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Being an empath is a rare opportunity. There are not so many gifted people in the world who can sense feelings of others as their own. Julie Saillant, Certified Life Optimization coach and lightworker, talks about her journey as an empath and learning how to be intuitive. She discusses her passion for animals, especially horses, and how they have been a huge part of her life’s healing process. Julie says animals are good at bringing us down to a relaxing level and helping us heal on the different areas of the body. She also shares the importance of mindfulness, living in the moment, listening to the gut, and using the divine flow by accessing all intuition.

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Julie Saillant: Empath Creator And Communicator

We Talk Horses

Julie Saillant is my guest. Julie is a Certified Life Optimization Coach, intuitive empath, lightworker, speaker, writer, equine communicator and creator of Motivation-Addict.com. She specializes in helping her clients who are equestrians have a stronger bond with their horses so they can soar to new heights together. She also helps those who feel stuck but know they have a gift and want to step into their power. Welcome, Julie. Thank you for being on the show.

Thank you for having me, Art. I’m thrilled to be here. I finally get to talk to you.

We have a lot in common. We love horses and animals. We love helping people. Can you tell us how this journey has all started for you?

I wish I could say it went from A to B in a straight line, but it’s not. As my dad said, “Enjoy the journey.” I went to school to be a paralegal, which I didn’t want to do. Back then, we didn’t have the internet. My mother wanted me to follow her footsteps. She was a paralegal herself. I’m more of a creative free spirit. I’ve always loved horses. I’ve always loved to help people. I love animals. I went to school. I found myself in the 9 to 5 and I hated it. It was very rigid. There was no room for me to use my gifts or to express myself. I knew that this was not the place for me. After school, I went for a year to be a paralegal and I just got out of it. I decided I’d go into sales because I love talking to people and helping people. I had quite a run by doing sales and marketing.

Fast forward to this last position that I had was at a very large insurance company working for a senior vice president as her assistant. On paper, Art, it looks amazing. I have a huge cubicle, top floor, big windows, a lot of power because I was attached to her and good money. Every day I hated it. Every day I felt like I was dying. She was very kind at the beginning. She turned out to be a little bit different. You’re either drinking the Kool-Aid or you’re off the team. That was it. I was told that my uniqueness was not appreciated. I have been doing great things. I had started a newsletter. I was using my marketing, my skills and helping people. I got laid off. I decided right then and there, “I can’t do this anymore. I have to be 100% authentically me,” which I’ve never done because I’ve been a people pleaser and a perfectionist. I never want to let somebody down so it makes me feel bad. I thought I’m not getting any younger. I’ve tried to go down the road that everybody thinks I should be, but that’s not me. I’m not a cubicle person.

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What happened was when I was fifteen, I got the call. I was in this stable with my horse because I’ve always had horses. There was a very cruel man there. He would just come and beat the crap out of this horse every day. She was a beautiful mare and very sweet. One day, he took her through barbwire and brought her back in. You’ve got to imagine this. It was a rainy night. She was bleeding from her ankles. She was wet and he left her there. I went over to her stall. She said, “Help me. I don’t understand what I did wrong.” That was when I was fifteen and I did get her help. I didn’t understand that the gift that I have is to talk to animals and that they give me images and pictures. I tried to go to that 9 to 5 route. I tried to push it down because your ego mind says, “You can’t make any money with that. Who’s going to listen to you? Who’s going to believe you?” It opened my eyes at the end where I thought, “I’m going to be that bridge. I’m going to stand in my power. I’m going to help other people. If I can help one person not make the mistakes that I had, it will be worth it.”

