Marriage is a huge commitment that takes up a significant part of your life. A happy marriage means you have a partner to share your life with and experience the hardships and joys that come with it as a team. However, if you feel your married life is lacking, that is a different story. Living in an unhappy marriage and discovering fulfillment and happiness in your daily life can be challenging. The Art of Expectation has a process that can be helpful for those in unhappy marriages. Discover how it helped Mary rediscover happiness. 

Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

An unhappy marriage can manifest itself in numerous ways. For instance, people in an unhappy marriage are constantly criticizing their partner. Constant criticism indicates that feelings of warmth and love for each other are being replaced by judgment. 

Another common sign of an unhappy marriage is a lack of compassion and understanding. Judgment, shaming, and blame often take center stage in a loveless marriage. When something goes amiss or isn’t working out, no one’s willing to give the benefit of the doubt, extend a supportive gesture, or talk in a caring tone. 

However, the most significant indicator of an unhappy marriage is one where there is abuse involved. This abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal, or financial. 

Unfortunately, leaving an unhappy marriage is not easy. You might want to stay in such a relationship for the sake of your children, due to fear, or because you think things will eventually get better. In such cases, the Expectation Therapy Model can be helpful for partners in overcoming stressful situations.

Here is how the Expectation Therapy Model helped Mary pull herself out of a distressing situation. 

Who Is Mary?

Mary is a 45-year-old woman who had been trapped in a verbally abusive marriage with two children. She had married right after college to a man much older than her. Mary got in touch with me to try and reconcile her breaking marriage and overcome an unhappy situation. 

The Role of the Expectation Therapy Model

Using the Expectation Therapy Model, Mary could gain focus and clarity on what she wanted in her life. She worked through the process of identifying, clarifying, and solidifying the issues that were preventing her from achieving her goals and desires in life.

How Did the Expectation Therapy Model Help Mary?

Mary decided to leave her husband and start a fresh new life with her children. She was able to work through the divorce and child custody proceedings with clarity and confidence, and after many years, she moved forward with a new attitude and outlook on her future.

Wrapping Up 

An unhappy or loveless marriage can be resuscitated as long as both partners are willing to play their part. However, some marriages, particularly those involving abuse, are beyond repair. 

The Art of Expectation will help you gain clarity of these situations so you can decide what route you want to take. If you are struggling in an unhappy marriage, feel free to get in touch with us. Contact us today to get the support you need – (512) 387-2467, or find us on Facebook.

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