When most people hear the word diversity, they think of a government program to bring ethnic equality to schools and the workplace. I think of diversity from a different perspective. In my mind it is thinking from the point of view where I can look at all elements of an idea, problem or solution. When we think diversely by observing from many different perspectives, we gain insights that can change the moods, behaviors and thought patterns, which in turn can change attitudes and outcomes for life’s events. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You’re sitting in your college classroom and the professor is lecturing on social and religious issues of the current times. He says something that is contradictory to your beliefs and values. Major conundrum, do you speak up and challenge the professor and chance the result of a less than desirable grade? Your mind goes into action and you have a choice to make! Here is how I handle these types of situations. My mind starts to process and evaluate the situation by thinking about the many points of view for this situation. It helps me realize the thoughts and processes of others ideas and actions. Is the professor really talking about his beliefs or is he trying to get you to see other people’s point of view? By looking at this situation from a diverse point of reference, you can start to process information in a different way, learning and growing in a whole new fashion. I learned to think diversely in college and honestly I think I added value to the classes I took. I think there are many benefits to thinking in this manner. It helps bring a new awareness to life, opening new doors and adventures. Your understanding and outlook toward people changes and your acceptance of others increases dramatically. Diversity heightens life experiences and creates a learning atmosphere. If we can start teaching our children at and early age to think more diversely the world would be a much better place. Too often parents do not take the time to open their children’s eyes to the differences we all have. It is much easier to follow the same routine of I’m your parent and you’re the child therefore you should think like me. Children begin with an unclouded vision of the world, which then gets corrupted by parents and teachers who are trying to channel their thoughts and behaviors into them. When the true meaning of diversity is digested and used for the betterment of society, our openness, awareness and learning will be heightened to unprecedented levels. Growth will flourish in our economy as well as all areas of our lives. It will enable us to see the true nature of life and all that it has to offer.

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