I love to observe people, even if they are family. My wife, Beverly, has a long time friend whose oldest child is a son named Cameron. We are like family though our bloodlines are not linked. He even walked my wife down the aisle at our wedding. When I first met Cameron he was around 12 years old, and was a tall, lean, good looking young man. First impressions are always lasting and much was the same with meeting Cameron. He was polite and articulate in his speech and mannerism’s with a genuine dose of kindness thrown in for good measure. With that said, it is not surprising knowing Cameron’s mother. I have met Cameron’s father but have never had too much interaction with him, as Cameron’s parents are divorced. He also has twin sisters that are four years younger. Which brings me to my point about Cameron.

When I first met Cameron, I knew right away there was something very special about this young man by the way he carried himself even at a young age. Cameron had his head on straight and in the right place, played tennis, made good grades in school, and was on the way to becoming an excellent artist on top of it all.

I have had the distinct pleasure of watching him on this journey. Always showing his kindness toward others, keeping a huge grin on his face, and maturing into a fine young man. Time flew by and soon that young thin kid was on the cusp of becoming a full-grown (6’3″) young gentleman. He was a senior in high school, with proms and graduation all coming faster than any of us could imagine.

A special award was bestowed upon him for a piece of his digital artwork. He was presented a Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Medal award this past weekend in Carnegie Hall in New York City! This award has had some prestigious winners in the past, including Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Robert Redford, Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King, John Updike and many more. Very lofty company Cameron, job well done and you should be very proud of yourself, but let me get back to my observation about Cameron.

Cameron, here is the main reason I am so proud of you and this is what I have observed. At a time in your life when many other young people would have chosen to rebel and fight the system, you chose to be focused and faithful to your values and integrity. Other young people have gone through their parent’s divorce and have developed abandonment issues which can create fear in a young persons mind, but you made the choice to be faithful and committed to your ideals. It speaks volumes to your maturity and thought processes. Your utilization of the power of choice is superb and is to be commended. You have every right to be proud of yourself.

Here are my final thoughts and prayers for Cameron.

I hope that you remain the same no matter what the challenges and gifts life hands you.

I pray that God protects and grants favor upon all your endeavors.

I hope your kindness rewards and gifts others as it has Beverly and me.

Greatness lies within your reach, always do as you have done, and continue to put forth the effort as it the great equalizer of men.

You are blessed and loved.

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