he’s wearing this particular ring and starts racing through the hospital, finds his body, and while he’s there looking at it, all of a sudden this big bright, blinding light shows up next to him and he says: “He’s very aware that if he got humanized, it would’ve burned his eyes up.” And his tradition is Catholic, and he’s been confirmed, and Lord Christ shows up and he knows that’s who it is. And Lord Christ takes him and shows some of these different things. And one of the places that it takes him is to this room where there’s some other beings, and when he walks in the room his whole life in greater detail than he says, there’s two greater details than he could ever remember all going in front of him. And he’s very aware that he’s watching it, but so are these other beings including Lord Christ standing next to him. And he’s thinking, this is not coming from memory, there’s no way I could have remembered that much details. And when the whole thing is done, Lord Christ looks at him and says: “What did you do with your life?” And he says why are you asking me? You just showed me what, and so he’s kind of fumbling. And Lord Christ, it’d be wise to kind of impress the guy so he says, I got my Eagles boy scout badge or something. Lord Christ goes: “Is that to glorify you? What did you do with your life?” And later on in the book, he meets this other very interesting character and wonder, or your audience wants to read it, I won’t spoil it for you, but he’s called Wild Bill Hickok, and he’s in a concentration camp that they’re clearing out. They’re evacuating fleeing people. He’s in the Medical Corps at that time, but it’s very interesting. But that one idea of what did you do with your life, and I’m sure something similar for you has been a guiding principle of what’s being presented, and what do I know? Am I missing an opportunity to do something noble, kind, good to somebody? Which doesn’t negate the fact that I get grumpy and pissed when I’m over tired, and eat the wrong food or whatever. I mean, they’re still human, but the overall motivation is, what can we do for others? And it sounds to me like you’ve been given an opportunity to, what can you do to uplift, to move, to inspire, all possibilities is a fabulous way to live.

Art Costello: You know, I’ve done that all my life. It’s been the whole part of my life that I’ve just lived. I’ve always cared deeply about other people, more so than myself. I’m selfless. I’ve been told by psychologists and psychiatrists that I worked with when I was in those fields that they had never run into anybody that was so ego-less. I don’t do things for myself. I always, I’d get the shirt off my back to anyone. If somebody asks me for help, I help. I figured it out. I just go and get things done.

David Adelson: Yeah. It’s a marvelous way to be in. It’s a great asset to humanities to have people like that. I want to get back to the story. So I’m at this event with these 40 people and I become aware that they’re just three degrees off, or two, or four, or whatever, and I realized that they’re doing fine. And from the earth perspective to somebody who was there said, the way that he works his clients is, you find yourself in the front row at a funeral and reading the eulogy and it’s your eulogy, and what do you want them to say? But as you just described, ego less, we don’t care what humans say. What we care about is, if Lord Christ, or Shiva, or Mohammad, or whatever aspects of the divine that we, that resonate with us, Mother Mary, divine mother, whatever, that when they look at it, I had set an event last week then somebody referenced a book called, Who do you want to be a hero to? And my response, and I suspect yours would be similar, and I suspect some of your listeners would be, God, that’s who I want to be a hero to. Not that God needs a hero or divine mother, but the idea that I want to do something that is far beyond what people see. So let me just finish this, the clearing that we did for these people, I was given the opportunity to get on stage for 15, 20 minutes, and the person who invited me said: “I want you to give them a lot of energy and get them all wrapped up.” And I said what they need, if they don’t get clear and in alignment and they’re three degrees off, the world will think they did something fine. But when they get out, when they have this thing or whatever happens in the end, no one else is going to pass judgment on them. But they’ll say, Oh, man, if I was just this much, I could have done this. So we did a clearing and the words that we use, that I was guided to use were very precise and it was, we want to remind you of who you are and what you’re here to do, which you knew when you were young, before you learned what the world expected of you, when you knew superpowers and the tooth fairy were real. Isn’t that fabulous?

Art Costello: Yeah. That’s awesome. That is so awesome. I mean, hope people really, or actually run this back a few clicks and they’ll listen to that again, because that’s wisdom.

