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We always want to find where in this world do we really belong, where do we fit in with our passion and purpose in this world. Makena Sage, creator of Lumina Life – a global life coaching and retreat company, tells the story of how she had it all until she felt the empty splendor of her soaring career and luxurious life. She takes us through the journey of how she found her real place and aligned her purpose to the longings of her soul in order to live life on her own terms.

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Living Life On Your Terms

I am honored to have Makena Sage on the show. She began participating in her mom’s personal development seminars when she was seven years old and helped train them by the time she was twelve. After earning her degree in International Marketing, she spent six years helping top experts, authors and coaches create millions in revenue with authentic copy and online marketing strategies. She had it all, a thriving six-figure business and a great life, yet something was missing. After nearly burning out on multiple occasions, she realized it was time for a change. She wanted to do work that truly fueled her soul and her bank account.

She went on to create Lumina Life with her mom/mentor, Gigi Sage, a global consulting and retreats company that supports women and men who love them to design successful businesses that truly bring them alive. Her personal passion is helping go-getter women master the dance in go mode and flow mode so they can create big results without burning out. She lives in Austin, Texas with her partner, Sunny, and travels frequently for work and fun. Welcome to the show, Makena. It’s great to have you on.

Thanks so much.

Tell us about this exciting life you lead. I follow you on Facebook and I know that you are a go-getter. You care about people. You do some great work. Tell the audience how Makena came to be this awesome person?

You read a little bit of my story. I grew up in the personal development world. That wasn’t something that existed much when I was younger. There were a few people doing it, but my mom’s been coaching since 1986, leading retreats and training coaches since the ’80s. That was our upbringing. At the time, it was very unconventional. Now, it’s what a lot of people are starting to do and are excited about. We were homeschooled. We were splitting our year. We were traveling. We had a retreat center outside of Boston here in Spicewood. We would go to Hawaii and do trainings there. We have two live-in nannies. It’s normal to me at the time, but very unconventional for the rest of the world our kind of life. In that, we were encouraged as kids to explore what we were passionate about because I was a big part of my parents work.

The core of their work is around aliveness and what brings you alive. There are many different facets, but designing a life and a business that fits for you where you’re in your function and you feel that energy and aliveness. In that, they encouraged each of us to explore what we were passionate about. For me, from a young age, that was being in my mom’s seminars. I started participating at age seven. I thought nothing of it because they treated us like people not like kids. They allowed us to be who we wanted to be. I thought it was perfectly normal that I was in there with all adults. I was fascinated by that work when I was younger. Fast forward to college age, at that point, I’d say coaching started to hit the mainstream around when I was starting to get ready to go to college. It started around then. There were people doing it before that, but that’s when it was starting to become go online more and things like that. That was great because before when people would ask what my parents did and I said, “Coaches,” they’d be like, “Are they football coaches?”

By that time, I was going through the stage as many teenagers do of wanting to be normal. I rebelled against my upbringing, which many of us do. For me, that looked hilariously different than for most people. For me, rebelling look like, “I’m going to go get a corporate job. I’m going to live a normal life. I want to fit in with other people and not have this crazy experience.” That’s what led me on to go to business school. I did well on paper and this became a little bit of a theme for me. I did well on paper in school. I graduated summa cum laude. I was involved on campus and won a bunch of awards, but I was pretty deeply unhappy in many ways. It came from me making this choice I see now from my head instead of from my heart and what was in alignment for me. I chose a school that was very traditional and conservative and not a fit for who I am. It was great in so many ways. I don’t regret it, but it took me away of alignment with my true self and what I desired. I went and put myself in the box for a little while. I don’t regret it whatsoever.

It was this experience of graduating from school and going like, “I’m not happy. I don’t think I can go down this path that I thought it would go down of going into the corporate world.” I ended up moving out to California and starting my first business six months later because I knew that I wanted to be able to travel. I want it to be able to live life on my terms again. I did. I started to build my life on my terms in many ways. My first business was a wonderful opportunity to work with the people that I was doing the work that I was passionate about. All my clients were speakers, authors and experts that were doing life-changing work in the world. I called my former business online marketing with heart because that was it for me. It was like how do we take these amazing tools of marketing and messaging, which happens to be a natural gift of mine? How do we use that to magnify life-changing work in the world? I did that for many years. As you shared in that short bio, I was burning out much of the time. I went into this paradigm of masculine, “Go, go, go.” We call it Go mode. Even though I was getting more and more aligned in other areas of my life, I still had lost sight of who I was and my flow mode. There was so much more I wanted to do, so that’s what led me to what I do. That’s my story.