You hit some soft spots in my heart. It’s meaningful. First, I want to commend you on listening to your inner self. When you listen to your inner self, it’s where true happiness lies. It’s how you create a happy life. I always tell people, “No matter what, you have to have faith that everything is going to work out just the way it’s meant to be.” When I was a little boy, we moved to a very remote area on a farm. I had lived in the city all my life. My brother had his horse in the city. My parents moved there for my brother and not the rest of the family. They were trying to people please him, which never worked. He had a horse named Tico. He had that horse for 30 years. There’s a beautiful chestnut with a star on his forehead, white socks. It’s a pretty horse. When we moved up there, I felt so abandoned because everything dear to me was taken away from me, which was baseball. I used to go out. When I was feeling so depressed, I’d go talk to Tico. He would put his head on my shoulder. He would listen to me cry. He would never ever move. He would just put his head on my shoulder like he was listening to me. It is carried through all my life.

In 2006, I lost my wife to ovarian cancer. I had a giant schnauzer named Chloe who was 155 pounds. One of the things that always amaze me about Chloe was she was so intelligent. Every time EMS would come to our house when my wife was having these seizures from the chemotherapy and all this stuff she was going through, that dog was so protective of our family. A 155-pound schnauzer who has been bred to protect is a major load to handle. Those EMS guys would walk in the house and Chloe would go to the end of my wife’s bed, sit at attention, watching every move they make and never ever bark at them or never threaten them or anything else. If anybody else comes in the house like that, she would have been all over them. The day that my wife passed away, Chloe was never allowed up on furniture or bed or anything. She got up on the bed as I laid with Vicky as we were saying our final goodbyes. Chloe jumped up on the bed, put her legs across Vicky’s chest and put her head in Vicky’s shoulder as I whispered to Vicky, “It’s okay to go. It’s okay to say goodbye.” I’ll never forget Chloe doing that. She was my dog. We were together and it was great. Other than that one experience, how did you learn to be so intuitive?

I was born this way. There are schools now for this. Being an empath, being intuitive and being able to pick up on other people’s energies, almost a lot of us think it’s a curse. If you don’t know how to use your gift, you don’t know how to protect yourself, have boundaries and ground yourself, imagine it this way. I’m going to a party and there are lots of people around. For you, that might be fun. For me, it’s a nightmare because I’m picking up on everyone’s feelings. If they’ve had a horrible day or they feel sorrowful, it’s difficult. I have to get out of that. I have to try to get rid of that energy because I don’t know what’s mine or what’s theirs

I’ve been this way my whole life. I tried to shut it down because what happens to a lot of empaths are they are told by their family members to stop doing what they’re doing. Imagine that you and I are watching a movie and there’s a horrible scene. I can’t watch it. I had to leave movies where I’ve been physically sick. Everybody around you is not that affected and they look at you like, “What’s the matter with you? You’ve got to stop being so sensitive. Cut this out.” It’s not something that I can turn on and turn off. I have gotten used to dealing with it and have tools now to ground myself. The answer is I was born this way. The call got so loud that I said, “I have to follow my heart. I have to listen to my heart, not my head and go to serve others because that’s what makes me happy.”

People often ask me if I’m an empath and I always say no.

Are you sure about that? I feel like you might be.

I only say that I’m extremely sensitive about my own feelings and about others. Maybe because I’ve been trained in psychology. Maybe I’ve learned to control it. I don’t necessarily feel that I feel other people’s feelings. If I walk into a room with a bunch of people, I gravitate towards some people and I’m repelled by other people. I don’t know that I feel it at the same level. It may just be semantics. I watched TV and the Budweiser commercials with the puppies come on, I’m bawling. It’s over. I’m done. I’ve never explored that because I’ve been so grounded in psychology. When I’m with clients and they start telling me their life stories, we’re all crying. I do feel it in my bones.

You might be. The difference between the people and the animals is tuning into a frequency. That’s how I like to think of it. For someone like you who Chloe left such an impression on you and Tico left such an impression on you. When you were talking about Tico, that’s why my dad got me a horse. The reason why I am so sensitive is that we moved six times in six years and included a stint overseas because my father was a professor. I went to six schools in six years and one of them was overseas. I always felt like I never fit in. I taught myself to shut down and be like, “Don’t be who you are, just try to fit in.” I’m very good at fitting in and showing you what you want me to see. Whereas now, I’m being my 100% self and I don’t care anymore.