David Adelson: Yeah. Because people knew when they were young, and I’m talking about this specifically because this is what you’ve talked about. You did all this business stuff and you did all of the money and all the everything, which is legitimate, but that’s what the world expected of you. And when you were released from the grip of that, you allowed yourself to get back in sync with who you are and what you’re here to do. And one of the things that I like to point out, and I’m not being malicious here, I’m just pointing out the reality of this situation is, however we believe that people involved, when we look back at the history of the last 1000 years, or 2000 years or so, those people who are making the decisions and determining what the world expects from you are exempt from those. They’re the Lords of the Manor, the house of the spiritual organization. And again, I’m not saying this is a bad thing because we’ve gotten to a wonderful place in the world, but the church taught that your rewards would be in heaven and you should sacrifice your life here. And while they’re saying that they’re building up the wealthiest organization on the planet, and wearing rings, and jewels, and gold, and ropes of woven silver or whatever it is, and yet they’re telling the masses that you should put off your rewards and live in pennants and all of this. And you look at the Lords of the Manor who say, I’ll protect you and your family, but I’m the one who has, three cooks and servants and all of this, and you’re sleeping with the pigs. So again, I’m not judgmental about it, we evolved to where we are today. So something good has come out of it. But what we’re finding right now, particularly with the younger generation, they’re very aware that a lot of, whatever’s being propagated, they’re aware that it doesn’t pay off. So for instance, you and I were taught to get a good job, go to college, get a good job, make a good living all of this, and get in business and build a successful business. And the younger generation is saying, yeah, but those businesses that you built are literally destroying the planet. I don’t know if I have kids, if they will be able to breathe. And that’s a very real thing to them. So they’re throwing out a lot of the ideas that have been proposed for a long time, which I think is brilliant. They really need to evaluate themselves from, what are you here to do? Never forget. Don’t buy into what the world expects of you. Stay believing in all possibilities. Stay believing that superpowers are real. Stay believing that the tooth fairy, or Santa Claus, or whatever it is, it’s real.

Don't buy into what the world expects of you. Stay believing in all possibilities.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: You need to read my book, Expectation Therapy.

David Adelson: I will.

Art Costello: You know why? Because when I had lost my wife, and I lost all my assets basically, and had to really start examining myself, this thought came over to me and I looked back and reflected on my life and I realized that my expectations have always been driven by what drives me. And I believe that the expectations that the world, society, religion, politics, all of those expectations are what corrupts us.

David Adelson: Yeah.

Art Costello: It’s what corrupts us, but what is important is people have lost the fact that your self expectations are what drives you. Where your creativity lies in it. I believe that there’s a DNA component to it. I believe that there’s a, it’s a seed that’s implanted in each and every one of this. And that’s why advertisers, religion, schools, all of those learn very early on. If they can control the expectations of the masses, they control the people.

David Adelson: Yeah. What the world expects of you? What the world expects of you versus what you innately know to be true. Or if you’re allowed to develop your own discernment, you can stay empowered within yourself. One of the things that we’re working towards is a world of fully empowered beings of great diversity. We don’t want a world of everybody’s the same. We want a world where the different cultures maintain all the best that they have because who doesn’t like Chinese food, Indian food, Mexican food, Italian food, hot dogs, I mean, all of these different types of food all add to our joy of life. So it’s not like we want it. We don’t want everybody to take all of these types of food and throw them in big hodgepodge, and that’s what we eat every single meal for the rest of our life. Nobody wants that.

Art Costello: That’s why the power of believing in everything, the possibilities of everything. Because when you do that, you become empowered in sucking in all the experiences that other people share with you and the other people have. That’s why I love talking on this podcast with people like you because it gives me a much broader sense of what’s possible in this world and I suck it in, and it just makes me a better/smarter person, for lack of better words, I guess. But it broadens my knowledge base, and that’s what we need in this world. People who have not so concentrated on everything around them but are more concentrated in, why are they here? What is the creative thing that they’re supposed to be doing? What is their contribution to this world? Because I will guarantee you this, every single human being on this day has something to offer us.