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I find it fascinating because there are so few people that I’ve ever met that had the childhood influences that you had by being around people that were in tune with their spirit and their soul and all of those things and you’re hearing about it. When we are influenced like that, the thought goes through my head because I’m so into expectations and stuff and epiphany. Can you identify a time when you thought that your expectations started to form and how it formed or did you flow into it?

When I was younger, I was given the unique opportunity to dream and see whatever it is I wanted in life.

That’s the epiphany.

That was a gift. I see that now. If you think about the hero’s journey that there’s always this experience that we go through something. Even though I was raised in this amazing work my whole life, I still went away from it. I still lost sight of a lot of these things. I had to then find my way back. For other people, that journey might look different. I’m so clear. I went on that journey because of the work I do now. I had to understand what people are going through in different ways. That allowed me to do that, but going back to the expectations, I have this ability to see, to dream and go like, “I want to have.” I always lit up. We talk about when you light up or does your vitality shift in your eyes and you see that change in energy.

I always, from a young age, for whatever reason lit up around making money, which is hilarious. It’s just business. I love being on camera. Modeling was a big passion of mine. I’ve done that more for fun than for professional pursuit. I did a lot of photo shoots. I had this ability to dream from a young age. It’s funny. I put myself in the box or for whatever reason I went the other direction. I’d say my expectations, if you could call them expectations or my dreams were big when I was younger and I clamp them down. I went more into, “I want to be normal.” What do people do in normal society? They go get jobs and they work in corporate. They do all these things. That felt safer to me to maybe being an entrepreneur and living that lifestyle is so incredible. It’s a roller coaster in some ways too.

It’s the biggest personal development journey we can go on to own our own businesses and live these lifestyles where there are fewer rules and people telling you how to do things, you are creating your reality. I’m not sure if that answers your question completely. I feel like in terms of expectations maybe I have these grand ones when I was younger. I went in the other direction. I had to open back up to what does it look like to train? What does it look like to go for the things I desire? In the last few years, I had had memories come back of things that I wanted when I was younger that I had forgotten, I even wanted because they felt too big.

What is so important about it is that you didn’t lose sight of it because what happens with people, this is my experience. Let me preface it with this, I believe that epiphanies are a precursor to expectations. Most people stop when they have epiphanies or dreams, however want to call them. When they have them, they don’t act upon them. You acted upon them. You found things that you enjoyed. You put yourself back in the box. You came back out of the box and started moving. That is what makes you so special. Many young adults, young kids, even older adults and even seniors, they have dreams and desires and they get put into a box and they don’t know how to get out of the box. All of us that are in the personal development field want people to do things. Just to get out and experience it because once you start doing that, your life changes.

Here’s what I’ll say about that is that I completely agree. It’s funny. My sister reflected back to me. I usually don’t think of myself as a risk-taker at all. I’m very much not the typical entrepreneur. When I’m sitting in a room of all entrepreneurs, there are certain personality type often that they’re the risk-takers and they’re the ideas people and that’s not me in many ways. I’m more the integrator personality type. She pointed out to me or reflected to me, which was a beautiful reflection that I have taken big risks in my life since that time that I went to college and in order to follow my heart and get more into alignment. It’s like you start with small things. This is for anyone reading who’s sitting there in that place where you’re like, “I know I want to move more in the direction of the epiphanies and the dreams.” It’s like if you start with small things, you start to build the muscle. What happens is I’ve never once regretted a decision that I’ve made or a risk that I’ve taken that’s come from a place of intuition or this deep like knowing or dream. Sometimes that’s a scary thing to do.

SE 13 | Living Life On Your Terms

Living Life On Your Terms: When you grew up in an unconventional family, sometimes you just want to fit in with other people and run away from your crazy life.