What I wanted to mention to you was my dad got me the horse and he told my mother, “It’s either this horse or a therapist for your daughter.” Horses have been the master teachers my whole life. They’re great therapists. I’ve talked to horses and cry on their shoulders just like I’m talking to you. They have a unique ability more than dogs or cats to mirror your electromagnetic field. Whatever you’re feeling, they will mirror it and they will also try to comfort you by deep breathing. That relaxes them, you relax and they relax. If you’re coming in with a storm attached to yourself if you’ve got a very bad day, they’ll walk away or they’ll try to relax you. They’ll look at you like, “What’s going on with you?” Animals have been a huge healing process part of my life. When you were mentioning Tico, I remember my dad would always say, “I hear you and see you talking like they are people.” I’m like, “They understand me. They get me.”

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I’ve always done that with every animal I’ve had. Chloe had an incredible vocabulary to the point where we were in the vet’s office one day and I have a speaking engagement in California. I was getting ready to fly out. My vet loved Chloe as much as I did. It’s a big vet office. He would always come out when Chloe would come in because he just loved Chloe. She was so warm and affectionate. He took the leash out of my hand and the office was crowded. I went to the door. I looked back and I mouthed, “I love you.” Chloe turned her head and, in all clarity, said, “I love you.” She said it back.

Everybody in the office, including the vet, stopped and said, “What? Are you kidding me? That dog just plainly said I love you.” I said, “We say to each other often and she’s gotten used to it.” She would always tell me that she was always comfortable. She would get antsy after a few days when I wouldn’t come back or if I had a week’s out. The thing you said about horses, it brought back vivid memory for me. When Tico would put his head on my shoulder, one of the things I specifically remember is his long deep breaths. He would always make sure that when he breathed, it would hit me on the neck. It would tickle. He would nudge closer into my neck. He kept always breathing on my neck. Now that you said that, I wonder if he was feeling the loneliness and the pain that I was feeling.

Those are calming signals from him to you. Their job is to help us. It’s very interesting. They did a study in Tokyo. They showed two pictures of horses. One was a smiling face and one was a mean face. They’d have in the background a recording. One was a happy voice and one was a mean voice or a scolding voice like, “You’re bad.” By the way, they know that word. They have a smiling face and a happy voice. The next time they do it incongruently. Whenever it was incongruent, they’d stare at it 1.4 seconds longer and they wouldn’t go near it. When you’re afraid or you’re nervous and everything inside of you, they’ll look at you like, “What’s going on here? This doesn’t seem right to me. Your energies are off. Something is weird.” You have to go to them and be honest. It’s the same thing with your dog. They can feel your emotions. They want to help you. Being incongruent to them is frightening because they don’t know what’s happening. They would rather have you say, “I’m having a bad day or I’m nervous for some reason. I don’t know why.” They start with the calming signals again, in my experience, just like dogs.

My son is in Boulder, Colorado. He lives in Sugarloaf, which is 8,000 feet. He’s a therapist for the Boulder County Correctional Systems so he’s in the jail. He bought two therapy horses. He’s going to do Equine therapy because he loves animals and horses as I do. He’s starting Equine therapy things. I’m going to have to tell him about you.

I’m doing a documentary on how horses help people and not just soldiers with PTSD or women with anxiety. I believe they help everybody. Everybody is flawed, in my opinion, not just kids with autism or MS. Even though we look okay on the outside, we all have issues. I’m doing it in segments and the first one I did in Connecticut. I had a man who was in Vietnam. He would bring a book and read to the horses. They would all come around him as he read the book. That was his way of communicating. He loves them. They’re so good at bringing us down to a relaxing level and helping us heal on so many different areas of our body.

