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These easy-to-action courses will help you implement a new framework so that you can live your life and run your business not based on anyone else’s expectations but your own. Inside each course, you’ll find reflections and exercises to help you enjoy your best life, free of judgments – but full of happiness and fulfillment.

Featured Courses

  • Expectation Therapy for You (Introductory)

    by Art Costello
    71 Lessons
    • Expectation Therapy for you (Introductory) - $395.00

    What You Get:

    Expectations can guide behavior and help predict what will happen next. People can develop expectations about a wide range of things. Expectations serve as hypotheses about the future and, when managed and mastered, can positively influence future outcomes. Expectation Therapy helps people gain clarity and understanding and take control of their expectations to make the best choices available for them to create and live their best lives. This Introductory course will open doors for you to take charge of your choices and help guide your path to the future you envision for yourself.

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  • Expectation Therapy for Coaches and Counselors

    Includes formal Expectation Therapy certification, one-hour of up-front case application consultation and two hours of individual mentoring sessions with Art Costelloby Art Costello
    71 Lessons
    • Expectation Therapy for Coaches and Counselors - $1,895.00

    What You Get:

    Part of our goals as counselors, coaches, and people who help others, is to help set expectations. We offer tools, techniques, and strategies to support the navigation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and relationships. Imagine having the ability to provide enhanced coaching and counseling through the optimal management of those expectations -- and helping yourself through mastering yours. Imagine providing (and having!) the guidance that best suits the individual you are helping through Expectation Therapy. Expectation Therapy for Coaches and Counselors is a valuable tool to add to your arsenal of expertise and can apply seamlessly to current schools of thought and practices.

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Course 1:

Expectation Therapy for Divorce

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Course 2:

Expectation Therapy for Entrepreneurs

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Course 3:

Expectation Therapy for Life Changes

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Course 4:

Expectation Therapy for Parenting

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Course 5:

Expectation Therapyfor Teachers

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Course 6:

Expectation Therapyfor Couples

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“The Art of Expectation has completely transformed my life. I thought I knew what it meant to have expectations, but after reading Art’s book… my thoughts have changed”
Megan Unsworth

COO of the Perfect Funnel System

The Art of Expectation has put a whole new meaning to what EXPECTATIONS mean in my life. My expectations set the stage for my entire life.
Natalie Spears

Social Media Consultant & Found of Social Ally

“My professional life has evolved into one of purpose and passion where I am simply rewarded for expression.”
Stevieanne Petitt

Author & Conscious Comedian

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