David Adelson: Yeah. And different people have different fields of influence. Some people, what they offer is their immediate family and friends. And some people offer the community. And then some people, the neighborhood, the community, and it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And then you have the great people who we hear about decades after they passed away and what they’ve done for the world. And it all comes back to just allowing, I want to just say all possibilities, allowing the belief that just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So we really want to think, we don’t want to squelch streams. We don’t want to squelch somebody. What somebody says, it’s always impossible until somebody does it.

“Just because it hasn't happened before, doesn't mean it can't happen.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: Yeah. Those are words that I don’t use, CAN’T, IMPOSSIBLE, those are all in our heads, those that limit us.

David Adelson: Yeah. And I don’t use them either. My personal belief is that, anything is possible and anything means anything. And I know from personal experience, so here’s an example that I’ll share with you. I have this video clip of one of the space shuttles launching from Cape Canaveral or whatever it’s called these days, and it’s exquisite beautiful footage, blue sky, that crystal clear, it’s done by some major networks, or NASA, or somebody who’s, camera that’s way more expensive than anything I could ever own, and it takes off and the flames report red, and orange, and yellow, and it goes up, and it’s just this incredibly majestic thing, and then some part falls off, and the other rock has come into play and everything, and it goes up, and it goes up, and it goes up, and it’s gorgeous. It’s visually beautiful, but it is in complete violation of natural law. Millions of gallons of fuel, and oxygen, and nitrogen, or hydrogen, or whatever it is are used to do this. But if I want to drop a pen, it’s the simplest thing in the world for me to drop something. So if I can take my hand and just do it using the same slight amount of energy that it takes to push something down, to push something up, it’s a completely different way of looking at it. So all of the ways that a rocket works right now is 183, or 5, or I don’t know, degrees opposite of the way that nature works. I don’t know if you ever heard of the Coral Castle in Florida?

“Anything is possible and anything means anything.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: I’ve heard of it, I’ve not been there.

David Adelson: Yeah, I haven’t been there either, and I lived in Florida for awhile, but it was too far for me to go to. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to share it with your audience so they know the story behind it. I’m thinking it was the 1920’s, could have been the four days or something, this guy came over from Poland or one of those countries, we are a lot of brilliant people like Tesla and other people came from, and he started building this house, castle out of coral, and I’m talking two ton blocks of coral. And he did it by himself at night in the dark without any pieces of huge equipment, and part way through his building it, he was in some kind of deserted part of Florida, partway through somebody bought land that he felt was too close to his. So he bought another piece of land 10 miles away and then moved all these blocks of coral, the 10 miles by himself and then built this castle, that’s now a tourist thing that you can go to. And it’s all built up these blocks of two tons of coral that this man did by himself without pulleys, and cranes, or anything like that. And he did it totally in the dark fence and nobody could see what he did. And when somebody asked him about it, he just said, science has it completely wrong, it’s totally simple. So when you look at this and you think about how the best developments, the best scientific technologies that have advanced this the most, have been working with the laws of nature rather than opposed to them, we can see that there can be, whether we call them quantum, or unified fields, or whatever, that there are solutions that we have never dreamed of that will solve the problems in this world on a completely different level than the problem exists.