I have a picture of my granddaughter and Chloe on our living room floor. My granddaughter has got books spread all around. She’s got a book in her hand and Chloe is laying there. One of the things that Tori used to say, “Chloe, I read you.” Chloe would sit there, never moving a muscle and just lay there looking up at Tori. I’ve got pictures of it. I used to laugh. It always used to bring tears to my eyes because I knew the beauty of it that Chloe knew that Tori was going to read to her. She sits there and listens.

Schnauzers are known for being very protective but also being very smart and sensitive. They may not understand all the words that we’re saying, but horses are different. Horses have the brain of a nine-year-old. They understand verbal and nonverbal cues. If I say over, my horse will move over. If they can understand all that, they can’t understand some words. They understand your tones just like your dog would. When you said, “I love you,” she understood that and reciprocated back. That’s why animals are amazing because they get us and they heal us.

What strategies do you offer in your equine training?

I help equestrians especially after they’ve had injuries. I had an injury years ago. I had PTSD over it. It’s very difficult to get over. Mentally, you can get over it. It’s physical. The body remembers everything. I help them to have a stronger bond with their horses. I help them figure out how to come to their horses in a proper way instead of dragging all their junk and their storm with them. They expect them because it costs a lot of money. They expect the perfect ride, which doesn’t even exist. I also help entrepreneurs stand in their power. I help with mindfulness and being present. That’s what I do. I’m the bridge for the animals. I’m that 30,000-foot view type of person. I can figure out what’s missing and give you the tools that you need to get to where you want to go.

We were much alike in that sense. I have that gift too. I write so much in research and about expectations. One of the greatest tools that we’re given is mindfulness. Once we become mindful of something and apply it to the knowledge that we have in the tasks that we have and all of that, it becomes a powerful tool for transitioning and transformation. Do you have any thoughts and feelings about that?

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I spent my whole life thinking about the next goal or the next thing I had to do. Right now with you, if I were the old me, I would be thinking about yesterday and I’d be thinking about tomorrow what I have to do now. Now I’m 100% here with you. By doing that, it takes away all of the anxiety. It allows me to have fun with you in the discussion. I also don’t miss anything because if my mind were halfway somewhere else, I’d miss what you’re saying and maybe half of it. Mindfulness and being self-aware is a huge gift you can give to yourself in business, hobbies, no matter what you’re doing, even with your loved one. My husband and I work late at night sometimes. He’ll come home and say, “Put down the computer, take away the phone and let’s talk and relax together.” That’s being mindful because you can’t do two things at once. It’s been proven. For a while, we were multitasking and everybody thought that was great. Your brain can do a lot of things, but if you want to give the gift of your presence, that’s amazing. It does wonderful things for you and for the person or animal that you’re with.

What’s the difference between living in the moment and being mindful?

Living in the moment is more of a seat of your pants type of thing. In my humble view, we can do a lot of things at the moment. That’s where you might feel powerful. That’s a good place to be. Being mindful requires a little bit more thought. I am going to set the intention and expectation that I’m going to be here with you 100% all the time, no matter who’s speaking, no matter what’s happening. It takes more of that intention and expectation that you talk about versus winging it and being in the moment, which is sporadic. It’s fun. It’s wonderful. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being in the moment. Being mindful is a little bit more of a framework for you to work within for manifesting what you wanted to happen.

The only reason I asked that is that I’m very much in the moment. I talk a lot about living in the moment because I agree. If you’re looking backward and you’re looking forward, you can’t be here now. I did a lot of work in Gestalt psychology. A lot of it has to do with being in the moment. Vietnam taught me that. There’s a lot of safety in living in the moment. I’ve always considered there’s a difference between being in the moment and mindfulness. I linked mindfulness with being in the moment, which brings me totally into the moment. That’s where I choose to be. For me, that’s the best thing. When I’m with you, I’m with you. You don’t ever have to ask me like, “Are you listening to me?” I’m doing that. That was the difference for me. It has always served me well. I link that with the intuitiveness of listening to my gut. I believe that’s part of what got me through Vietnam.

