Everything is free will. We have a choice. We have our part to play.”  -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard


Our journey is about finding our purpose. It’s an innate need that must be met to attain happiness. However, we may get lost along the way and end up walking in the opposite direction. Today’s episode centers on the role of our intuitions in making choices that lead to our purpose. Art interviews Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard on how to listen when your intuitions are shouting warnings and how to tap into your intuitiveness. She also shares how to find alignment and energy. If your path is towards love, Sage lists 4 steps on how to find your soul-mate. Your intuition is like a compass. Tune in and learn how to use it well.


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01:28 Journey Started At Age 13
06:35 Positive Epiphanies At Age 15
12:39 Spiritual Happenings At Age 25
20:07 4 Steps To Find Soulmate
21:28 Always Trust Your Intuitions
33:44 Manifestations
37:15 Voice Intuition Are Warning Signs
41:17 More About The Alignment And The Energy
46:58 Medical Intuitiveness And Health Beliefs
53:15 Mother Wound

Use your intuition to find purpose, love, and life. Join in as @myexpectation and @loveandspirit expounds on how to listen to your intuition. #epiphanies #expectations #energy#trust#intuitions#alignment#manifestations Share on X


15:24  “Everyone has these capacities and everyone is intuitive and everyone is connected to the Divine.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

18:29 “Love is the strongest power. It’s the only true power and that’s our mission and it’s our path.”  -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

20:43 “Love yourself unconditionally, radically no matter what. Love yourself.”  -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

24:12  “When you don’t pay attention to the signs that you get, bad things are going to happen.”  -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

36:02 “We are meant to do things, and we should go ahead and do them…when we do that, we find our happiness.” – Art Costello 

41:36Everything is free will. We have a choice. We have our part to play.”  -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

45:56 “When we make the choices that fulfill our sou, we start to find happiness.” –Art Costello


Meet Sage Taylor:

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, a.k.a. THE PROSPEROUS GODDESS is a highly gifted, intuitive Coach at Archangel Michael & Divine Mother channel, Abundance & Soulwork Acceleration Coach, Energy and Soul Healer and catalyst for personal and planetary transformation. Able to read auras since her Third Eye was blasted open in 3 Near-Death Experiences in the Mexican desert in 1994, Sage uniquely integrates 100% accurate intuitive aura & chakra readings with Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) shamanic healing & Spirit-guided life and business coaching to manifest more love, more joy & more abundance. Sage is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, angelic Money Reiki Grand Master, Hypnotherapist and #1 International Best-Selling Author. Sage’s programs have been called “The Best of Mind-Body Healing” and have won massive global acclaim, with her Angelic Abundance Activator being named the #1 Best Law of Attraction on Earth. Sage passionately empowers thousands of awakening souls worldwide to manifest higher LOVE & more MONEY, joyfully fulfill your life purpose, connect with your angels, prosper, thrive and shine!




Art Costello: Welcome to the Shower Epiphanies podcast, today I am thrilled to have Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard. She has had 3 Near-Death Experiences in the Mexican desert in 1994. Sage went through a profound spiritual rebirth, awakening her gifts of clairvoyants and healing. Today, Sage, a.k.a. THE PROSPEROUS GODDESS is a world class, clairvoyant and [inaudible], intuitive Archangel Michael & Divine Mother channel, and a master teacher on manifestation, consciousness, energy healing, and spirituality. Sage is a mother wound healer, Reiki Master, interfaith minister, hypnotherapist, and poet. Sage is also the #1 best-selling author and catalyst for personal and planetary transformation. Voted the world’s #1 Law of Attraction teacher, Sage serves as the divine alignment catalyst for awakening souls. Her great passion is helping people live more intuitively and joyfully. Remember how divine, brilliant, and blessed they truly are, and passionately share their God-given Lord driven gifts.

Welcome to the show.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Hey, thank you so much Art. It’s such a joy to be here with you. And I love your program, I love your mission, and your energy, and your passion, and your big heart. So it’s a delight to be here on Shower Epiphanies.

Art Costello: Well, thank you. Thank you. And can you tell us your story? It’s got to be intriguing with 3 Near-Death Experiences.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yeah. Gosh, I have so many epiphany moments, there’s a lot here. So we’re going to go on a journey together for sure.

Art Costello: I’m all for it, journeys I love.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Great. I was adopted, but when I was a tiny baby, just a few days old, and I grew up in a Jewish family in New York, New York city in Queens, and not a whole lot of remarkable, memorable things. The first several years, it’s kind of a nice stable upbringing, but things started shifting a lot when I came into age 11, and then 13, and 15, and all things going on. So at age 11 parents got divorced, older sister moved out, then it became basically like a latchkey kid. My mom went back to work and I was just a latchkey kid. You took home, watched cartoons and so forth. And we went from middle-class to poor because we had only one income. And we were on food stamps. I had to give up my favorite thing in the world, which was dancing. And just when my dance teacher invited me to become one of her superstars and go on tours like all these professional shows, instead, my mom was like, sorry honey, we can’t afford dance lessons at all anymore. Not only are you not going on to the Superstore level, but you can’t go at all anymore. So I actually started working illegally when I was 13 years old, flipping burgers at White Castle. I still have a body memory of burger, burger, burger, ketchup, ketchup, pickle, pickle, like it’s crazy.