So there are some very interesting technologies that I’ve been aware of for a long time that have not yet appeared on the planet or have not been allowed to because the human race wasn’t ready for them. But there are technologies that will take a landfill and you use these certain frequencies, say landfills, where they’re dumping all the garbage, and it’s horrible, intoxicant stinks, and all of this, and you shoot this particular set of frequencies at it, and for however long you do it, and a week later you have a fully organic forest there. And there are things that you can do to clean up oil spills in the gulf, or toxic things floating in the lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, whatever, that so many simple things. The solutions to all of our problems that we perceive of as problems are actually just, they’re incredibly simple and incredibly profound. And they’ll be coming because the people who believe in all possibilities and then realize the way you get rid of the trash is not by raking up the trash. There’s another way, there’s some other technology that is much more profound and much simpler. And right now what we’re doing is we’re going through, whether you call it a phase transition or a big shift on the planet where we’re literally moving from not just a theory, but the energies are different. We’re moving from Newtonian based physics, which is all about cause and effect. A body in motion tends to remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force, which means that if you want to get to Y you have to go through X. And we’re changing that to a world that’s quantum unified field physics based. And in quantum physics and unified field, you tickle the absolute way over here on the left and it lasts way over here on the right, maybe in Venezuela does no relation between the two, and from quantum physics for no reason whatsoever, the photon pops up out of existence, moves backwards in time and splits apart. All kinds of different things, and the advantage of that is we can now go directly from what we want to create the solution to a problem or an experience and not worry about, not have to figure out how to do it, but this is what I want, and then we get it. When we go to a restaurant and they hand us the menu, and we can even order off the menu, we say we’d like this, and they say fine, and they walk away. We don’t sit there figuring out how they’re going to get it, where they’re going to buy that, what they’re going to do. We just sit there and wait, and then five minutes, 20 minutes later, whatever it is, somebody comes and exactly what we want shows up. Why can’t that happen in other areas of life as well? And that’s the world that we’re starting to move into where we stuck getting in our way by trying to figure out how to solve it. Does that make sense?

Art Costello: Oh, yes. You know what my next book is going to be titled?

David Adelson: I can’t wait to hear.

Art Costello: Quantum Expectations.

David Adelson: Very good, very good. So tell me a little bit about what you’re thinking to put in there.

Art Costello: Well, actually when I was nine years old, I believe that when I went up to that hilltop and I had that conversation, that I started to put out vibrations into the universe. And I have been fortunate enough to live the life aware of it and cognizant of it, and I’d watched it come full circle to what I am doing today, which is put here on earth to do. And I’m just doing the research on it now to quantify it.

David Adelson: It’s very exciting when we start thinking, and by the way, I kind of want to congratulate you. I suspect you’re wise enough to not think of this, but I want to make sure that you don’t feel that all the time from when you were nine and then having the wife and all of that until she passed away, we don’t want you to think that was a waste of time. Be very aware that there were certain things that were being fulfilled, and the world wasn’t in a position to hear what you were ready to offer. A lot of us got here and had to twiddle our thumbs for 30, 40 years before we could start talking.

Art Costello: You bring in goosebumps to me because that’s my whole outlook on everything has been that way, and I believe that my time has come.

David Adelson: Yeah.

Art Costello: When I was nine years old and promised that my time would come, because I heard that my time has come. My time has come. My purpose is going to be served on earth now, and I’m so anxious to see where it goes. It’s my job to do it, to fill it

David Adelson: Right, and your job is to remind everybody, if you don’t mind, that to stop limiting themselves and be aware of that, anything they can dream of is possible and not be concerned with the how, why, where, when, just want it. We don’t care why. A little kid who wants something, they just go, I want this, and the parents are aware of the money, or it’s too sugary, and the parents who are of all these reasons as to the kid have no clue. And not having a clue, just says, I just want it. And then the parents go, okay, fine, here you go. And we want to get back to that innocent stage where what we want is the best life that exemplifies who we are in the eyes of the divine whether we express it that way or not, we all want to do something that doesn’t cause us harm. We at least don’t want to hurt ourselves. So some of the choices that we make, we need to be aware of, if I do this and I harm someone else, I’m going to be harming me so I don’t want to do that. And then there are a lot of people who are just staunch, we use the term well-wishers of the world, well-wishers of humanity, and they have been being stifled for centuries, maybe millennium, and we want them, and part of your job is to inspire them to recognize that now is their time to step forward and stand up for what they believe in, which is simply a quality of life that’s worthy of a child of the divine, worthy of a child of God. That’s who you are if you’re human, and you should have a life worth living, which includes joy, and love, and purpose, and fun, and good experiences, and should not be experienced as, I’m not worthy of anything. Everybody doesn’t want to be a multimillionaire, there’s a lot of responsibility with that, but everybody wants a meal when it’s time for a meal, and literally no reason right now, aside from imbalances in the thinking of certain people that anyone on the planet gets sick, or misses a meal, or is thirsty, or doesn’t have good water, or whatever it is because we already have solutions to most everything except some people aren’t sharing.