How about learning? Because everything that I have ever done, I have no regrets. I don’t get disappointed because everything that I do, I know is meant to teach me something. I learned from it. I don’t make that same mistake again or if it’s something I learned that I love, I do it over and over again. That’s what I’ve always taken from it is the learning aspect of it.

It won’t look like you think that’s the thing. I always talk about, “Can you hold the vision for what you want, but let go of the exact way it’s going to show up or how you’re going to get there, the path to get there?” Because we don’t know if that’s going to be. It’s probably going to look very different. Even the exact way it looks, in the end, is going to be different than we think. If there’s the essence of something you desire, that’s a sign. Our aliveness, our desires are like signposts in our life. The Alchemist is one of the great books about this. It talks about that in a different way. These are signposts for us in our life to follow that and let go of how it’s going to show up though and what that can look like. For example, you talked about learning. I moved back from San Diego. I lived in San Diego for six years. I loved it. I lived by the beach. There are many things about the California lifestyle resonated with me. I love Austin, but I always was like, “No, that’s my hometown. I don’t have an interest in moving back.” I have multiple reasons. I have terrible allergies growing up and things like that. I was like, “No, I don’t have any interest in moving back.” Lo and behold, I felt a very strong push or pull to leave San Diego and move for no apparent reason. I’ve learned to follow that.

When my fiancé and I looked at each other, all the things that we wanted were basically, it was Austin. We’re like, “Okay.” We have learned to take those risks and make those jumps in pursuit of whatever it is that feels clear. We moved here weeks later. It was a very quick thing. Was that easy? No, it was so challenging to pull all that off in such a short time. I was exhausted. We were fighting for a month because it was so stressful. I had this deep down knowing that like, “This was a very clear direction I saw that we needed to go,” and he did too. Even when it was tough, we suck it out because we thought, “This is leading somewhere.” Now looking back, we are so grateful we did. There are so many things unfolding for that reason. That’s what you were pointing to maybe is that it’s not always going to be easy because you’re following your heart. It’s going to challenge you in all kinds of ways. That’s what alignment is about to me. Alignment is you may be exhausted at the end of the day, but it’s the right kind of tired. You may be so stressed out even sometimes, depending on what it is you’re doing. If you tune in deep down and you go, “Am I on the path? Am I in alignment with myself?” If the answer is yes, then it’s worth it. You’re on track. You’ll go through it because you know it’s leading you somewhere. That’s the way I feel about it.

We believed the same way. It’s just a different term because I use faith, and I don’t mean in the religious sense of your denomination or how you believe that way. Faith in knowing that everything is going to be alright at the end of the day, that’s being in alignment. You are exhausted, your mind is worn out and your body has followed right behind it. You’ve made all these big changes, but you know you’ve done the right thing. You’re going to have faith and that it’s all working out for a higher purpose.

If you need to make a change, you make a change. I own a business with my mom. We do coaching and retreats. Before I was doing marketing strategy and then I saw that there was this missing piece, which is this piece of what we call alignment and aliveness. When we work with them, it’s looking first at what is the target? What life and business or career do you want to be building and making sure that that is in alignment with who you are and what brings you alive and your unique genius. Once we do that, then we can go into the strategy. We can take action steps to be there. Sometimes there is a change that has to happen. It’s different when it’s coming from them minds going to get the corporate job for me versus the truth of who I am and what I’m here to do in this world. Which is the work I’m doing now or at least that’s a piece of it. We look into the individual.

It’s challenging to do this for yourself sometimes or if you’ve never done this. That’s why it’s so wonderful that the personal development industry has grown as much as it has because there are people out there that can help you do this and to look deeply into you and see what is it you want. Are you on the path or is there a shift that needs to happen? How do you take the steps to get there? I would not be where I am not even close without my parents. My mom has been not only a mother to me but a coach and a mentor. That’s a different and unusual relationship. I’ve been so blessed and I’ve worked with other coaches and mentors over the years as well. I would not have made a lot of these choices are taken these risks or followed my heart if not having someone there to support me in doing that. That’s why I think I’m such a huge proponent of coaching and the work that we do in so many other people are doing wherever you go and get that is because you need those people in your life to champion you to your greatness.