Art Costello: Well, people that are not from the East Coast don’t know the White Castle had their little burgers, right? They had the little ones, flipping burgers there was meaning really flipping burgers because–

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: A lot of flipping burgers, yeah. And then the other thing that happened at age 13 which I know you’ll appreciate because you’re very spiritual, is I felt betrayed by my religion, and I actually left my religion during my Bat Mitzvah reception. And here’s what happened, talk about expectations, this ties in with your whole expectation thing. But I was actually the best student, academically speaking, in my Hebrew school, and I had been going to Hebrew school three times a week for seven years. So the Bat Mitzvah was like this culmination rite of passage of all this study and all of this. And what I discovered at my Bat Mitzvah was that the head honcho of the whole school was my mentor, Rabbi Shapiro, did not show up. So my first thought was, Oh, no, maybe he’s sick or something happened, God forbid, why is Rabbi Shapiro not here? So I’m asking, and my reception is like 70 people, people flew in from all over the place, it was a big deal. And he didn’t come because I didn’t have a penis. He didn’t come because he doesn’t go to the Bat Mitzvah, he only goes to the Bar Mitzvah. So I decided right then and there during the reception of my Bat Mitzvah that I don’t want to be a part of a religion that treats me as a second class citizen, especially when I was the top student and a three-state area. It’s like, what? Just because my body doesn’t have this — we’re not built in that particular way, you’re just going to dismay and not show up, and not honor me for my hard work for all these seven years. So that was like, what? Crazy, right? So the expectation was not met. I had an expectation which was reasonable that my mentor attend, or at least alert me to the fact that he wasn’t coming, that would have softened the blow a little bit, but no. So that was really devastating.

Art Costello: What year was that?

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: So that had to be 78, 1978.

Art Costello: Wow. That’s just hard to believe. In 1970–

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yeah, even in the 70’s, there was that much sexism. And it wasn’t an Orthodox temple either. But in any case, I then became kind of an agnostic, is there really a God? And maybe atheist kind of in there along that spectrum for awhile until, and then we’ll fast forward, Oh, the other thing that happened was my parents stole my Bat Mitzvah money. And what I mean by that, that’s how I framed it mentally, is they actually had me sign all the checks, which was about $1,200 of gifts that people had gifted me for my Bat Mitzvah. And my parents said we need the money to pay for the Bat Mitzvah. So they didn’t let me keep a single dollar of the money that was supposed to go from me, for college, or for a car, or whatever. And I’m sitting there being forced side over all the gifting. So all of this stuff went into the patterning of not receiving and not being aligned with prosperity, and not feeling valued and lack of deservingness, and self worth, and all these patterns. So then some interesting stuff started happening at age 15 to really positive epiphanies. Thank goodness, right? It’s starting to get positives happening. I mean, while I was doing drugs and smoking a tremendous amount of pot, I was still doing well in school because that’s easy for me, but I was kinda going down the wrong path. Like, I just didn’t care. I felt like nobody cared about me, and trying to escape with this marijuana stoner stupor kind of going along, and other things to various other experimental things. That’s a miracle, I survived all that.

But at age 15, two things happened. One is that I discovered meditation. I was taking a yoga class in high school for the easy A. I was only taking it because everyone said that’s the easiest class in school. Easy A, all you have to do is move around a little and lie down. It was so easy, everyone got an A. Okay, sure I’ll take that. But I discovered in this meditation portion, the ends of the class, Art, that I would just go to these amazing places that felt so peaceful and blissful, and it felt like home to me. My monkey mind was quiet, all of that self — was so silenced, and it was just this peaceful state of being that just had me glowing for hours afterward. So I started coming into my spiritual self, having left my religion, I now started to find spirituality. You know what I mean? And one of the things that happened, I probably hardly ever told this story, so it’s kind of cool to share with your listeners. We’re all the premier of this part of the stage story is that I was really super stoned. I had smoked, I don’t know, maybe three, four or five joints with one friend. That’s a lot of marijuana when you’re 110 pound tiny little slip of a girl. But what we didn’t know was that the marijuana was laced with angel dust, with PCP. So I had my first out of body experience, which was drug induced. But here’s the cool part of it, I left my body and I was literally like flying around, like flying into buildings, looking at what the neighbors were cooking for dinner. I mean, literally like flying, just totally free, and it felt really good to be out of the body. But my experience of being in the body was that my body was on fire, and my body actually wasn’t on fire. It just felt like it was on fire because of the PCP. But when I left the body and looked down in it, which my body was rolling across a very busy street at the time, completely abandoned by the grace of God. I mean, I survived rolling across the street with nobody actually inhabiting my body in a sense, but I saw that it wasn’t on fire. So then I’m realizing, Oh, I’m more than just my body epiphany number one, right?

Number two, there’s a lot more going on than I ever thought. And then I heard a voice and the voice said: “You can stay like this forever if you want my child.” Literally, those were the words I heard, and I knew that that was God. We can use whatever word we want, but my concept was, wow, that’s God talking to me. And my thought back to God, it was all instantly, thoughts just conveyed in an instant was, wouldn’t that be being dead? Okay, that’s my choice, but would that be being dead? And he said: “Yes it would. The choice is yours, and either way, it’s fine.” There was no pressure either way, it was just like, it’s your choice. What would you like? And I thought about it for a moment and then I thought, Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that to my mother. And instantly when I thought I couldn’t possibly do that to my mother, I was back in the body. Bodies felt like it was burning on fire again, but knowing you a whole lot more, I knew there was God, I knew that I had a choice, I knew that it wasn’t, I’m being here, and I consciously chose to come back. It actually took seven days for the PCP to work its way out of my system. I kept having flashbacks, I kept feeling like I was on fire. I was not functional in a normal way for about a week, and I had to tell my mom what was going on. I called my older sister who was a total drug druggie and said: “I took this marijuana, it has something in it, and I’m on fire, and I don’t know what to do.” And she’s like: “Just eat, drink, stay home, don’t go out in public, wait until you feel better. It’s going to take a little while. It’s going to work it’s way out of your system, but you’ll probably be okay because you’re able to talk to me.” So you’re not going into a coma or something, you’ll probably be okay.