“What we want is the best life that exemplifies who we are in the eyes of the Divine. Whether we express it that way or not, we all want to do something that doesn't cause us harm.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: Well, governments get in the way, and all these worldly stuff that goes on that I think that inhibits people from doing, because I think there’s a large enough group of us in the world.

David Adelson: Exactly.

Art Costello: We could change the world, it’s surmounting these obstacles. But you’ve brought up a really good point, I can’t let any of that stop me, and I won’t let it stop me.

David Adelson: And the thing is we’re not looking for any kind of revolution. We’re just looking for, Hey, does this serve you right now in this moment.

Art Costello: Peace and harmony.

David Adelson: Peace and harmony. Here’s some things I would love to see, I would love to see the, and I don’t know, obviously I have to make a living too so we’re giving away the free ones, I’d love to give away, I can’t even tell you the number that I’d love to give away, but I figure that some people are going to want something a little more powerful, and so we’d have something, 50 bucks, 125 bucks, and then all the way up to 10,000, $20,000.00 for really powerful units for people who want them. And people have used those higher units to prevent a hurricane from landing in Florida, to put off tornadoes in Oklahoma, to prevent forest fires in Texas from reaching the area in Austin, interestingly enough, and have crime rates go down in their areas. We have a very low cost, which is called, I can help a unit with somebody putting it in their apartment building, in their apartment, and in their building, the first thing they notice is the people upstairs stopped stomping around. And the second thing they notice is after they’d been running it for a month or two, that as you approached the apartment building, you just felt calm and comfortable, and that’s it. It’s just a small unit, I think that one was maybe 500 bucks or something, and real simple, and you just plug it in into it. So we have these bigger units, but I keep thinking, why aren’t we running this in schools to make sure that there is no kind of these violent things happening. Why aren’t we running it in businesses to make sure that the businesses, and we’ve had experiences with businesses and what they’ve noticed in terms of disharmony between departments, meetings have disappeared, squabbles have gone by, fewer customer complaints, and why not run in the whole business? Why not run it in prisons? You know, why not run it, and then we have a different version maybe for hospitals and stuff, why not run it on the back of every podcast that you make? Why not put it on the back of every TV show, movie, every broadcast everywhere, and just [inaudible] the planet with this kind of energy, and all it will do is it will have an amazing effect to generate peace and harmony, which is not the same as stupor. You’re still alert, you’re still you, it’s just you’re not misfiring. You’re not using your energy to create something you don’t want. Your energy is now free to experience what you do want, which is entirely up to you. This isn’t anything, this is the quantum frequency of peace and harmony. And anybody, any of your listeners and their friends, we’d love to start a movement and just get millions of these out very quickly because we think it would make a huge event, I mean, a huge difference. And then what happens if you played this version where the lawmakers are trying to make laws, talk about a place where there’s a lot of squabbling for no reason.

Art Costello: Yeah, we could surround Washington DC with it, and it’s beautiful. I mean, that is the world that we all seek. I think we all seek it, we just don’t know how to get there. So maybe that’s what our job is, David, to teach the world how to get there.

David Adelson: And to inspire them to want it. And that it is really, truly possible. If you want to, you started with this. If we, and use the term belief, but if we understand, if we know, if it’s unshakably in our core of who we are, people are amazing, and people can live. I mean, you take the greatest things that people have done throughout time, and maybe we’re not that great a person. Maybe I’m not Gandhi, and I couldn’t stand up to that. Or I’m not sir Hillary, whatever his name was, who climbed Mount Everest. But there’s something about the nobility of that person, about each of these people. You know, Martin Luther King Jr., there’s something about all of these that resides in all of us. And I’m not saying that everybody should rise up and be powerful, but everybody should rise up and at least respect themselves, love themselves, appreciate themselves and see that they’re worthy of having a coachable life that they can just, they should enjoy, that should be fulfilling, and it should be nice, it should be good, it should have dignity.

