Be Prepared Parents with Jay Gabrani

In this episode, Art interviews Jay Gabrani, Founder of Prepared Fathers, to expound on the subject of financial preparedness. Jay shares his heartbreaking story and how this opened his eyes to the importance of preparedness, especially when there are kids involved.

Think Opposite, Change the World with Alison Donaghey

  Some of us go around life circling within the loop of our own comfort zones that we keep ourselves from truly experiencing life. Going against that is Alison Donaghey, a cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author. Alison believes in thinking...

How to Light the Fire in You with Belkis Clarke Mitcham

Life could have been better without pain. But, it is with pain that we learn how to hope, and it is with hope that we are able to burn. This isn’t just empty words. Listen in as Belkis Clarke-Mitcham shares her story and how this can relate to you. There’s life beyond the pain and trauma and it is within your reach. Light your fire and find the way back into your own happiness.

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