So it took a week, but I got through all that. But that opened me up spiritually to levels of reality of the universe. That was my interpretation that, I knew it was drug induced, but I also knew it was real. I also knew that I had a choice. I was really out of my body, that truly happened otherwise. I mean, I know it’s my truth, I know it was really God, and I really had a choice. So then after that, I started being more open to spiritual type studies, and I was reading spiritual books and learning more about meditation and all sorts of things. Went on to get a number of degrees, degree in engineering, degree in math, degree in journalism, teaching credential. But I wasn’t aligned with self love deeply enough, and just something was missing even though I was having some spiritual experiences. I had a lot of health problems too. I was born with an immune disorder and was sick probably about 25, 30% of the time, sick, very, very, bronchitis, pneumonia, lots of things like that, this is all going on for a number of years. And meanwhile, got married at age 25, I have a Jesus story, if you want to hear a Jesus story,

Art Costello: You can tell me whatever you want.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Well, one day when I was married to my first husband, this is a nice Jewish girl from New York, right? He wasn’t expecting a Jesus experience of anything at all. I had some kind of a horrible nightmare that was more than a nightmare. I was 25 years old, married to my first husband and I couldn’t get back into my body, I couldn’t wake up. I was like, these horrible things were attacking me, and it was just very dark and terrible, and I’m thinking, wake up, wake up, get back into your body. Wake up, wake up, wake up, couldn’t wake up. So I’m praying and I’m like, someone help, help me get back to my body. Help, get me out of this place, and nothing happened. Nothing happened, nothing happened until I said: “Jesus Christ, please help me.” And instantly I saw this really bright light and I dove, I dove into the light, what I dove into the light, that was Christ energy. I opened my eyes, I was back in my body. I bolted up in the bed, and at the foot of my bed was Jesus. Literally standing there glowing like, just glowing with love, this beaming love from his heart. And here’s where it gets really amazing, even more amazing. My husband who was sleeping bolted up in the bed as well. He didn’t have the dream nightmare, spiritual attack or whatever I was going through, but he literally felt Jesus arrive at the foot of the bed, he sat up and he said: “Oh, my God, is that Jesus Christ?” And I said: “Yes.” And we both were in a complete amazement for about a minute or two. And then the image, the feeling, the energy of Jesus kind of faded. But to this day, that’s changed his life and my life. We got divorced later and we ended up staying friends. But not too long ago, I asked him if he still remembered that moment that we had with Jesus and he said: “Are you kidding? I think about it every day.” So a lot of these, just really phenomenal, amazing spiritual experiences.

Art Costello: Why do you think that you are, the word, I guess is susceptible.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Maybe sensitive.

Art Costello: I mean, because I believe in the possibility of everything.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yes.

Art Costello: So I believe what you say happened to you. So when I do that, my thought there is something about you that is, I’m trying to think of what the word, not clairvoyant or not, but there’s something that is an openness about you that lets this happen. It presents itself to you.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: I personally believe that everyone has these capacities, and everyone is intuitive, and everyone is connected to the divine. Whatever form that takes for them, whether it’s God or goddess–

“Everyone has these capacities and everyone is intuitive and everyone is connected to the Divine.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Share on X

Art Costello: I do too.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: –angels, or highest self, whatever word they want to use for that.

Art Costello: At nine years old, I had an experience where, that story’s too long, but we had basically moved from New Jersey, and by the way, I grew up in a Catholic home, but my grandmother was Jewish.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Ah, interesting.

Art Costello: So I have Jewish blood in me. Anyway, we moved from being in an affluent place in New Jersey to a very rural area in Upstate New York where we lived in a house that was literally with no plumbing, this is in 1959.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Oh, wow.

Art Costello: No plumbing, no indoor toilet, we had to haul water from the spring up to the house and all that kind of stuff.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: That’s like a third world.

Art Costello: Yeah. But I went up to this Hill because I was so despondent. I had lost everything that was really near and dear to me, which was baseball. I had played baseball all my life as a little boy, and then all of a sudden we moved to this rural area and didn’t have it. And I went up to this hilltop, laid on my back and asked God what was going to happen to me, what was going to become of me? And after making this trip many times I heard a voice that said: “Your job is just to do and just to be, and be as good as you can be, and be faithful.” And after so many trips up that hill, I really ingested it, believed in it, and it became the mantra for my life. I mean, that’s how everything has happened for me because I always believe that everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be okay.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: That’s pronoia, having a positive belief of believing that it’s a positive universe, right? It’s like the universe is more positive than not.

Art Costello: Absolutely.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: And I believe love is the strongest power, it’s the only true power, and that’s our mission, and it’s our path. And thank you for sharing that. And I believe all of us can hear that voice of love and have these kind of experiences that are miraculous, and some maybe have a little bit more often, or maybe notice them more if you pay attention to them more, or believe in them more, the more we honor our sacred experiences, the more we open that funnel to have more of these blessings.

