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Experiences are key factors to our failures and successes in life. Inspirational and keynote speaker Daniel Gomez talks about how he was born to fly. He shares the life experiences that shaped him into who he is today. Daniel believes that we are destined for greater things and that we are all born to fly through discovering our purpose. He talks about attitude and how having a positive mindset can lead you to greatness and success. His book, You Were Born To Fly: Be Original, Be The Best YOU, is one of the many positive results of his great belief in the connection between intuition and God.

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You Were Born To Fly with Daniel Gomez

And Not By The Seat Of Your Pants

I am thrilled and honored to have Daniel Gomez on the show. He’s a powerful keynote speaker. He has tons of experience in team building, sales mastery, customer service and confidence coaching. He has written the book, You Were Born to Fly. He inspires and creates great things in not only people’s lives but in corporations. It’s a blessing to have him on the show. Without further ado, Daniel, welcome to the show. Can you tell us your story?

First of all, thank you for having me. It’s an honor to be on your show. I love people that smile and you print a smile on my face too, so thank you.

If you can’t smile, then we’ve got a problem. We’re talking two of the most positive people that I know, you and me. Tell us your story. How did you get to be so happy and go lucky? Tell us the story of how you transformed and all that.

I got a curveball, a knuckleball, basketball and slider. They threw them all on me. It’s one of those things where you learn at a young age. You dream, and I think it started with dreaming. I grew up in the south side of San Antonio and my mom passed away when I was ten years old. I remember being a little kid. We’d be at the hospital a lot because she had breast cancer. She ended up passing away from breast cancer and when that happened, the dynamics of my family changed. Everything was different. My dad was from San Marcos’s small town called Martindale, Texas. After she passed away, we moved up there to San Marcos and I hated it because it was a small town. Me coming from San Antonio, it’s not that I was the most popular kid or something because I was only at sixth grade. I was up there in San Marcos and it was a small town. Nobody likes the new kid. All the other guys hate me, but all the girls liked me. I was the new kid in school, so it was awesome. I’ve always learned to fight in a sense. You always learn to have a little bit of grit. That grit that I learned as a teenager or as an adolescent, I got there and I hated it. I came back to San Antonio and then my sister went into financial problems, so I ended up going back to San Marcos with my dad. I wasn’t homeless, but I was moving a lot when I was younger.

I never had that home to say. I remember I was saying something and I guess God heard that because I never prayed it. Maybe in my mind, I would say the coolest thing would be to have a house that my children would go to the same school and they would share teachers. What I thought the coolest thing was is when it was the first day of school and they’d be like, “You better be nice. I had your sister last year.” They always intrigued me because maybe I didn’t have that because we moved around so much. By the grace of God, we’ve been in our house now for several years. That dream came true for me. My daughter is older, but they shared on teachers and it was something amazing that just happens. You think about it and it comes to fruition. Our mind is so powerful. We don’t realize it. It’s even working when we don’t even want it to work.

You know that I work with expectations. I research them and I do all kinds of things with expectations because it’s my belief that God is playing the deceit of expectation in every man, woman and child. It’s conception. When we use that power of belief, faith and expectation, things come true. Our backgrounds are very similar. I didn’t lose my mother, but we moved from a very urban area to a rural area and baseball was everything to me. My parents separated because my dad had to go to work in the city and all of that. Those events in our lives can either break us or make us. It’s a choice that we make. I, at nine years old, had a conversation with God that changed my life. Did you have a conversation with God? Do you remember ever asking or praying about it?

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I remember I used to like this girl. Before I went back to San Marcos, we went to Peter Piper Pizza. Her dad goes, “If you want to go out with my daughter, you need to go to church with us.” I was like, “Okay. Let’s go.” I grew up in a Catholic church, but it was a nondenominational church. We went and we ended up having to clock out for teenagers. I remember that this gentleman prayed over me and it was the first time I heard anybody pray in tongues. I had no idea what it was. It did freak me out, but I just stayed there. That’s the first reality that I thought of a God moment in my life. I think that’s where God planned it. Normally, some would see some plant and some water, and some see the harvest. That gentleman, they were praying in tongues. I never forgot that moment. I remember I was there. He was a tall guy from Africa, so I had a little doubt in all this. I could feel his hands over me. That was the first time it planted a seed in me because of his grace.

