I have always been fascinated with the idea of what makes a person choose to do evil instead of good things with their life. If you noticed I used the word choose because I believe that it is a choice we make. I will concede to the fact that other circumstances can contribute to bad things happening, I am talking about mainly alcohol and drug induced problems. I can attest to this since all of the trouble I have ever gotten into in my life can be traced back to the over consumption of alcohol. This has been a major reason I have chosen not drink in excess and never to drink hard alcohol. There is something that causes my body not to process liquor well and leads to actions that are not conducive to good behavior. These actions could be attributed to a controllable issue but what I’m talking about is a far more serious and evil. What I’m alluding to what type of person puts razor blades on playground equipment or tortures animals for no reason at all? What is going through their mind that would cause them to do this? Why would anyone walk into his or her school and begin shooting or stabbing their classmates? What in the world can they be thinking? Where were their parents when they were making these elaborate plans, buying guns and explosives, etc.? I have always been of the belief that people are inherently good and something goes terribly wrong that makes an individual do evil. It has always been my belief that it’s a choice we make, but I have come recently to the understanding that there are evil people in this world. These people do evil things because they find pleasure in doing so or are hell bent on revenge on others that have crossed them in some way. It still perplexes me and I can’t get the thought out of my mind that they still made a conscious decision to perpetuate their deed. What does it say about their lack of faith in themselves or those who come within their scope of influence? Is it the epitome of self-indulgence? Are they so into themselves that they can’t see the destruction and pain they will cause others or do they get a feeling of accomplishment in seeing others hurt? All questions only they can answer, unfortunately most of the time they take their own lives before we ever get answers. I’m not sure they would have the capability to identify their own source of misguided actions anyway. In most of these cases, we can follow a well planned and thought out course of action to perpetrate the crimes and there seems to be no lack of skills to commit the acts. So why are they so hell bent on hurting others and inflicting pain on innocent victims both human and animal. I guess you could classify them as pure evil and deviants, but it doesn’t explain their existence here on earth, which is what intrigues me. I think there are no answers to the questions. What we must be aware of is their existence and whenever possible thwart their efforts to play havoc on our world.

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