“Everybody should rise up and at least respect themselves, love themselves, appreciate themselves, and see that they are worthy of having a comfortable life that they should enjoy, that should be fulfilling.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: Absolutely. Are you familiar with, in physics, the formula for expectation? Have you ever seen it?

David Adelson: I haven’t, no.

Art Costello: I took that formula and that’s how I formed Expectation Therapy. I took that formula out of and turned it into a behavioral formula. And when I spoke at Harvard, the faculty there was just intrigued with how I had come about doing that. And I just said, I just did it, I just did it. Because basically what I did is very simple. But I love what you said about keeping things simple, and keeping them understandable and that because Expectation Therapy is the most simple formula you’ve ever seen for changing your life, it’s identify, clarify and solidify with a written plan. And it’s so simple, but people can do it. I believe that our expectations, our self expectations are the most important asset we have. And every child, if we could teach them how to manage their expectations, they would be much more suited for happiness coming into their life. And it’s just amazing. And I did an interview a couple of days ago, and the man that I did the interview said: “Your [inaudible] on expectations is so unique and so different. How did you get there?” And I just said 72 years of life, I was born in 47 David, so we’re pretty close to the same, but I just lived it. I just lived it and then had the foresight to look back on my life when I really needed it the most, to rely on it and then just start moving. Becoming a doer to me is so important because so many people talk about it, but don’t take the action steps to make things happen, and we have epiphanies, we have expectations, and then we have action to bring it to fruition.

David Adelson: Yes, that’s perfect. I do have, I know we’re squeezing in on time. I have one other gift I’d like to give your audience if I may.

Art Costello: Absolutely, David.

David Adelson: We talked about being in alignment and we created this quiz to help people to see where they are, and then based on their responses, we give them some guidance to help them get more in alignment, and it’s real simple quiz kind of fun, and it’s at takethisquiznow.com and I’d like to encourage people to take advantage of that, takethisquiznow.com because we all have some level of purpose, whatever it is. And the more we’re in alignment with that, the easier our life can be, and the more fulfilled we can be.

Art Costello: Yeah. I think that you and I need to hook up a little bit, and maybe I can promote some of these things, not only on my podcast, but on my website, and direct people there because we’re in such alignment, you and I, our thought, avenues and paths that I think that it’s very in alignment and congruent to what we’re trying to accomplish. I think that’s a good thing. Also in wrapping this up, I want you to give us some last words and then I’ll take us out of there. But I want everybody to know that all the things that David has talked about today will be in the show notes so you can find them and hook up with David. But David, I want you to leave us with some parting thoughts and feelings, and you’ve got a half an hour to do it.

David Adelson: I could tell I have minus 20 seconds, but here’s what I want your people to walk away with. All possibilities are real. When you get in alignment with yourself, when you really know who, and allow yourself to be who you truly are, when you stop trying to fit in and you allow your expression, you allow yourself to be a beautiful flower that adds to the beauty of the garden, and I would just encourage everyone who’s listening to become that beautiful embodiment of the best of them that they would like to be in whatever areas they want to excel in, and whatever areas they wanna not excel in are perfectly valid. We don’t have to get it all right, we just have to do that, which warms our heart and fulfills us. And that’s a life worth living.

“All possibilities are real when you get into alignment with yourself, when you really know and allow yourself to be who you truly are.” -David Adelson Share on X

Art Costello: Beautiful words from a beautiful human being, no other way to put it. We’ve been graced with your knowledge, your gifts today, and it really, it means the world to me. I mean, that can’t wait to do this again with you.

David Adelson: Oh, that’s very exciting. I would love to do it as well. I want to thank you so much for having me and for giving me the opportunity to share this with so many people. I think we’re coming to an amazing time in this world, and I am so stoked about it.

Art Costello: I am too. And with those words, we’ll say goodbye. Everybody knows where they can find me at expectationtherapy.com, and I’ll let Heather White take us out of here.





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