I’m a coach and mentor to my daughter because her mother passed away twelve years ago. My current wife has also helped, but she’s in whole different field, so it’s different. I mentored my daughter in a lot of ways. Do you think that alignment is different for males versus females? I’m only saying this in the sense that men are raised to be providers and go-getters and all that. It hasn’t only been to maybe the last two generations of women where they’ve taken and become self-sufficient and not as dependent on men. If you think that’s true, why do you think that there’s such a difference for men and women in alignment?

I understand what you were saying about the differences and what’s changed in the last twenty years, but I didn’t get the connection to the alignment piece.

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Men have an easier time aligning with career things. They have a harder time aligning with personal development and growth and that kind of thing.

Maybe it helps if I describe or define alignment a little bit more the way I experienced it. To me, alignment is we all have what I feel is a blueprint or something within us. That is completely unique. You could be a man. You could be a woman. You could be whatever. Whatever your belief system is, if you’re born with it or whatever might be happening there, I feel that we have this blueprint or these clues inside of us for our best life. To me, alignment is being aligned with that version of yourself and whatever path is going to help you live out your best possible life. That’s going to be completely different for everyone. It encompasses every part of life too, not business and career. For one person that might be being a stay-at-home mom and that is in full alignment with a stay-at-home dad and that’s what full alignment for them. That is what they want to do. There are other areas of their life that they can have alignment in as well.

That’s more what I’m talking about in terms of alignment. In terms of career, there have been a lot of changes. Where men and women are trying to work out their dynamics now that so much has changed. There’s expectation for women to earn and many want to earn, but then some don’t. They’re confused about it. There are definitely some interesting things going on there. I love to talk about go mode and flow mode because I find that there’s this narrative or a lot more understanding into the mainstream around masculine and feminine energies as a lot of time the way people describe it. Those terms for me always were challenging because I’m someone that I have a fair bit of what you might call masculine energy where I’m very go, go, go. I like to get stuff done in business and so on. Some people might refer to that as the more masculine energy, whereas the feminine would be more fluid, more intuitive and things like that.

When I heard those terms, I was like, “I don’t want to be masculine. That doesn’t feel good to me. I’m a feminine woman.” Yet you need both energies in life and in business especially to be successful in a sustainable way. Men need both energies and women need both energies, because otherwise we burn ourselves out. If we’re too in the go mode is what we call it now or if we’re too in the flow mode, we’re very in the flow, but we’re not getting anything done. That’s why we coined those two terms. A lot of the work I do too with mostly with women, we do work with men in some of our programs, is around how do you dance between these two energies that are within both sexes. Do that in order to have success but in a sustainable way. What I was doing in that first business was I was very much in go mode, not in flow mode at all. That’s why I approached burnout so many times. It’s not perfect. There are days where I’m too in go mode and days where I’m too in flow mode. Now, that I’ve learned to dance a little bit and not make either energy wrong, I’m able to have success in a way that still I’m fueled with energy.

I call it balance. You’ve got to balance your energy because you can get burned out. It can sneak up on you and slap you in the head really quick if you don’t watch it.

I like to make the distinction between self-care. There are a lot of people talking about self-care. Self-care is absolutely important. For many women, especially those women who are more in go mode like I was, who are successful, who are going for something, we can do self-care. This was my experience. I could go get my massage every two weeks or whatever. I get my nails done and do all these things and still be in go mode. I never relaxed. What puts you into flow mode and what feeds your energy, we look at in our work, how do you chart your aliveness and look at what feeds your energy. Those moments when you are most relaxed, when you’re most peaceful, when you feel the most like yourself or you have the most excitement and energy would be some examples, it’s different for everyone.

That’s why the core of our work is so much around the unique individual as opposed to male or female or whatever it might be. It’s around looking deeply into you. The things that relax you, that refuel you are going to be different for everyone. I like to make that distinction because sometimes people go, “To be in flow mode, I should go get more massages.” It’s like, “If that’s the thing that resets you.” For me, for example, I love to read fiction books. That is somewhere where I can turn my brain off and relax or spend time with friends. That’s something that recharges me. It’s a little distinction that I like to make around that.

When you have the flow mode and the go mode and you meld them together, I think that people get confused sometimes because they can’t separate the two. Do you have any techniques that you use to get people out of the go mode or to recognize their flow mode more?