“Love is the strongest power. It's the only true power and that's our mission and it's our path.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Share on X

Art Costello: Mine happened to me at the major crossroads in my life when I was nine, when I was in Vietnam as a Marine, a combat Marine. And then in 2006 when my wife of 38 years passed away from cancer. Went into a big funk and I laid back out on the lawn and ask God: “What is going to happen to me again?” And just heard a voice: “I’ve given you all the tools, get up and use them.” And it’s what propelled me today, that’s 13 years ago.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yeah, I love that. And that really reminds me of hitting the bottom and then pushing off the bottom epiphany experience that I had in 2008, I’m not even going to talk about the 94 ones, which are those 3 Near-Death Experiences in the Mexican desert, that could be a whole nother show, but I feel where the energy right now is the 2008. So long story short, I ended up getting divorced from the first husband having to really go through that spiritual awakening night before having to really learn how to love myself, that was the number one key. After I had a huge awakening in 1994, I was asking God, how do I find my soulmate? And there were four steps, I’ll tell you this piece, I think this is relevant, and then I want to talk about 2008. But the one I was told immediately was: “Sage, are you serious? Do you really want to manifest your divine right mate?” And I said: “Yes.” And the voice, God, I say God, said: “Pick up a pen.” I picked up a pen, 400 pages came out, but the number one thing in those 400 pages was, there were four steps. Love yourself unconditionally, radically, no matter what, love yourself, that’s step one. Number two, heal yourself on all levels, experience the true deep healing. Turn your wounds into wisdom. Step three, clarify your heart’s desire, get really clear about what you desire and deserve, really clear. Stop settling for less, stop settling just to settle down, really be clear about what you deserve and want in a relationship and in life. And then step four is manifest. Manifest, you’re more than just a soulmate, but a body, mind, heart, and soulmate. So I followed those steps, manifested my amazing husband, it’s been 21 years and growing strong, by the way, happy anniversary to you.

“Love yourself unconditionally, radically no matter what. Love yourself.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Share on X

Art Costello: Nine years.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: It’s such a blessing. Every single day we have one of our right mates, such an incredible gift. So I had that piece of my life, I had this spiritual awakening my life, I had a sense of mission, I was given my calling as a spiritual teacher, as a messenger of love, as a healer, as an intuitive, and as a sacred messenger type, writer, and poet as well. So I had all that, but I still was having problems with health and wealth for years, this went on for years, for decades, and we even lost our home in 2006. And one of the reasons we lost the home, we didn’t listen to my intuition about the house. I know it was the wrong house. So here you go, you could be super intuitive, you could be the most virtual inter-first in the world, but if you don’t pay attention to it, shit happens, right? You go the hard way instead of the easy way. So here we are, this is a funny story, now in retrospect, it’s funny, it wasn’t so funny at the time, but it makes a good story. But we’re actually signing the paperwork, my current husband and I are buying our first house, and we’re in escrow. Remember the days when everything wasn’t electronic and you had three inches thick of papers where you had to sign, and sign, and sign, and sign all the papers. So our mortgage, which was one of those tricky mortgages that they don’t do anymore because so many people lost their homes on them, we had one of those mortgages and it was going to expire like 20 minutes. So they’re all like, hurry up, sign the papers, sign, sign, sign, hurry. And all of a sudden, my eyes look out the window and I see a stop sign, and I’m like, Ooh, that doesn’t seem good. So I’m like, God, are you talking to me? Is that stop? Like I shouldn’t sign these papers? And then my eyes go to another sign in the building, that’s an exit. So then from stop to exit and I’m like, Oh, no, that means we need to get out of this deal. This is not right. So I pulled my husband like: “Sorry guys, I’ve talked to my husband for a second.” I pulled around, I’m like: “Mark, this is not the right house. God’s telling me, I had two signs, we can’t buy this house, we have to walk away. We have to put everything down, we have to walk away.”

And guess what? I let my husband convince me that my intuition was not speaking, that that was not God talking, and that we had to buy this house or this is the only chance we were going to have. And it is fear voice, but I was, well, it’s the man, he knows, so I gave my power away. Bought the wrong house, turned out it had massive amounts of mold, we spent $70,000 the first year trying to get the mold out of that house. God was warning us, right? Do not buy this house, but when you don’t pay attention to the signs that you get, bad things happen. So we lost the house, we walked away from everything, we moved to Hawaii because we were getting signs to do that, we’re starting over, and I’m working as a teacher, classroom teacher. That was one of my many careers. So I’m teaching in the classroom, and the first year was fine, and then I had made a conversation deal with God. Like, I’ll do the classroom teaching for a year to get us stable because someone needs a day job. It was easier for me to get that than my husband. But after that, I really want to get back to my real work. I knew the classroom teaching was something I could do and I can be good up but wasn’t really what I learned and plan to do, I knew that.