I never give up and I never got discouraged. I did try to commit suicide when I was eighteen. Being in San Marcos, they say kids never fell in love. I fell in love with my high school sweetheart and we ran away to some crazy stuff. With my mom, the moving and everything, by that time when I came back to San Antonio at my senior year, I was dating this one girl. I didn’t even think about it, but without realizing it, I had all these emotions I weren’t dealt with. I tried to take my life and I was wondering why I lived. I said, “Why am I alive?” I asked myself that. I have this big, old scar. I would look in the mirror and I would hate it, but it doesn’t bother me anymore because now I see it as my grace scar. I remember being eighteen to nineteen and I would ask God, “Why am I alive? Why don’t I just die?” Everybody tells you that you have a grander purpose, but you don’t see it when you’re that young or you don’t want to see it because you’re getting at your smoking pot, drinking and not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. God has a way of guiding us if you think about it.

Let’s talk about this. I believe that when we go through these traumatic events in our lives, that is God’s way of teaching us lessons. Obviously, you learned the lesson. How would you tell anybody in the audience that hope never fades and that faith never yields? What got you through that? What got you to the point where you came out on the other side and saw it? Can you identify it?

At that time, I was with my uncle and my sister since my mom passed away. My sister was ten years older than me, so she was like my mom at that point in my life. No matter how much adversity we had gone through, she didn’t give up. She went to school to better herself and she was always at the hospital. She was like, “Daniel, take a shower. Do this, do that.” I didn’t care. There was a point in my life when I was like, “Forget this.” By that time, I was getting older and I ended up graduating. I met my wife shortly after that and I was just a rebel. I was going 100 miles an hour, to be honest with you. By God’s grace is I met my wife and she ended up getting pregnant. During those first three years that I was with my wife, my sister would always invite us to church. I didn’t want to go to church. I would see them struggling financially. To me, a gift that God gave me was I was always good with money. No matter what I made or what I did, I always found a way to have an excess. In my mind, I’d be like, “Why do I need to go to church? You go to church and you’re struggling. I don’t need your God.” In a sense, that’s what I thought.

I’ll never forget that I went in one day. My wife had gone to see her mom out of town in Del Rio. I went out with the guys and we had some drinks. I was young. I was about 23 or maybe 24 and I’ll never forget the pastor. Granted I walked in there and I was a little hung over, to be honest with you if we’re being transparent about it. He goes, “You, young man, God is going to bless you. A promotion is coming your way.” I’ve never been there. I didn’t know who he was, but the way he said it, I was in it. I wasn’t even a believer. Fair enough, I got promoted a couple of months later. I was the youngest manager there. We smile and I’ll go in personality and everybody was mad because I was telling older people what to do. I was just adding people skills at a young age. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t want to say I was wealthy, but I was on the pace to have wealth. I was buying mutual funds and saving up money. I was doing everything the right way at a young age. When they gave him three weeks to live, that changed my life. I’ll never forget they said, “Get out of the hospital room.” I was like, “What are you talking about? This is my dad.” He goes, “Yeah, but you don’t believe. We’re going to pray for him.” They literally wanted me to get out of the hospital because they said I didn’t have faith.

I remember I went home and got so drunk. I was just mad at everybody. Before I left the hospital that day, I went outside and I was crying. I said, “God, I don’t know you but if you help my dad, I’ll serve you for the rest of my life.” By the grace of God, he lived a year. I left my job. My owner donor was upset and he was irritated because he put me through school and I had my horticulture degree. I said, “I’m going to take care of my dad.” He said, “What are you going to do?” I said, “I don’t know.” At the back of my mind, I had money saved up. I was 25. I lived well for two years because I didn’t have a lot. We ended up opening a piñata store and we traveled to Eagle Pass and Laredo and it was fun. I thought I was going to heal my dad. I woke up that next day and my wife thought I was crazy. I said, “We’re going to go to church. We’re going to give tithe. We’re going to give 10%.” It came out of nowhere and she thought I was like, “This dude is losing it.” That’s when I saw the hand of God and I was aware that this is the life I need to live.

SE 31 | Born To Fly

Born To Fly: Your grander purpose is still unclear when you are at a young age.


Dad ended up passing away, but we kept serving God and God kept promoting us. I’ve always believed in giving. There was a point there though when I got into the car business when I started in sales, the success came. It got to a point where it got to my head. Now I look back and I see a lot of Christians that say, “How come so and so is blessed? They’re not even Christians.” Yeah, but they’re doing their principles of God. It’s the principles of this world. It’s like the Law of Gravity. You talk about expectation. There are laws that God puts and reap what you sow. If you’re sowing financial seeds, God is going to bless you back. I knew that. No matter how much I stayed away from God, I knew that my blessings were from him and that he was my provider. It got to the point where I got too far away. The check engine light was coming off in my life and I was ignoring it. It got to the point where something would happen and I’d find my way out of it.