In terms of recognizing your flow mode, it’s to ask yourself the question, “When do I feel the most alive, peaceful?” If you can’t remember anything recent, think back to times in your life when you felt that way. This was something we called charting your aliveness. We look at when do you feel those things and then when do you feel the most range or bored or whatever. This is slightly different than the go mode and flow mode, but it can give you some clues as to the types of things that will help you unwind. That’s not to say that when you’re in go mode, you can also feel like yourself. You absolutely can. In terms of the things that recharge you, it’s helpful to see that.

One of the things we talk about, women are a lot of times having a hard time turning it off, especially for entrepreneurs when we go home at the end of the day. Our business is our life. It’s like, “Where is the line?” That might be something you’re speaking to there. One thing is to mentally make that shift or create some ritual that helps you make that shift at the end of the day where you take off your work hat and you put on your home hat or whatever that might be. For some people, that’s a rule that they turn off the computer and phones at a certain hour or a woman could have a ritual of putting on her lipstick at the end of the day before she goes out or whatever. It could be anything. Something to mentally help you make that shift. Are there certain activities and this could be for men or women that helped you to shift into the other energy? We need both. We need to have that go, go, go energy sometimes in order to get things done. It is important to make sure in order to be more in that space where we can connect with loved ones or we can connect with ourselves. It’s helpful to be able to also harness the flow mode.

SE 13 | Living Life On Your Terms

Living Life On Your Terms: Hold the vision of what you want, but let go of the exact way it’s going to show up.


Not to change the subject too much, but you’ve done many things. I know that you’ve done copywriting. Now, you’re doing coaching and personal development in a big way. To transition out of that mode of being a copywriter and having a successful cover because I’ve heard you were a very good copywriter. To transition out of that mode from being in college and then copywriting or if it was vice versa, how did you do that? Was it difficult for you to mentally transition? I interviewed Dave Hollis. We were talking about how he transitioned out of Disney and to being CEO of Hollis Company and the mental aspects of it. Was it hard for you mentally to make that adjustment or was it easy? If so, why?

I would say both. It’s difficult and easy because in some ways it was this process of becoming more myself again. The big reason was I was always like, “Why don’t I want to stay in copy?” I reached a certain point of success in that industry. Everybody was like, “You should build an agency.” That’s natural next progression to earn at a higher level and impact more people. I always felt this strong like, “No, that’s not the direction I want to go. I’m so grateful. I love this work, but there’s something else.” For me, it was this feeling that I was only using about 10% of my capacity. There was so much more I was born to do or that I feel called to do in this lifetime. That was a big thing. I knew I had to make a change. I had an epiphany moment. I had been doing coaching and programs on the side with my mom for three years. We had an International Women’s Mastermind Program.

We were in Costa Rica doing the final retreat. I had this experience there of seeing my life and seeing that I had to. That was facilitated by my mom, but also the environment and many different factors, I saw that I had to make a change. A big part of that was that I was burned out. I was turning 30 and my mom was turning 60. I saw I would love to do this thing that I feel truly I was born to do. That transition into making the change in my career has felt like waking back up to who I am in many ways. That way has been a relief. It’s been so much easier. It’s not that it’s been less difficult or anything, but I felt like I peeled off the layers of the wrong kind of stress or of who I had become in a certain vocation that wasn’t completely me. I’ve been reassessing. Rachel Hollis, his wife, her book was powerful for me late last year in this. The tagline is something about, “Forget the lies about who you thought you were to you become who you are always meant to be.”

That was a powerful perspective for me to go like, “I saw myself as sometimes very serious and very go mode and very whatever person when the truth of who I am is quite a light, fun, flowing energy.” It’s been easy in that sense because it feels like coming home. In the other sense, it’s been starting at the beginning again, in some ways, not completely the beginning because I’ve done this before, but starting a relatively new business here. There’s a whole new set of things I’m learning. This is for the first time a career and a business that I’m so excited to grow as large as it wants to be. To impact a lot of people with it where I didn’t want that in my last one. It’s a whole different set of challenges I’m being faced with. Looking deeply into myself to rise up to that occasion. Does that answer your question?