I’m walking over the same piece of ground with another guy behind me doing ten to twenty paces back steps on a landmine and gone. I listened to my gut. I knew to turn right or left or move here or move there. I am constantly listening in tune to the point where now I think of it as emotional intelligence because you have to be very aware of your emotions. If you can identify your emotions, know who you are within, what your strengths are in your emotions and what your weaknesses are. I can get ingrained in people’s lives and problems that in some ways it’s cost me dearly and in some ways, it hasn’t. Have you done any study with emotional intelligence at all?

Yes. My gut and my intuition will never lead you down the wrong path. If you ignore it, you’re in trouble. Every single time I have ignored it, it has gone wrong for me. I’ll give you an example. I was a recruiter for a short time. It was a job that was not for me. It’s very aggressive to think that you can move somebody to another career change is almost ludicrous. There are a lot of people I know who are successful at it. I’m too nice and too empathic to want to push them to do something that they don’t want to do. If you’re in the interview process and everything looks great and they’re saying, “It’s going to be this much money.” Inside, I know I’m having this struggle of, “I don’t think this is the place for me. I know I’m not going to want to be here long. I don’t think this is going to end well for anybody especially me.” You have the other side of the ego mind saying, “It’s so much money. It’s job security. It’s close to home,” and all that stuff. I override my intuition. I went for the job. It turned out to be a complete debacle. It was horrible.

I believe that comes from your higher self that knows exactly what needs to be done. I also believe it comes from God or your Divine, whatever you believe in. I do believe that every single time you get that nudge, it is always in your best interest. It’s never ever wrong 100% of the time, especially if it doesn’t make sense to you. I think of you out there walking and you turned right or you turned left. Why did you do that? There’s no reason why you did that except for your intuition telling you that, but it was the right thing to do.

I’ve done it many times in my life when I think back of all the things that have gone on in my life. Some people like to think of that as choices. I don’t think it’s a choice because it becomes inside of you. It comes from inside and more than cerebral. It’s that gut intuition. Every time I have not listened to my gut, there are two things in my life that have always got me in trouble. It’s not listening to my gut and alcohol. Alcohol dulls your senses. It dulls all the God-given talents we’ve had. The few times that I have gotten trouble is when I haven’t listened to my gut or I have been drinking. Believe me, I am not a drinker.

A lot of people do go down that road because they get so many stimuli that they don’t want to listen anymore. They don’t have any other way to figure out how to deal with the tools. They don’t have any tools. Gut instinct comes from your higher self and your heart. It’s never wrong. It may seem strange and it might seem different. I’ve got to the point where I don’t even ask why anymore. That’s a good place to be because I’ve learned by being burned professionally speaking and not listening to my gut. Now it’s like, “If that’s what it says, that’s what I’m going with.” I know that’s the right way to go. Even if nobody else understands it, that’s okay. Even if it doesn’t make sense, that’s okay too.

How do you teach somebody to listen to their gut?

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They need to put all the technology away. They need to get silent. They need to listen to their heart. There’s a process that I bring people through finding their divine flow, which is a place where you’re at your strongest. Think of it as Serena Williams. I always think of her this way. She’s ready to go. She’s not aggressive, but she’s ready. All of her senses are heightened. She’s expectant. She’s not going out there with a rush of energy, but she’s ready for anything. That’s the place where great things happen. Your creativity comes out if you’re writing, if you’re researching, if you’re drawing or whatever it is that you do. I believe that you need to get quiet and listen to your heart. I think of it as a flower. I teach people to hone in on their heart and then open their heart and go inward. We do some meditation and deep breathing. It’s not the meditation where you sit there. It’s not like that. It’s more of a participatory because the other way never worked for me. It’s going in and listening. You will get a small silent word from your gut. It’s never shouting unless you ignore it. It’s usually a small word like, “Art, go this way. What about over there? Talk to that person.”