Finally he said, “If you want to be hardheaded, that’s okay.” My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He have been calling me home. What do you do? She got depressed with me. The way things happened, I ended up resigning from work because I thought it was the honorable thing to do to take care of my wife because she got depressed. Little did I know that after we got our miracle, she had two surgeries. From September to December, she was cancer free. She goes, “I want to go back to work.” I said, “Go.” During that time, I started reading Think and Grow Rich. All the busyness of work, employees and inventory went away. I didn’t like who was on the other side of the mirror.

You’ve got to like who’s on the other side of the mirror.

I saw this arrogant empty guy. You take on an identity that God didn’t want from you. I was confident, but it was an egotistic, cocky confidence in me. They came and prayed for my wife. They said, “Do you mind if we prayed for your wife?” I was like, “Yeah, I’m a Christian.” I was thinking this and I didn’t say this. I just said yes, but it insulted me. Looking back now, I see the reason that they asked was because of how far away I didn’t see that in me. I see the changes in myself now. It’s been amazing. I’ll never forget that I came across an old email that I have printed out because even though I ran the leadership, I love to do the training. I will go give out the awards for our dealership to the community. A principal goes, “Do you want to say some words to the kids, Daniel?” I was like, “No, I don’t want to say any words. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to lie to you.” She was like, “Yeah.”

I went and sat down, and my intuition said, “You do the training every Monday just talking about attitude. Say some words.” I said, “Ma’am, I think I can say a couple of words. I can’t speak forever, but I can only speak for five to ten minutes.” Twenty minutes later, I had the kids yelling and looking down. A week later, we got an email. The counselor sent me the email. She goes, “Who’s this car guy that came and spoke to the kids? They’re not the same. He’s running through the house yelling and screaming.” I was like, “What did I do?” I would take the Chevrolet caps with me and give them out to the students. “He has a Chevrolet cap and he’ll look in the mirror. He’s telling himself, ‘I love myself. I believe in myself.”’ I said, “Thank you. Praise God.”

You became a motivational speaker.

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That’s what God wanted me to do. When I found this email, I had this thing that I hadn’t even messed with. You flip it up and you can put stuff in there. That’s where I kept that. I read it and I just cried. My wife was at work and she was doing okay. We had started our journey with breast cancer recovery. When I told her that I’ll be a motivational speaker, they thought I was crazy. One thing led to another. Now I’m actually certified, and took that and kept growing and studying. I looked at some of the videos I first did on my website and I was like, “Who put this junk on my website?” I wouldn’t hire this guy.

I’ve got to tell you my John Maxwell story. When I was in San Diego, I went to John Maxwell’s church in San Diego when he had 150 to 200 people in it. It was called Skyline Church in San Diego. That church grew and grew. It was immense. Even when after he left and went to Atlanta and started his company and left the ministry, that church blossomed and did some great work. It’s still a huge church. I haven’t been back. I’ve just been blessed with having some great pastors. To tell you a little bit about it, in 1968, I was at Calvary Chapel when Chuck Smith had the tents in Costa Mesa, California because that’s where I started my college at Orange Coast College. My favorite Chuck Smith story is when he took us all down to the Pacific Ocean to baptize us with 4,000 people. It was an immense crowd. We walked down to the beach and here were all these people and we were standing. Chuck Smith walked up to us, grabbed my wife by one hand, me by the other and brought us out into the ocean and baptized me.

What were you doing in California?

I was in the Marines. I stayed in California to go to college and then went to San Diego back to Orange County and bounced around there. I worked in the entertainment business and all that stuff. Here’s the interesting thing about this whole thing. Ten to twelve years later, a friend of mine contacted me and said that there is a great church in Fullerton, California that was just starting and we’ve got to go. We took our wives and we drove up there on Sunday morning. We walked in and the pastor introduced himself. He said, “My name is Chuck Swindoll.” He started preaching and I said to Randy Smith, my neighbor, “Randy, we’ve got to come here to church.” He’s a teacher. I went on to teach Sunday school there to the kindergartners and first graders and all that. I’ve been blessed with some of the best leaders through it. I’ve always believed that’s God’s plan for me.

You had John Maxwell and Chuck Smith and you can’t go wrong with either one of those two.

