Leave the Limits and be Remarkable with Kristin Smedley

Don’t let your limitations limit what you can do! What you can achieve depends on how you make choices. The key to your epiphanies lies on slowing down and allowing yourself to walk down that path. Having limitations does not mean your journey has come to an end, rather, that it is taking you to somewhere better. Listen to these real life experiences and be ready to make your story different.

Now’s the Time to Change Your Life with Dr. Lori Shemek

“To eat or not to eat,” is NOT the question. The term diet has been overused but is often misunderstood. What you eat is really the issue. Your choices are so crucial in maintaining homeostasis in your body. Everybody wants to have an optimal health, age well and live long. Researches shed light on why we should think a hundredfold before listening to our sweet tooth. Today’s podcast gives you a list of the things you need to avoid and start doing NOW!

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