Anything Can Be Anything with David Adelson

In this episode, Art and David reveal the secret to an enjoyable and fulfilled life. We are agents of change and our mission is to empower ourselves to be able to make conscious choices and believe in the possibility of anything. Yes, anything!

Be Prepared Parents with Jay Gabrani

In this episode, Art interviews Jay Gabrani, Founder of Prepared Fathers, to expound on the subject of financial preparedness. Jay shares his heartbreaking story and how this opened his eyes to the importance of preparedness, especially when there are kids involved.

Live Your Passion with Corey Poirier

In this episode, you will discover how to identify your passion and be the doer of your dreams. Our guest, Corey Poirier will also help us differentiate a speaker and a story-teller and which should we be to create the deepest impact.

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