“When you don't pay attention to the signs that you get, bad things are going to happen.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Share on X

But second year came and they offered me the contract, and I got a little too comfortable with the paycheck, the golden handcuffs and a little bit too afraid because in the past, whenever I had tried to do my real work, I was poor, I’d never made more than like a $1,000 or $2,000 a month no matter how hard I worked, even though the work I did as a healer, and a spiritual teacher, and intuitive was phenomenal work. Why? Why was I having such a hard time prospering and doing what I love, and being all of who I am. Somehow I didn’t have those aligned, it was like an either or situation. Either had money or I did what I love, but I wasn’t putting the two together. So anyway, in year two, because again, I wasn’t in alignment with what I knew I was supposed to do, which was not to be there that second year, but I was there the second year. And I caught a student, I was teaching eighth grade in Hawaii. And I caught a student cheating on one of those standardized tests, the really big deal tests that they’re teaching to the test all year long. And I caught him cheating, and I reported him, and he threatened to kill me, so I had a death threat. And I think there was some racism involved too because he was native Hawaiian and I was a haole white, obviously I invaded them and stole their country. It was projected like, haole go home. I haven’t thought as sympathetic to indigenous people, you can possibly imagine, I do Shamanic Healing, I’m super, super supportive, I totally feel you should’ve had your country. Well, I am not the one that invaded you, but no, there was kind of this thing going on. Anyway, what happened as a result of the death threat? Oh, H-E double toothpicks broke out. The job situation blew up in my face, and I got terrified for my life because this eighth grade student was 200 pounds, and every time I went outside of my home, I couldn’t finish out the school year, this was six weeks before the end of the school year, and I could not be on, I had a restraining order out against the student. It was just a mess. The administration was not supportive at all. They were very angry at me for calling the police because I made a big deal out of it and they wanted it hush-hush. I was calling 911 and all freaked out.

So I became agoraphobic and actually had PTSD, and you understand that because you were in the war. So I have PTSD, everywhere I looked, I was seeing that student, I was having nightmares, I was terrified, and I hid in bed. So this was like hitting the bottom of hiding in bed and I was just like, wow, no matter what I do, it’s just screwed up, I just can’t see what’s the point, I’m just gonna die anyway. I just had all these horrible negative thoughts. And one day I’m lying in bed, Art, and my five-year-old climbs into the bed, and he strokes my cheek, and he says: “Mommy, when are you coming back?” He literally said, mommy, when are you coming back? He knew I was gone, I was like checked out. And when he stroked me and said, when are you coming back? I made a choice. I had an epiphany and I made a choice. And I made a choice to come back and to fully live for my kids. I wasn’t willing to do it for myself, but I was willing to do it for my children. I didn’t want to abandon my children and leave them without a mother. So I came back and then I had a conversation with God and I said: “I am willing to be your hands, I’m willing to be your voice, I’m willing to do whatever mission you give me, but I am not willing to keep suffering with all these health struggles. I am not willing to keep losing my home, and my job, and have people threatening to kill me. I am not willing to have so much drama, and crisis, and for it to be so hard. So God, we got to work this out. If you want me to do my mission, and you want me to do what you put me here to do, we have to find a way for this workout so that I can be reasonably healthy, reasonably wealthy, reasonably secure, and I deserve that. And that’s what I’m telling you, it’s gotta be that way, or I’m not going to do it.: So I kind of gave God an ultimatum. That’s pretty funny, right? If you think about it, I’d never thought of it that way, but I said: “I’m not willing to play that old game anymore. I’m not willing to have that old pattern, I’m just not. So whatever it is that I have not been understanding, show it to me. Please make that crystal clear now, lightning bolt, burning bush, whatever it takes, make it so clear that I totally get it, please. Because sometimes I’m a little tense, and let’s do this together.”

So the message I had, similar to one that you just had was you have the tools. It was like, you know what? Sage, you’re a hypnotherapist, you’re a Reiki Master, you’re a spiritual teacher, why are you not using the tools for yourself? If someone else came to you, I realized if someone else came to me with these patterns and these situations, I would be telling them, this is what you need to do. Obviously you have some beliefs that you need to shift. Obviously you have some energy that you need to heal. You need to change the patterns, not just like, I’m going to do something different. But inside, the prosperity is inside, the love is inside, the health is inside, it starts in me, it’s in me. And because I wasn’t aligned with that, that’s why I kept attracting these victim patterns. So I had an alignment, and Mark and I actually created, while we were going through this transition, and then we moved back to the mainland, and I have never had a job ever since, that was 2008. So for the last 11 years, I have only done what I consider my real work, my soul work, and I have prospered, I’ve made over $1 million. I think you might’ve mentioned that I was voted the #1 Law of Attraction teacher in the world a few years ago. And it’s not that there aren’t other great teachers, and healers, and techniques,but I think the fact that I just had to go through so much and come up from all of that. I have a textbook walking case study for every single thing that I teach, about manifesting love, about manifesting abundance, about living your purpose, and connecting spiritually, and really applying your spiritual and your intuitive learnings to the world, bringing that forth to the world. So yeah, so we made this abundance audio called Alignment & Abundance, it’s still available online, Alignment & Abundance. And we started listening to it, and it has hypnosis, and it has shock for healing, and it has visualization, and it has the right livelihood prayer. And it has like about 10 to 15 different modalities, which I already knew. I knew the modalities, I just wasn’t using them, I’m using them deeply enough on myself. And within 90 days of working with that, and having this incredible conversation with God, and aligning it up, I was now making, I replaced my classroom teaching income, and free from day jobs, day gags, free from day jobs forever, and just moving forward and onward and upward. So there’s so many little pieces in all of that, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and kind of what’s landing for you. So thank you for letting me share.

Art Costello: Well, I think that when we manifest things that that’s the direction that our lives take. There several things that came to mind that I’m very in tune with what you said, manifestation was one, and then listening to your gut. Because I believe when people listen to their gut, your gut will never lie to you. It will never, ever, ever lie to you, and trust it, they can be in almost any situation. And I probably learned that best in Vietnam, because I trusted my gut a lot.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: That’s why you survived, probably.