Yes, it does. What’s astonishing to me is when I boiled Dave Hollis’ response and melded yours with his, it’s almost identical. There was something that challenges what we’re doing when we’re in this space of uncertainty or not knowing. When we’re burnout, we start to listen if we want to. Some people push that away listening to their inner self. When we start listening to our inner selves and that challenge triggers that expectation that we want to do something else. When we have that epiphany, it turns into an expectation and then we start doing it.

They say often that’s like intuition or inner self as you said. That’s the voice that I’ve followed multiple times and that to me is the voice that is helping you get into alignment with yourself if you listen. They say often that it starts as a whisper. If you don’t listen, it will become a roar. That’s when big life crises often happen where people get fired from their jobs or illness happens or different kinds of things that try to right the ship again and put you on the path. That’s where I have my own belief around that we do have many different paths we can take in life in free will. We do have this blueprint or this inner voice or these things that are guiding us and trying to help us get more what I call into alignment.

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I was nine years old when I heard it. I was in a situation that was absolutely brutal at nine. Feeling alone and abandoned, I went to the top of the hill and laid on my back. I had a conversation with God and the universe, whatever you choose to call it. I heard this voice inside of me that said, “Be faithful and do the right thing.” I have lived that since I was nine years old and had gotten through the Vietnam War, the loss of my wife years ago to ovarian cancer. It’s what has propelled me all the way through. The way that you present it and the way that I present it is very similar. We use a lot of different terms. I’m going to change the subject again because I got to ask you this. I know that you’re doing milk cleanse.

I finished the 21 days.

Tell me about this because I’ve never heard of milk cleanse.

I’ve done a lot of different things in the pursuit of better and optimal health. My mom has always done a lot of different eating plans. We shopped at Whole Foods for the time I was young. Health was always a conversation in a more holistic sense in my world. A few years ago, I started having some minor and chronic different issues. I went down the journey of different kinds of cleansing, protocols, lab tests and things like that to see what was going on in my body. I’ve definitely improved my health in many ways and some of the issues persisted. It’s been this constant digging to find what are some ways to heal or come to optimal health from the inside out? I believe you can do a lot of that with food and exercise and mindset. I was working with a health coach who we’d had some success in what we were doing of taking a lot of different supplements and things like that. It’s not a huge amount of forward progress. She said, “This is an interesting thing.” She’s very brilliant, smart and researches everything. She was like, “I don’t know why it works. I’ve had a few clients try it. I heard about it. They’ve tried it and it’s been creating credible results for them.” The only publications or information out there about this is from the 1920s or early on in the last century. They were using it for all kinds of things.

Raw milk only, no food. You would do this for an extended period of time, at least three weeks or so. It was supposedly healing all kinds of illnesses and things like this. I thought, “I’m going to try this.” It sounds more doable to me then than like extended juice cleansing, which I’ve done for a few days. You’re hungry. Your blood sugar is all over the map. I finally got around to it this year. It was great. My sister is also doing it right now. She’s had like an infection in her mouth clearing up that she hasn’t been able to get rid of. I’ve heard of similar results with someone else that had an infection in their mouth they couldn’t get rid of. A friend of mine who also did it, her seasonal allergies pretty much disappeared. I experienced great energy. Many people eliminate parasites. There are all kinds of interesting benefits. It was good and much easier to do than any other juice cleanse or something like that I’ve done. I was drinking about 2,000 calories worth of milk a day for whatever reason. You get all the nutrients and everything you need from that. That was my latest experimental.

I used to go drink milk straight from the cow. Back in the ’50s, we hand-milked. I either right out of the utter or directly into a cup. I drink warm milk because I love that.

They pasteurize most milk now, but you can still get it in Texas anyway from farms. It has a lot of good bacteria and other things on it for the body.

I love your name, Makena Sage. Who named you?

My mom. Makena is a beach on Maui where I was born. She talked to a lot of the local people before she named me. It has different meanings. I believe it means abundance. It also means mourning as in sadness but a positive mourning. She did a lot of asking before she gave me that name. It’s a beautiful beach in Maui near Wailea. That’s what I was named after and then my last name.