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I know it well. Do you listen to your head, your heart or your soul? For me, I call it soulful listening. There’s something that moves you or guides you. I know it’s divine and now I like that divine flow that you talk about because that’s powerful stuff. What I do is take people out. I love to be outdoors with people. I take clients and we’ll lay on the lawn or we’ll go lay on a hill somewhere and try to teach them how. The first step in Expectation Therapy is identification. What I’m talking about identifying is what’s deep down inside of you because that’s what matters the most to people. I get them to lie down, look at the sky, and get in their happy place where they can be totally. They don’t need me to do this. I encourage people to do it on your own. Once you started that and looking deep inside of yourself and you start listening to it and become mindful of it, it’s when your greatest growth can take place when you started identifying all of that.

I love being outside. I’m the same way. I love being around the trees and the plants. That’s a grounding exercise that you’re doing, getting them to get rid of the junk and go inward instead of always focusing on the outside. Almost all the time the answers that you need are inside of you already. I believe that. It’s a way to access them and how we can get to them so that we can pull that out and get you to where you want to be.

It’s accessing them. We all teach the same thing in a different way. We have different terminology for it and all that. It is important to listen and start doing it. Many people talk about stuff and they never do. They let it stay in their head. That’s one of the beautiful things that you’ve brought up. It’s all right to feel, live and be in the moment, but what do you do with it? You’ve got to do something with it. It could be healing. It could be helping others. There are so many aspects to it. Can you tell me more about what you do with the divine flow?

What I’m doing is teaching them to access all of their intuition and what we do is we make a plan because it takes consistent action and massive action. It’s not something small. I teach people what’s the difference between an action, which is answering an email. This action is going to be inspired action and move the needle in your business or with your course or whatever it is you need to do. Usually, it’s going to scare you. It’s going to be big. It could be speaking on a stage. It could be going on a podcast. It’s going to be different, new. It’s going to be scary and you might be vulnerable. That’s the only way to move your success waterline. That’s what I help people do. You’re familiar with the success waterline. Everybody has a success waterline of where they’re comfortable, be it money, be it emotions. It could be your job. It’s that area where even if you’re not happy there, you’re comfortable and you know what that is.

In order for you to push through that and do something different with your life or to earn more money or create whatever it is, you need to move the needle and create new waterline. The only way to do that is through massive action consistently every day, every other day, at least every other week. You have to get way outside of your comfort zone, where you’re scared, be vulnerable and that will move that success waterline. The only other way to move it is to be around successful people like yourself. That also is another way to change the waterline. That’s what I help people too.

What groups do you mostly work with? I know you said equestrians.

Equestrians and heart-centered entrepreneurs, who usually either know they have a gift but don’t know what it is and how to bring it to the world or they’ve started and now they feel stuck. It plateaued and they need to figure out how do I get to the next level for myself? That could be them opening up to new goals or new opportunities or new people. That’s where that consistent massive action comes in. You can have business all day long. You can be hiding. Answering emails and doing things like that is wonderful. You can be on LinkedIn. You can be on Facebook for your business, but that’s still hiding. You’re still not getting out there and talking to people even if it’s just in your community. You need to go and say, “This is what I do. How can I help you?” It’s going to serve versus going to get. I have a mantra of “I help you, you help me and we help them.” It’s all about going to give. I do help heart-centered entrepreneurs and obviously equestrians.

If you’re always setting your expectations higher, you’ll always achieve more. Particularly now during this time of digital age, we seemed to be satisfied with hiding. It’s not good. It’s not healthy.

We need that communication with each other. They need that interaction. You have to think about, “Am I hiding?” Ask yourself those tough questions because I did that for a long time. I’ll take myself as an example. In the 9 to 5 when I started my business, I was sabotaging myself. I was afraid of failure. I didn’t want to go out and network because I was afraid. When you use your gifts, you’re opening up your heart to the world and saying, “This is what I do.” You have to understand that you’re not going to reach everyone, but the people that need you will hear you. If you have a gift and everybody does have a gift, they need to bring it to the world because somebody out there needs what you have. They need your lessons, Art. They need what you’ve done so you can help them with your experience.