Art Costello: Yeah, I think I’ve trusted it all my life. I just trust my inner self, and I’m always having an inner dialogue with myself, and I call up my dialogue with God.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yeah, sure.

Art Costello: And it’s my way of checking in, seeing it, it’s right. In abundance, I’ve not been so good about it, and I don’t know, I mean, I don’t even know how to explain it. Ever since I was seven years old, I have always worked hard and done well monetarily. And then in 2006 when Vicky died of cancer, ovarian cancer, I literally lost everything except the ranch that we had. I mean, I had worked all my life to save for our retirement, and here at 63, I lost my wife and I promised her I would pay off all the medical bills, I spent everything that I had saved all my life. So the last 11 years I have been just, I don’t put very much importance on money anymore. It’s more about just living the way that God wants me to live, but helping as many people as I can. And that’s how Expectation Therapy came about for me, and the writing of it, because believe me, I mean, though my background has been in psychology, educationally, I had never practiced other than, in college and a couple of years, I’ve always on my own businesses and done all kinds of things and all that. So I just believe that we are meant to do things, and we should go ahead and do them.

“We are meant to do things, and we should go ahead and do them...when we do that, we find our happiness.” - Art Costello Share on X

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Right.

Art Costello: Because when we do that, I think we find our happiness. I think that we find the blessings that God has for us, and it’s just the way I live. And I’ve always trusted and had faith that he would provide for me and he has, I mean, he’s just provided for me in every way possible. So I don’t put a lot of, I’m 72 now, and I just don’t put a lot of–

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Emphasis.

Art Costello: Yeah, emphasis on having monetary things because I pretty much have what I need.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Exactly.

Art Costello: So that’s my story on it. But I think the important thing that you’ve said that people really need to listen to is trust your intuition, trust your gut, don’t fu-fu it off. When you hear your inner self telling you not to do something, don’t do it. Don’t get in that car, don’t get in that bad situation, don’t get into a partnerships, don’t get into relationships that are not good for you, trust.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Yeah. So sometimes that voice of intuition is more of that warning voice, those types of situations, and especially with life saving things. But even with things like getting into a business, or moving into that home, or health things too, but also it can also be the positives of those inspirations that we get. And often when it is God or highest self, our intuition, our God, our highest heart, doing that communication with us, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to other people because it’s something so outside of the box of logical thinking that it’s understandable why it doesn’t make sense to other people. But that’s where it takes faith and courage for us to be like, you know what? It doesn’t have to make sense to you. I don’t need your approval. I don’t need you to accept that, but I am going to do what I know is right. And when we live our lives that way, and that’s a lot of what I help people with is intuitive living, so much of it is about trust. Trusting yourself, trusting your process and discernment. When we have an idea or a thought, is that your high self and God talking? Or is that a hope? Or is that a fear? Or is that just a random blip around them thought? Or someone else’s thought? Or someone else’s idea? Who is doing the talking? I’m really getting more clear about that, I have a lot of clearer audience, and also with writing, I do a lot of challenging writing. I teach people how to do that, how to have written conversations with God, and with their own angels, and guides. But I also see energy too, which is really quite amazing to be able to look at people and see their energy, all kinds of stuff.

I have a fun story of seeing ghosts playing chess, that’s a fun story. We actually stayed in a B&B, it wasn’t an Airbnb, but it was an actual Bed and breakfasts, the oldest one, West of the Mississippi. Pretty fun and I walk into the room and room, there was no one else there, we’re the only guests. And then it was like a hostess, and I walk into the salon, and I see the furniture looked different. I was seeing what was actually there physically now, but also seeing like a trace from the past of what it used to look, with the piano over here and different kinds of older antique, what we would call antique furniture nowadays. And I’m like, wow. And there’s two people playing chess, and one of them looks at me, and he taps his hat like, hi ma’am, hello ma’am, and says, Oh, were you waiting to play? So that ghost is asking me if I wanted to play chess. And he’s playing with the younger man, he had a big handlebar white mustache. He wasn’t much waiting but like that kind of mustache. And I’m like, no thank you, I’m just walking through and my husband’s like: “Who are you talking to?” “There’s two ghosts over there playing chess.” So then the next morning it’s so fun. The next morning we’re talking to the hostess and she’s giving us pancakes and eggs and I tell her: “I saw two ghosts, two men playing chess, did it used to be like a chess table in that room? And there was a piano over there.” And she’s like: “Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. That’s right. Look in the book, did you look in the book, the historical book we have of all the things from this place?” And I said: “No. I hadn’t looked in the book at all.” And she said: “Well, just see if you recognize anyone. Just try if you recognize who you saw.” So I’m looking and looking, and the guy with the white handlebar mustache was there and I said: “That’s him. That’s who was playing chess with a younger man with dark hair.” And she said: “That is the man who had this whole place built. He was a US Senator. And he had this house built, he commissioned it. And he’s probably just watching over it to make sure that we’re all okay.”

So it’s pretty fun being that you could say psychic predictive. I don’t do by the way the psychic predictive readings, a lot of times people think, Oh, you know, when is my soulmate going to show up? Or when am I going to win the lottery? Or when this? Or when that? And I personally feel that’s not the right question to be asking because everything is free will. We have a choice, we have our part to play. So it’s not something that is going to happen to you. It’s not an empowered way of looking at the universe. Like some things already set in motion. It’s going to happen to you, your beliefs, your actions that you take, your energy, what’s going on with your energy field, how aligned you are. That’s what’s going to determine when this happens. So the question to ask is, how can I be more aligned with health, with love, with my life purpose, with prosperity. That’s the question to be asking, what do I need to shift within me so that I can attract that, and I can enjoy that. So anyway, that’s just a tidbit for everyone. Stop wasting your money on the psychic hotlines, asking someone to tell you when there’s something going to happen. Stop wasting your money, honey, just stop. You need to get aligned, you don’t need someone to tell you that kinda thing. Because predictive stuff, it could be right, it could be not right. But it’s really more about the energy and the alignment than it is about when something that happens.