They are some great pastor leaders that have created many leaders that have spread out around the country. I’m just blessed with that. I was in the right place at the right time. God knew what he wanted to do with me. It sure has made a difference in my life even though I’ve fought it at times. I went through some tough things. My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on September 23rd, 2003 and she passed away on September 16th, 2006. Those are major events in our lives when we’re faced with those adversities, but they’re meant to teach us, grow and test us. All kinds of things come out of adversity. Our attitude affects it. How do you address attitude when you’re speaking to large groups or corporations? How much emphasis do you put on attitude versus faith?

SE 31 | Born To Fly

Born To Fly: People who are blessed are doing the principles of God.


It’s funny you bring that up because I’ll be talking about attitude. They requested an attitude speech. It’s hard to talk for an hour strictly about attitude, but you tie it in with mindset. When I address it, it’s like an airplane. An airplane has an instrument called the altitude indicator. The altitude indicator lets the pilot know how far up they are to the ground. We have that within us. We have an indicator within us and it’s our conscience. I tell people, “When you wake up, what attitude do you choose to put on?” When you go to your dresser or when you go to your closet if you’re a man you pick out which suit you’re going to wear. If you’re a woman, you’ll figure out, “What dress am I going to wear to work?” then you put on your clothes for the day. At that same time, you’re putting on your clothes and you’re getting ready, you’ve got to figure out, “Which attitude am I going to put on? Am I going to put on a positive attitude? Am I going to put on a negative attitude?” What attitude are you going to put on? I said, “If you don’t put that mindset in a proper attitude in the proper place right away, you’re losing.” Let’s say you had a rough day the day before. Who’s going to go to work the next day in the same old dirty clothes? No one is.

You’re going to take a shower and go into the closet and get your new outfit for the day or your suit for the day. It’s the same thing with your attitude. Many of us bring stuff home from work. We bring stuff home from school or whatever it may be and we just keep that on our attitude and wear that attitude the following day. We never wash it off and never take it off. I tell people that when you wake up and you’re getting dressed in the morning as you’re getting clothes, clothe yourself with a positive mindset. 89% of people fail because of the wrong attitude. Attitude is a difference maker. Attitude can get you further in life than your education. It’s not your aptitude, it’s your attitude that determines your altitude.

Let’s say you have an opening in the office and you have John and you have Mary and they’re both exactly qualified. They’ve been both there at the same time. They both went to Harvard. They’re both on the dean’s list centered. They’re the cream of the crop, as we say. If John has a terrible attitude and Mary has a positive attitude, who are you going to promote faster? You’d get the person who is smiling. Usually, when you have a negative attitude, you’re always mad. You’re always judgmental. You have that frown, that angry look on your face. Nobody wants to be around that. If you think of someone who has a positive attitude, they’re smiling. They look better. They have a glow to them. Not only that, just think about this. One negative person with a negative attitude can bring the whole team down. The attitude you choose to wear, it might cause your promotion because you feel that vibration. You feel that frequency that you put on and nobody wants to be around negativity.

I take it a little bit deeper with attitude. I attach the seeds of expectation because I believe that God planted those seeds in us. We look at our expectations in two lenses. It’s either faith or fear. Fear is what stops us, but faith is what drives us. When you link faith, attitude, perspective and all of those things together, it creates a fertile environment for success. That’s something for you to think about when you start talking about attitude because everything starts with an expectation. I challenge people all the time, “Tell me something you do that is not expectation-based.” That’s why God created us because he gave us free will. We have the expectation, but then we have the free will to choose. I’m just so fundamental in everything that I do. If you’re going to be a good baseball player, you’ve got to learn the fundamentals first. If you’re going to be a good speaker, you’ve got to learn the fundamentals. Everything is about fundamentals and then building on the fundamentals. When I researched, I reversed researched.

All my life I’ve been taught all these things in psychology because that’s what my degree is in and all that. When I reverse engineered it, the one single thing that I came down to that is every man, woman and child, and I believe it’s planted by God, is that seed of expectation. That’s why man has all the things that we’ve created. We have done all these creative things. That’s why when you talk about you don’t have to have all the education in the world to go out and be successful, it’s that grit, determination, faithfulness and persistence that everybody talks about. The seed of it all is in our expectation and how we look at them. Just think about this. All of our depression and anxiety is all about unmet expectations. We build these expectations up in our head and when they don’t come true, we fight it. We do all these silly things. That’s not the way that God intended us to be. He intended us to be these positive and fruitful human beings that he planted here and created.

The problem is we have those agreements that we agree with, that somebody tells us, “Don’t get your hopes up. What if it doesn’t happen?” It becomes an agreement that we carry with us our whole life.