Your gut and intuition will never lead you down the wrong path. If you ignore it, you're in trouble. Share on X

Every single living animal and person has an opportunity to help others in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately, not enough people go out and try to do that, which is going to lead me into another odd question for you. Are you a hugger?

Yes, but it takes me a while to open up. I’m not that person that goes out there and hugs everybody. If I know you, I hug you every single time I see you. It takes me a little while because I’m wary of your energy sometimes. I’m trying to read people because I’m going to get a lot of energy thrown at me. If it’s negative, I’m going to know right away. That feels very icky like oil and water. It’s slimy. That’s what it feels like. Other people I can tell right away, like you or anybody at the New Media Summit, that atmosphere was wonderful and open. The answer is yes, but sometimes it takes me a little bit to make sure that your energy is not going to hurt me. I’m trying to create a little boundary sometimes to protect myself.

I’m feeling a little bit better now. I’m a hugger. I could be on the New York subway, meet somebody and be hugging him in a minute. My late wife was jealous of it. She hated it. I don’t know what it was about. I’m remarried now. My current wife is a godsend because she understands it, encourages it and loves it. Maybe it’s because I’m way older now. I can meet somebody and hug them. I’m a kisser. I could tell when people want me to kiss them or not. I know the difference and all that. My late wife hated it. My current wife loves it because she said, “I have never met a person who could be in the middle of nowhere and have a lifelong friend in a twenty-minute conversation.” I can get people to tell me their whole life story, what’s going on with them or how they’re feeling at that moment. I know when somebody is feeling down or somebody is confused. I can’t let it go. I know it’s a gift. I know that some people get turned off and that was my point.

I was at an event not too long ago. I walked up to a senior lady. She was maybe a few years younger than me. She put her hands up and said, “Stop. Get your energy away from me. I don’t want your energy. I don’t need your energy. Get away from me.” I said, “Okay.” I turned around and walked away. There were several other people standing there. They came over to me. They said, “That was weird.” I said, “Yeah, it was weird.” Every time I would walk within fifteen feet of her, her hands would go up like, “Stay away.” I could not figure it out. As much as I wanted to go over to her and tried to discuss it because I was intellectually going, “I need to know what’s going on here.” I couldn’t ever do that because she would have called it an invasion of privacy or whatever. She might have called the police. I stayed away from it. Have you ever had any experience like that?

Yes, my ex-boss used to do that. I’d be there early. She’d come in and she’d go like, “Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me.” I was like, “What did I do? It’s 8:30 in the morning.” My thoughts are sometimes people get uncomfortable with your gift. I’ll tell you why. People get uncomfortable with my gift because I can see through things. Empaths can always see through things so they get very uncomfortable if they see someone who can see through their soul. You’re a hugger, that’s a gift.

My husband is the same way. He can walk into a room and talk to anybody. I don’t care if you’re an alien and you’re green. He can talk to you. He can find common ground with you. It takes me longer unless I’m working. The reason why I protect myself is that when I’m working, which is a lot, the doors are always open. I’m trying to help people. People do react to him the same way they react to you. They react to him and think he’s a jerk. He’s the nicest and most open person. What he’s doing is he’s exposing them and they feel very uncomfortable especially if they’re not nice people. I’m not saying she wasn’t nice. I guarantee you she was not comfortable within herself with your energy because your energy is very open, warm and welcoming, “How can I help you? I’m here to help you.” I love everybody. That’s what you professionally do. She had up a lot of walls.

At the event, I noticed that she isolated herself purposely from people. You know how people go to the back of the room and they sat in one chair. There’s no one on five chairs on either side of them. She was like that the whole conference. She was that way. I noticed that she would go from the meeting to the hotel room. She would disappear when a lot of people mingle afterward. You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped. If she didn’t want to discuss it at all, that’s her prerogative. I respect it. I appreciate it.

She’s not your person. You helped everybody. You have to know that and be okay that there are going to be people that are not your person. They’re not your client. I know you were trying to be friendly. There are people that don’t respond well for whatever reason.