“Everything is free will. We have a choice. We have our part to play.” -Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Share on X

But as far as the abundance, I love what you shared Art, because from what I’m hearing from you, it’s not that you’re not worried about money, you’re not feeling stressed, you’re just not feeling like, Ooh, I have to increase my income. Oh, I have to increase my savings. There’s a time in life when you may feel you want to expand, or you need to manifest the money to pay off some bills or for some particular intention, and that’s fine, but people can feel abundant. at almost any amount of money in the bank. They can feel abundant at almost any amount of income as long as their basic needs are met, and there’s been a lot of psychological studies that show that below a certain amount, if your basic needs aren’t met, then it is stressful. It is stressful to be poor, not having your basic secure needs met that creates stress, which creates health problems, and creates mental, and emotional, negative effects too. But above that basic threshold, which for one person could be $1,000 a month, for another person, it could be five or $7,000 a month, or 10, or whatever. But whatever your basic needs are, it’s probably less than one would think for most people. As long as you’ve got your needs met, you don’t have to have massive. I don’t make $1 million a year. I am called the Prosperous Goddess, and I do hold people with prosperity, but I mostly help them too, with their purpose, and with their inner happiness, and their energy, and their spirituality, and their intuition because that’s I think even more important than how much cash they have. Because abundance is more than money.

Art Costello: That is the key.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: It’s more than just money.

Art Costello: I feel spiritually happier than I have in my entire life.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Absolutely, and you probably feel rich. And I’ve been to some third world countries, you might have too, you’re in a military service, obviously you have. But like in Bali for instance, in Indonesia, those people are so poor materially, but they are so rich. They have the richness of closeness with family, they have spiritual meaning, they have beauty, natural beauty, they live in a more present way and more mindful and heartfelt way, they’re present, they’re not rushing, rushing, rushing, constantly trying to achieve. It proved something like we are here. So they have a richness that we don’t have here. So I feel our vision of what is abundant and what is prosperity needs to have a wider view. And that’s part of what I’m all about is it’s not just about the money, but money is also important for many cases. And we can heal our relationship with money too.

Art Costello: Happiness, that is where happiness lies. Because people ask quite often, how can people that are poor be happy? Well, you don’t need money to be happy. You can be spiritually wealthy, and that is where your happiness comes from. And that’s how, it’s a choice, we make choices, and when we make the choices that fulfill our soul then I think we start to find happiness. One thing that I wanted to get in before we get too far, we’re getting close to our time, but one thing that you mentioned that I wanted to do a little brief talk with you about is you mentioned our health, and medical intuitiveness, and medical beliefs affecting your health of getting involved in research. With expectations, and the treatment of diseases, cancer and all that. Because there’s some research that’s been coming out about how people who have not done even chemo have actually lived beyond expectations because their expectations have been so positive about living and wanting to live and all that, and then the placebo group being, or the other parts of the study being people who are very negative, and what was me, I’ve got cancer, I’m going to give up and die, and they do.

“When we make the choices that fulfill our sou, we start to find happiness.” -Art Costello Share on X

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: It’s fascinating.

Art Costello: It’s not only fascinating, but there’s so much truth, and we are what we think we are.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Absolutely.

Art Costello: We are who we think we are.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: We are. Every single cell is connected in this field of consciousness with not only within us but also with others too. We’re interconnected a lot with the Institute of HeartMath and all their great studies, and Bruce Lipton in Epigenetics, and quantum physics. There’s so much now where science and spirit are coming together and saying the same thing, and absolutely, it’s not only the choices that we make, healthy eating, and sleep, and exercise, and having a meditation practice is very important I think for almost everyone, whether they’re spiritual or not. I actually created a meditation program for Kaiser Permanente about 20 years ago, which I’m thinking of doing as an online course because all my students are asking for it. So that will probably be coming out soon. But not only those healthy choices, but the beliefs like you said, and part of the beliefs, I’m going to just add another [inaudible] Art, that it’s not only our conscious belief but also our subconscious beliefs.

Art Costello: Oh, absolutely.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: So we have to get better, and looking under our own hood, or getting some support for that. And one thing Dr. Bruce Lipton said when I was on a call with him was: “If you want to know what your subconscious beliefs are, look at your life. Your actual life is a printout, it’s like a printout of your subconscious beliefs.” So for example, some of my clients are running a belief when we first start working together that they have to work hard to have money. So that means that that’s what their life looks like. Or with health, it’s a great example. I used to run a belief based on my upbringing that I was only taken care of when I was sick. Because when I was a little girl, when I was growing up, that’s when my mom brought me tea. And that’s when she paid attention to me is when I was sick. And when I was healthy, she didn’t pay enough attention to me. So I got this belief that that’s how you get attention, and that’s how you get nurtured, and that’s how you receive love. So I had to identify that and then I had to shift to that. So I’ve enlisted my husband, when you have a supportive partner, it’s great because you can talk to them at this level of things like you with your wife, and your first wife. I say to him, don’t just offer me a neck rub, a foot rub, a cup of tea or whatever if I don’t feel well, offer me that when I do feel well because I’m reprogramming that I get to receive the good stuff when I’m healthy too. So yeah, the beliefs, and it’s amazing, that’s just one example. But everyone has these different beliefs. And it’s so true, even things like cancer, AIDS, or Lyme disease, or Epstein–Barr virus, which is something that I’ve had for 15 years. But when we really believe that we deserve to be healthy, one of the things I’m programming myself all the time is that it’s more fun to be healthy, and I deserve fun, I want fun. It’s really boring when a person is sick and everyone else is going out, having fun, doing all these great things in your home, ah, I’ve left out again, you know? So aligning with making it fun to be healthy, there’s so many ways we can look at, and we could probably talk for an hour just about health beliefs. And I love that you brought that into our conversation, so thank you for that.