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Do you know that’s how people become controlled? When you can control somebody’s expectations, you have gained control of them. Whether it be Satan, whether it be politics, whether it be economics or any of that stuff, that’s why we have financial expectations. Think of what happens to the stock market when a corporation fails to meet its financial expectations. Their stock goes down. When it’s positive and things are going good, the stock goes up. It’s almost like God’s law.

I teach that sometimes, the Law of Expectation. People don’t realize that the Law of Gravity exists and the Law of Expectation exists. It says that 85% of what you expect will happen. If you’re expecting nothing, that’s what’s going to happen.

When we get therapists telling people, life coaches, teachers and all kinds, you can go through the gamut. When they tell kids and adults not to expect something, they’re relinquishing the control of their life to them. When I lost my wife in 2006, for three years, I was lost. Everything that had been near and dear to me had been pulled out from me again like it was when I was nine. I went out to the lawn on the ranch and I laid on my back. I looked into the heavens like I did at nine and asked God what was going to become me. I asked that question again, “God, what’s going to become me?” I heard the voice in me that said, “Just get up. I’ve given you all the tools that you need to be the most successful human being.” It rejuvenated me when I did that. It’s important to keep in touch with your inner self and let God speak through you and listen to him because it will never steer you wrong. When you have a gut feeling about something, trust it because that’s God talking to you. That’s a true story. I got up from that encounter on the lawn on my ranch. I was 63 years old then and it changed my life. I started living and doing and haven’t stopped all that.

After a few years, you look great.

I’ll be 72.

You can’t even tell, Art. You look strong and awesome.

SE 31 | Born To Fly

Born To Fly: It’s the attitude that determines the altitude.


I am strong and that strength comes from believing and having faith in myself and God. He’s given me good health and I am thankful. When you trust and have faith, it’s very freeing. It’s a freedom that most people don’t get to it.

If someone needs an extra dose of faith, what do you recommend to them?

The first thing when you need to renew your faith is you have to have come to Jesus talk with yourself. Open up yourself and you got re-surrender. You’ve got to surrender back into God’s word and have faith that he’s got a plan for you. His plan isn’t always our plan. He may want to take us in a different direction, but if we don’t have faith and trust in him, we’re never going to know. We keep on doing these worldly things and living our lives according to us instead of according to what He wants. Things fall in place when you surrender. Surrender is a powerful tool that God has given us to create faith, hope and all that. I know it sounds weird to surrender and still have hope, but in God’s world, it’s not. Your faith becomes in him and your strength comes from him. You can conquer anything.

One of the things I’ve learned throughout my whole life is that when I was nine and I went to that top of that hill when I was feeling so alone, what I came away with is to have faith and hope. I trusted in his word that he had a plan for me and it wasn’t my plan. It was his plan. It was only my job to do what was right and to do how he was leading me. I surrendered at nine to that. I’ve not been the best Christian in the world. I’ve done some stupid and dumb things. I always had in my mind the faith that he had a plan for me and it was going to carry it out. I just had that faith that everything was going to be okay and everything was always going to work out. I know because of God’s plan, everything in my life is always going to work out. That is what has let me live this life of freedom. I’ve done lots of things. I’ve worked in the entertainment business, I played semi-pro baseball. I did all kinds of things because I’ve never been afraid to try anything.

Something that comes to mind when you’re saying that is when I started my speaking career and you’re doing this, I went to John Maxwell’s first conference to get certified. It was an inner calling, but I’ve met a couple of authors and it was like, “How awesome would it be to write a book?” I just thought it was cool. Never in my wildest dreams that I ever think that I would write a book. When I came back, I was thinking about writing a book and doing this book. I caught a couple of publishers. One guy wanted $20,000 and another guy wanted $15,000. I was like, “I don’t have money.” The next thing I know, I ended up finding this guy. I was going to use him in God’s intuition. God has handled it for me. I got this email out. I had never met this person.

My publisher is Darren Plumber. He said, “I’m going to help you. I’m going to charge you this.” I didn’t know what I would do. Sure enough by the grace of God, I did it by faith because I was waking up at 3:30 every morning writing this book. He said, “How long did it take you to write it?” It took me 60 days to write off the book and then took another 30 to 45 days to do the final editing. The reason I asked that question is that even though I wrote this book, even though God blessed this book and then became an international bestseller, I was like, “God, what’s the next stage now? What’s next?” That’s where I was at and I try to surrender. Sometimes I feel like I have to have a little bit more faith.

