Moving Through Past Experiences with Positive Energy with Dr. Bindu Babu

What’s a better way to launch the Shower Epiphanies’ very first episode than radiating positive energy. Sometimes we compromise ourselves to meet what is expected of us. But often, this spells unhappiness and emptiness as we gradually lose ourselves along the way. Today’s podcast is for everyone who’s been living their lives for anybody else but themselves. Grow yourself back again. You deserve all the love and acceptance you’ve been longing for.

A Sense of Community

This past week Beverly and I took a short trip to Parsons, Tennessee to see her spry active eighty-seven year old mother. I love taking this trip on so many levels. First of all I love seeing her mom and spending time with her. Her soft Tennessee ways I find...

Your Future Depends on It!

The Power of Expectation A question that I’m often asked is “Do expectations really matter”? My answer is pretty straightforward. More than you will ever realize is my pat answer. But it goes much deeper when I let my heart’s desires run loose with my passion...

I am a What If~~~~ Kind of Man

I can remember my very first “what if” moment! When I was around five or six, my mother and I were driving down a road and there was a truck in front of us. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was carrying long section of pipe around 2 inches in diameter and...

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