Art Costello: Yeah. And we’re getting real close to our time, so I wanted to give you a few minutes to let people know how we can get ahold of you.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Oh, thank you so much.

Art Costello: We’ll include it all in the show notes and everything.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Fantastic. So my main website, I have probably like 30 or 40 websites, but the main one is prosperousgoddess.com, just filled out P-R-O-S-P-E-R-O-U-S-G-O-D-D-E-S-S.C-O-M, prosperousgoddess.com, that’s like the central headquarters. And then if you click at the top there are free resources, I often rotate what those free resources are. But at any given time, there’s two or three different gifts depending upon what you’re interested in. Like right now we have a webinar on becoming a Prosperous Goddess. So there’s a beautiful masterclass, that’s for everyone, especially for awakening women who want to align more with their purpose and with spirituality, and all forms and being empowered, and I could go on about that. I’m so into that prosperous goddessness. So there’s a Prosperous Goddess gift, there’s a Reiki ebook that really talks in a different way than a lot of other books on Reiki. Talk about that as a path to Awakening, Ascension, health, and wealth, and that’s free. So again, FREE, just prosperousgoddess.com and you can get the Reiki gift.

My newest gift is a quiz that you can take to assess your woundedness about mother or motherhood. So it’s called THE MOTHER WOUND QUIZ. And I know you and I were talking about how passionate I am about that, as an adoptee, obviously I have that form of mother wound. I’ve also known my birth mother, my birth mother found me and reconnected into my life when I turned 21, so she’s been a part of my life as an adult. And then there’s stuff to heal regarding that relationship. And then there was stuff to heal about my mother who raised me, who’s the one that I call mom. So I have three different aspects of motherhood, but mother wounds can also be not only about your mother, or mother’s in my case, but also about yourself as a mother. So women who are a mother or women who lost a child, or have had a lot of miscarriages, or abortions, or wanted to become a mother but couldn’t become a mother, or have issues with stepchildren or things like that. So there’s a lot of forms that can take, and when you heal your mother wound, you actually align more with the divine feminine. It relates to your ability to receive from the universe. I was just talking with one of my clients in Europe this morning, we’re working on making great progress with helping her open to receive more instead of being a give-aholic and always, always, always, always putting someone else first and having herself on the back burner all the time because a lot of women do that, a lot of entrepreneurs do that, a lot of healers do that, a lot of parents and caregivers do that. So this whole universe of healing one’s mother wound, there’s also a father wound obviously, you may find the quiz really, really insightful. And again, that’s free.

And then of course, if anyone wants to find out more about our different programs and courses, you can learn more there. There’s the Alignment & Abundance. By the way, Art, I would like to gift that to you, I hope you will allow yourself to receive, I want to just give you that abundance of audio as a gift just to thank you for having me on the show. And you listen to it while you sleep. It’s so cool because you don’t need any time in your busy day. You just push play and you listen to while you sleep. And it’s 100% positive, and it’s proven to work, and it’s something like 500, 600 people have used it. And it really helps in a lot of ways. It’s not only about manifesting money, although for a lot of people that does happen. It’s also about feeling, feeling more aligned, feeling more abundant, feeling more joyful, feeling more happy, feeling more creative, feeling more connected in your life. So there’s a lot of good stuff going on in there. So yeah, come over to Prosperous Goddess guys, you can find me on Instagram at SAGE, The Prosperous Goddess. You can find on Facebook, The Prosperous Goddess. Pretty much everything in Prosperous Goddessy. That’s me, and I’m delighted to connect with anyone. If you heard of the show, feel free to send me an email, feel free to hit me up with a message or let’s connect. I’d love to hear what’s going on for you, and what resonated for you, or any questions that you might have. I’m totally here for you, and thank you Art.

Art Costello: Well, we thank you, and thank you for, and I received that gift from you.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Wonderful, my joy.

Art Costello: Sage Taylor Kingsley Goddard, this has been a great conversation and I can’t wait to do it again. I mean, this hour went fast, it’s one of those conversations that you just get into, and it just enlightened you and opens up so many avenues of new thought.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Art Costello: We love it when we have given others the ability to have epiphanies about things. And I hope that our guests and listeners have all learned from Sage today. Something that they can take and apply to their life, and make it different, and change something that you want to change.

Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard: That’s why we do what we do. Absolutely. Amen, and A women.

Art Costello: I thank you. And with that being said, everybody knows where they can get ahold of me, expectationtherapy.com, and we look forward to having you back next week. All our guests, hope you really did learn from Sage, and I’m gonna encourage you to connect with her and support her in any way you can. And with that being said, Heather White, can you take us out of here for today?







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