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Surrendering is difficult because, by nature, we want to be in control. When you think about it, Americans never surrender. Surrendering to God is a whole different ball of wax. There are so many benefits to it. One of the things that it creates is living in the moment. You don’t worry about the past and you don’t worry about the future. That is powerful because when you’re living in the moment and enjoying the time that you and I are exchanging right now, I’m into it and you’re into it. Nothing else matters to us right now. Imagine everything you do that way, you don’t worry about the speech. That’s why I don’t consider myself a top-notch speaker on stage. I do and I don’t. I don’t prepare. I let God speak through me. He’s never failed me. Whenever I’d have to talk to audiences, it just comes out. I talk to the audience and that’s it. Everybody said, “You can’t do that.” Watch me.

I have to turn a speaking gig down because they wanted a written verbatim speech that I was going to give to their audience and they didn’t want any fluctuations from it. I said, “I can’t do it. I don’t write out speeches. I don’t do that. I speak from the heart.” We can’t control that. I’ll go, “That’s part of the plan.” I don’t want you to control it. What I encourage people is to have faith because if they start living their lives and start living the way that we’re meant to, there’s a plan for each and every one of us and our greatness will come out. Your confidence will rise and you’ll see your life change and turnaround.

I’m the same way. I use a general introduction. That’s usually the same first three or four minutes in your introduction. After that, I’ll move through it and it’s amazing that you use the same thing because I have the same problem. The speak I have is for a big corporation and they’re like, “Do this.” I’m thinking, “I can do it.” I’m thinking about it. I don’t write it, but they want to write so I give them an outline. I was going through the outline. I had to put it together because they wanted a PowerPoint and then he goes, “That’s all you’re going to put.” I don’t do a 50-page PowerPoint. I just put a generic PowerPoint. I was like, “The skimming guide works. They would trigger my mind and that’s going to help me. That’s all I need.”

That’s all you need. You need that and faith. I speak so much to my audience. I pick up in the middle of some things just what the audience is needing and wanting. I can read it in them when I can see them.

That’s just confirming that I’m on the right track.

SE 31 | Born To Fly

You Were Born To Fly: Be Original, Be The Best YOU

You are on the right track. You’re following the plan that God has written and the plan that you have for yourself.

I want to tell your audiences that I speak from the heart on this because when I truly had to dive in myself and let go, I realized that I couldn’t save my wife. God is the only one that could have saved my wife. You and I are talking about attitude, but I will tell you this. Your attitude is 100% responsible for the success in your life. No matter what the doctors told us, I told my wife, “Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to that negativity.” I have no disrespect with the doctors, but a lot of them say, “I’m being realistic. I’m giving you the sign.” Whether they’re realistic or negative, I told my wife, “Just thank God that you’re healed and think positive.” Every day I would drive her crazy because I say affirmations like, “Thank God that I’m healed. Thank God for this. There’s so much power in the mind that your attitude does help you get on the other side of that storm to where you’re going to come out of it. It’s not always the way we wanted commodity because we should have been done with surgeries before and we still have one last that shouldn’t have been happening.” Through those disappointments, it brings your family closer together. It brought me closer to my wife and closer to my children. Don’t say, “Why did this happen to me?” but, “What can I learn from this?” I promise you that there’s a blessing.

If we look at everything as a learning experience, there are no failures. That’s out of my book.

If you go to my website, DanielGomezSpeaker.com, I have an amazing special right there. I’ve got my 30-Day Transformational Program online. We have full HD videos and full workbook that we’re going to give to you. What I’m going to do for your audience is if they buy the 30-day transformational program, I’m going to upgrade them to the Twelve-Week Personal Growth Program with no additional costs. Instead of getting just the 30 days, you’re going to get the full twelve weeks. That’s going to save them over $600 in savings. When they sign up for it and they put a note, I’m going to upgrade them for no additional cost that might get from me to your audience. I do that internally. All they do is purchase the 30 days and then I go in there and I upgrade them at no additional cost. That’s my gift from me to your audience. Go to DanielGomezSpeaker.com and that’s where you’ll find me. That’s where all my stuff is at.

Thank you, Daniel. This has been a blessing and that course will be a blessing to my audience. I’m going to encourage you to go out and get it. What a generous offer he’s making and we appreciate it. Daniel, thank you for being on the show. He’s been a special guest. We need to support him in the work that he’s doing and get after him. Get after Daniel because he’s got some good things to say.

It’s been a blessing. Thanks for having me. It’s my honor to serve you and your audience.

It’s my pleasure, Daniel.

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