power of expectation

The Power of Expectation

A question that I’m often asked is “Do expectations really matter”? My answer is pretty straightforward. More than you will ever realize is my pat answer. But it goes much deeper when I let my heart’s desires run loose with my passion about the need to teach and explore expectations. Why do they matter? The simple answer is what you expect equals what you get, or effort in equals effort out! Expectations are at the core of our intellectual intelligence that drives our human creativity, thought and actions to move mankind forward both personally and communally. It only makes common sense that we have higher expectations if we want to move forward on any level. The problem is the world is moving farther and farther away from that kind of thinking. An observation I have made is that we seem to be willing to let others do the work and we kind of tag along until it suits us to jump on the bandwagon. Which really is another way of saying that we have become lazy and are willing to let others take control of the outcome of our lives. How has this come about? What we have done on a gradual basis is lower the expectations we have of parents, teachers, community leaders, and ourselves in all facets of our lives. Let someone else worry about it and we’ll just live with it. Most are happy with doing that but at some point it doesn’t turn out to their liking or advantage and then the uproar starts and the second-guessing begins. “How could this have happened? “ and then point the finger at everyone else but ourselves. Again this is the easy route out. The question then becomes “How do we change it? Can I really become a difference maker? Does it really matter in the big scheme of life? I have always understood that change comes in two forms, either it is forced (laws, rules & legislation) upon us or that we make a conscious decision to change our behavior. I have always felt more comfortable with changing myself versus have it forced upon me. I think that most would agree to this scenario in their lives. When we have higher expectations at our core thinking and philosophies then it becomes easier and easier to identify and react to the bombardment of negative’s that are thrown at us throughout our daily routines. I have found it to be easier to share all my beliefs and passion when I know that my core expectations are of the highest magnitude. I guess you can call it confidence or whatever you care to, all I know is that I’m more comfortable speaking my mind when I know that my core expectations are in the right place. So when you find yourself at that point where you need to ask if expectations really matter, my hope is that you will take the time and reflect back on your core expectations and answer, “You bet your life they matter and I’ve got high expectations “. We have lived under the cloud of expecting less for way too long and it’s driving the performance of the human condition to the lowest levels known to mankind. We cannot let this happen or the consequences will be devastating to all mankind.

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