The reason I walked up to her was that I had made eye contact with her beforehand. She was sitting by herself. I’m very in tuned to people being off by themselves. I try to be accommodating, helpful and all that way. That’s why I walked up to her but that was it. Can you give me your definition of love?

Love is unconditional. Love is caring for someone or something through anything, through any storm, no matter what day it is, no matter what time it is. Love is what breaks down walls. Love is something we all need to access more of. These things don’t access love as much as we use them and love them. We give them names like Alexa and Siri. They are not things. They are not animals. They don’t have real feelings.

Love is unconditional. Love is caring for someone or something through anything no matter what day or what time it is. Share on X

We could go into a whole discussion on why corporations do that because they do it purposely. It’s a psychological technique that they use to get us in there.

I had a special needs niece that nobody understood. She was so lovable and she loved everybody. She could walk and she just hugged you. A lot of people did not like her. She was a child. She had Down syndrome as a child. Even then, people would be like this, “She taught me a lot about unconditional love.” Animals have taught me a lot about unconditional love. Love is what makes this world a better place. That sounds so cliché, but we all need to tap into it more so now than ever in these crazy turbulent times that we live in.

I love that you said that it’s unconditional because love is unconditional. You’ve answered my follow up to it. Did you learn it from being around animals or did you think that way before? I’ve learned that the unconditional love that you receive from an animal has taught me how to love unconditionally.

I had unconditional love from both my parents. We grew up in a family and my grandmother had the same gift that I do. We were always huggers. We always told each other every day we loved each other. I tell that to my husband every day multiple times a day. They taught me the foundation for love and unconditional love and that it never dies. When someone passes away, that love doesn’t stop. Hopefully, we’ll meet again. The horses and the animals have helped me, especially in darker times when humans weren’t around. I was thinking about that whole Chloe situation. It’s still sticking with me because I can see it in my head. Whenever I have a migraine, my cats come and sit on top of me. They lay right next to me. My dog lays on top of me. That’s unconditional love. They don’t even care what you look like. They understand that this whole thing in front of you is not what counts. It’s what’s in your heart and what is in your soul. That’s love.

It’s amazing how animals can tune into it. We all hear about abused dogs, cats and all these terrible things. I wanted to give you the opportunity to share what wisdom you would like with the audience to leave us with. After you’re done with that, you can tell everybody where to get ahold of you and how to get ahold of you.

I would love to let everybody know that they can do anything they want. You are the creator and author of your life. Whether you believe that or not, it’s your choice. You have the power to do anything that you want to do no matter what it is. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s crazy, it sounds dumb, you’ll never make money at it. You can do anything you want. Your mind is powerful. You have everything you need inside of you to make it happen. You have to look inside not outside. I want to let everybody know that and to never give up because some people out there, when they hit 50 or 55, they think it’s over, “I can’t change gears.” That’s not true. You can do anything you want to.

I’m living proof of it. I lost my wife at 63. I had worked all my life to create this retirement fund. I saw it all go away. We spent a ton of money on medical bills. I had to reinvent myself. I had to rejuvenate and reinvent myself. I can do it. If I can do it, everybody can do it. What are your website and social media sites so people can tune in?

It’s Motivation-Addict.com. Instagram is @MotivationAddict as well, so is Facebook. They can go there. I have all my programs. I have one-month coaching programs to get a trial to see how I work. I have six and twelve-month programs as well. Everything is done on Zoom.

Julie, it’s been an honor and a pleasure. I feel that we have the same blood running through our own.

Thank you for having me here. I’m honored to be here. Thank you so much.

To our audience, you know how you could get a hold of Julie. I’m going to encourage you to go out, get involved in her events and her programs. She’s an incredible lady. We’re blessed to have her on the show. I can’t say thank you enough. You know where you can all get a hold of me, it’s ExpectationTherapy.com and ExpectationAcademy.com for the course.

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