There’s so much power in the name. When I first saw you and had the pleasure of getting connected with you, I thought, “Makena Sage, what a name. It’s so beautiful. There’s something to it.” In the research that I’ve done, we live up to our tags, how were tagged. When we have a name that beautiful, it just flows into how your personality develops.

I’m a words of affirmation person and you’ve given me so many. I feel so overflowing. Thank you.

It’s true because I’m big into labels because we live up to the labels that were given. Names fall into that category of tags. I know you’ve seen on TV and the different things where they’ll go through and tell different people’s profession. They’ll tell their name and there’s something to it. They’re connected. I always laugh at that. Your name is great. I want you to tell the audience what you have coming up. What’s on the horizon for Makena?

Growing and expanding with what I’m doing with my mom. Lumina Life is our business. We lead coaching programs and retreats. We’re going to Thailand to lead a retreat, Arts of a Woman. Growing in that and who we’re serving and how we’re serving them. I think a big thing that’s coming too is books. That’s something I’ve always loved to write. My mom has 33 years of content to share with the world and has written some books that are published in Europe. I’m excited to start to get into writing and co-authoring some books together. In terms of what we’re doing with women and men too in some of our programs, it’s about helping them create a thriving business and life with alignment and aliveness first. When I was in the marketing world, which was again so wonderful and I love those tools used for good, but there’s so much of the one size fits all going on out there. To me, the core is about looking deeply into you to see what is it you want, what’s the lifestyle and business you want to be creating. What is the strategy that’s going to help you get there? The strategy that’s going to work for you and your unique genius, because we all have our unique genius as we all have areas that are more challenging for us, our blind spots, we often say.

SE 13 | Living Life On Your Terms

Living Life On Your Terms: Even when it’s tough, just stick it out because this may be leading somewhere.


That’s what we do as coaches, as we look into the individual and we reflect that back to you. We help you see how do you take the action to get there? That’s what I’m passionate about and personally this go mode and flow mode piece for me is so important because I see so many people struggling with that as I did. It’s so important for women as we’ve gone into business more and we continue to grow in that space, there are far too many women I see burning themselves out. Our bodies are physically different than men’s. That’s not to say we can’t do what men can do, we absolutely can. However, to do that in a sustainable way, we need to learn to work with these energies in a way that works for us. Those are some of my personal passions. My why for what I’m doing to help women have thriving financial because I’ve had financial success in my previous business but not complete fulfillment. That’s the core why of what we do is to help women.

How can people get ahold of you? Where can they get ahold of you?

YourLuminaLife.com/community is a great way to get connected. We have an awesome Facebook group called Global Business Women with Heart. You can look that up on Facebook or go to that community page. We send out videos. We’re in the Facebook group all the time. It’s about our content and everything else, but we encouraged the women in the group. We work with people in Europe and the US and all over the world. We’re interviewing the women in the group a lot of the times. They’re connecting with each other and forming global friendships, which is another big piece of what we do. We have people that have become friends and connected in our programs who then go over to Europe and they speak there or vice versa or to have friendships and different parts of the world. It’s opening up those doors. That’s the best way to connect.

Thank you, Makena Sage. What a great person you are and full of energy and flow.

Thank you so much for your time and for having me.

Thank you for being on. You can find out about Makena at her website and connect with her. You can find out about me at ExpectationTherapy.com and ExpectationAcademy.com. Thank you.

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About Makena Sage

SE 13 | Living Life On Your TermsMakena Sage began participating in her mom’s personal development seminars when she was 7 years old and helping to train them by age 12. After earning her degree in International Marketing, Makena spent 6 years helping top experts, authors and coaches create MILLIONS in revenue with authentic copy + online marketing strategies. She had it all – a thriving 6-figure+ business and a great life. Yet something was still missing…

After nearing burnout on multiple occasions, Makena realized it was time for a change. She wanted to do work that truly fueled her soul AND her bank account!

Makena went on to create LUMINA LIFE with her mom/mentor Gigi Sage – a global coaching and retreats company that supports women (and the men who love them!) to design successful businesses and lives that truly bring them ALIVE. Her personal passion is helping go-getter women master the dance between “go mode” and “flow mode” so they can create BIG results – without burning out!

Makena lives in Austin, TX with her partner Sunny, and travels frequently for work + fun.


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